Friday, November 8, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(O, what a world!)

      Trumpie the Klown last month: “We’re keeping the oil — remember that. I’ve always said that: ‘Keep the oil.’ We want to keep the oil. Forty-five million dollars a month? Keep the oil.”
       Pentagon yesterday: "Fuck you we are."

       Remember when Chancellor Trump said just prior to the 2016 election that if he lost he wouldn't accept the results? Meet Trump's Mini Me, Matt Bevin, who STILL hasn't conceded the election. They're literally going to have to arrest him and drag him out of the Governor's mansion. Even his own party wants to him to give up and leave.

       Pence's national security aide told impeachment investigators she thought Trump’s Ukraine call was ‘unusual’, throws the fat man under the bus.

        Florida Man, the world's worst superhero.

      Remember when Trump added the tip reservoir to the NOAA;s cone of uncertainty? Yeah, it threw that part of the government into chaos.

       I've seen some cold-blooded pricks in my day but this ex-cop from my state takes the cake.

       Another angry old right winger resorts to violence, this time against Glenn Greenwald.

       All Bill Roebuck did was tell us what we already knew- That Turkey committed war crimes and ethnic cleansing. But this comes from an internal memo from someone who was there on the ground and witnessed these war crimes. And all this happened because Trump wanted to get a belligerent Erdogan off the fucking phone.

       It's about time someone investigated this. The GAO is now looking into why Trump withheld the Ukraine military aid. As if we don't already know.

     I think Mizz Lindsey has the terminal vapors. Now he doesn't even seem to know Gordon Sondland's name and recently claimed the guy who gave a cool million bucks to Trump's crooked inaugural fund is "a Never Trump leftist." Whatever the Russians have on this aging queen, it must be a fucking pip.

       It's not looking very good for this right wing pinhead Roger Stone. And it's only the second day of his trial. I really hope this nasty old fuck dies in prison.

        Whether or unwitting or not, I love the double entendre in this headline.

        I love it when Kellyanne Conway tries to brush off her old law degree and play lawyer. Would I have loved to be a fly on the wall during her and George's dinner at home last night.

      Meme intermission.

    The reason for this is because he has a sense of invulnerability and you have the Vichy Republicans to thank for this, which is to say every single person in the Republican Party.

      Looks as if Kentucky Republicans are seriously thinking of subverting the will of the people yet again and are planning to steal this election.

       She would've been around for Jack the Ripper and Star Wars.

       To use Trump's now-threadbare word, it was perfect.

      Sure he isn't. That's why he's blocked everyone who was ever summoned to testify and why he tweets about the testimonies 500 times a day.

     With morons like this running major multibillion dollar banks, I'm frankly amazed the entire global economy hadn't crashed decades ago.

       Why hasn't anyone publicly stated that this ongoing orgy of deregulation is a result of racism on Trump's end? Everything that Obama did, this asshole has to undo simply because the black guy did it. This is, in my mind, a years-old temper tantrum because Obama ridiculed him at the 2011 WH Correspondent's dinner.

        Florida Man, still the world's worst superhero.

        Eugene Robinson of the WaPo puts it in pretty stark, simple terms. What Trump did was bribery, a charge I called last September.

         Yeah, Israel, LET'S talk Holocausts.

         Manbaby has tantrum after being told to fork over $2,000,000 out of which he cheated charities.

        The corporate scumbags running the US Chamber of Commerce are shitting their silk trousers along with the GOP they support.

         Looks as if Pelosi was literally right. Combine an Infantile obsession with military parades plus his fanboy obsession with dictators and you have a recipe for disaster. And finally...

          "In one meeting, the president allegedly used a mock Hispanic accent to complain about female migrants crossing from Mexico, calling them useless and saying if they came with husbands, the men could be used to pick corn." A Warning
          We need to flush this turd out of the White House, stat.


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