Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Plug it, Sarah

Now, far be it for me to defend this pro-corporate, neofascist administration of Barack Obama's. Personally, I've love to see few things more than Obama and his cohorts get frog-marched straight to the Hague to answer war crimes charges then stood up against a bullet hole-pocked brick wall. Honestly. Yes, I loathe, revile, detest and hate the Obama administration that Goddamned much. And the only thing I'd love to see more than Ben Cherington and Bobby Valentine tarred and feathered at high noon on 4 Yawkey Way is for the Bush administration to follow the Obama administration to that brick wall.

And while I don't blame Biden for what's going on in Afghanistan and our imperialistic adventurism elsewhere, I don't have any great love for Vice President Hair Plugs, either. After all, it was Biden who was one of the midwives of that abominable 2005 bankruptcy bill that couldn't've come from anywhere else but Delaware, his home state that has two industries: Toll booths and papers of incorporation. Biden also lost what few brownie points he might've scored with me when he brayed like a fucking jackass worse than Howard Dean ever did as Obama was about to sign that piece of shit Affordable Care Act.

But what he said in Virginia, as cynical as it was, as much as it was typical election year posturing, was spot-on and people like Sarah Palin really need to shut the fuck up with the faux outrage.

Biden said, very correctly, that the Republican Party would "put y'all back in chains." It was inflammatory and a cynical choice of words considering roughly half of the audience were African American southerners who were all too well aware of their history. It was a bludgeoning when perhaps a quick rapier-like thrust and parry was called for.

But it doesn't make it any less true.

Now the Romney campaign is squealing like a stuck boar that tried charging its prey. In all their faux outrage, Camp Willard has not given voters one reason to believe what Biden said was untrue. Sarah Palin, who's reeling and careening about in cyberspace like a sailor on his first leave in six months and about a pound of ecstasy, can't seem to believe that in less than four short years she's gone from being the porn star of the GOP and book and TV sensation to being a less intelligible version of Michelle Malkin and Pam Gellar.

She seems to be genuinely furious at not just the Obama administration for GWB (Not George W. Bush but Governing While Black) but at the entire Republican Party that had abandoned her on the wayside like the Good Time Had By All that she ever really was and nothing more. From Tea Party Darling to mentally unbalanced tea leaf reader, Sarah Palin from her pigeon shit-stippled perch on Facebook is now calling for Biden to be kicked off the ticket, something that's never happened this close to an election.

Yes, that's how unhinged she now is. It's as if she never really recovered from what Dick Cheney said about her recently. Cheney wasn't invited to the GOP convention in Tampa this month and doesn't want any part of it. His junior co-president George W. Bush probably isn't even aware there is a convention.

But Sarah can't seem to fathom that for the second straight time, she won't be the keynote speaker, a dubious honor that'll be given to Chris Christie as soon as the GOP installs some hydraulic joists under the stage's floorboards. Not inviting Sarah Palin to the convention is the only evidence that the Republican Party has evolved and moved on.

And it's obvious from her most recent Facebook dispatch that she's not supporting the Romney-Ryan ticket as much as she merely loathes the Obama administration that so far has done a pretty good job at completely ignoring the Banshee from Wasilla these past three and a half years. And if there's anything Sarah Palin can't stand, it's not being in the limelight.

Ergo, her manufactured outrage notwithstanding, what Biden said is absolutely true. The Republican Party does want to put the rest of us in chains. This is the same GOP that wants to do away with Medicare and replace it with a voucher system that will be specifically engineered to not keep up with health care inflation. Think of what Ayn Rand heartthrob William Hickman did with poor little Marion Parker. After murdering and dismembering her, he then removed her organs from her torso. He then artificially kept her dead eyes open by pinning them, powdered her face and tried to make her look alive.

At the exchange, he then took the ransom money from her father after holding a shotgun on him then tossed the girl's hollowed torso out of the car before taking off with the loot.

This is precisely what Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney want to do with Medicare. They want to kill it, dismember it, hollow it out, replace it with something not even remotely resembling Medicare while brazenly calling it Medicare and throw it on the wayside for us to come upon.

Newt Gingrich wants to turn your kids into janitors. Mike Lee of Utah wants to do away with child labor laws. People like Rand Paul want to do away with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and many other racist Republicans want to repeal the Voting Rights Act of 1965. And those who are a little too diplomatic for that settle for disenfranchising voters of color by simply striking them from the voter rolls without good reason. They've giving themselves the power to choose their voters instead of vice versa by passing Voter ID laws under the laughable rubric of nonexistent "voter fraud."

They side with the Chamber of Commerce and all its members in outsourcing manufacturing jobs and replacing a small fraction of them with retail gigs at Wal-Mart selling the Chinese shit we used to make.

Yes, the Republican Party loathes you if you don't belong to the 1%. 40 acres and a mule would be a step up from what the GOP wants to give you. And, while Biden could've been saying this about the GOP over the last three and a half years and was deliberately held back as election year ammunition, it doesn't make it any less true.

Take a cue from Dick Cheney. Go back to Wasilla and go fishing.


At August 16, 2012 at 3:51 PM, Blogger Bukko Boomeranger said...

This is Mrs Bukko - I had to jump in here and comment on your comment.
""They've giving themselves the power to choose their voters instead of vice versa by passing Voter ID laws under the laughable rubric of nonexistent "voter fraud." "
This is such a BEAUTIFUL turn of phrase to highlight the perversion that the Grand Old Parasites have conjured. THEY choose us instead of US choosing them. TOTAL Sociopathy. This should be useful to a lot of your readers when looking for a way to explain to the terminally slow just WTF is going on here. We need all the ammo we can get to counter this fascism. Thank you for being on here doing this... and giving some of us new ways of looking at this deplorable mess.
-Carol (Mrs Bukko)

At August 17, 2012 at 3:45 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Why, thank you for the kind comments, Mrs. Bukko. Don't be a stranger. Say Hi to the Mister for me.


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