Saturday, July 23, 2016

Another One Star Hit Piece, Another Broken Vow

Writing never came easy to Joseph David Chadwick...
     Months ago, I vowed I'd never again mention Joe Chadwick, aspiring schlockmeister and man of letters. On the last night of the RNC convention, I broke that vow and now I have to break it at least one more time.
     It seems even after I got him a mail order bride, and he, against all reason in the known universe, got himself a so-called literary agent, a so-called six figure contract and a staff position writing for his publisher in Tel Aviv, despite getting a gig with scribbling for other fanboys like him, it seems Joseph David Chadwick, in the words of Brokeback Mountain's Ennis Del Mar, just can't quit me.
     I briefly mentioned a couple of days ago that a bubble had burst in what passes for Chadwick's brain and his stalking of yours truly entered a new cycle. He and his psycho wife Fiona have still been auditing this blog for the latest, trying unsuccessfully to get comments read and posted. But apparently, that wasn't enough so to satisfy their sick, shared obsession with me, they began looking elsewhere.
     So Chadwick, seeing tweets from the new Mike Flannigan accounts I've been posting here, began reaching out to me on one of them through his long since blocked Twitter account and then he harvested a screengrab from a video I'd posted for a Kickstarter campaign nearly five years ago, then set up a separate email address so he could create a separate Twitter account using my likeness.
     Today, I found one more instance proving correct my prediction from last winter when I said Chadwick would write a fake one star hit piece on my newest novel, GODS OF OUR FATHERS. As stated in that post, I know what he's going to do before even he does because his "mind" is so small, petty and predictable, my mind actually contains his.
     So this is the brain turd I found waiting in the review section of my last novel: Do us all a favor and vote this down whether or not it's a verified purchase. His terse, politically-motivated, stalkerish "reviews", in keeping with his intellectual laziness, are one line, not bespeaking of a mind that's even remotely capable of sticking through a 117,000 word book. He's twice put up the same argle bargle "review" of American Zen, which seemed to drive him over the deep end, not that it takes much, and both times Amazon, rightly, removed them as well as from where he'd cross-posted it on Goodreads. Let's maintain that trend.
     And if on the offchance you're one of the people who bought GODS OF OUR FATHERS, please leave a review after voting down Chadwick's idiotic, spiteful, jealous hit piece of an impeccably researched and well-written novel that's plainly beyond his limited abilities to appreciate much less read cover to cover.
     In the meantime, pretty soon I'll begin writing that thriller about twin serial killers/pedophiles who just happened to be named Chadwick and let's see in a year's time what he has to say about that novel.
     Finally, I leave you with this image of the man who's still stalking me from 7000 miles away even at a time in his life when the world, insanely enough, keeps finding new ways to throw itself at his cloven hooves with yet another Joe the Plumber opportunity.
     Every time I see this chilling mugshot of Chadwick and look into those eyes, I can't help but think of that line in The Doors' "Riders on the Storm"
     "His brain is squirming like a toad."
     Indeed, Mr. Morrison, indeed.


At July 23, 2016 at 11:52 PM, Anonymous Oscar said...

What is this, article #12 about Chadwick? Obsessed much? You with him, that is. And what is there possibly for Chadwick to be jealous of you for. His books sell, people read and like them. Yours don't, nobody reads or likes them. Proof is right there in the reviews, Bobby C.

At July 24, 2016 at 8:16 AM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

Oscar, Oscar, Oscar...

You're obviously one of Chadwick's flying monkeys and a fellow right wing nut case so I know it won't make much sense to try to apply reason to you. But you conveniently forget that Chadwick started this years ago all because I wouldn't follow him back on Twitter. Then the online stalking began, last April 1st culminating in about 700 hits, which is truly unnatural, unhealthy behavior. Then the one star hit pieces began coming up on Amazon and Goodreads then when they got taken down, he'd go back and put them right back up. Then he tried to reach out to me on Twitter despite my blocking him on my exiting accounts. Then he goes back to an old Kickstarter campaign of mine, harvests a screengrab from a video, uses it as an avatar for a parody account then begins stalking me with that account.

And you're claiming I'm obsessed with him? You're not very smart, are you, Oscar?

But you know damned good and well that if I were treat Chadwick to the same abuse and online stalking to which he's been subjecting me these past two plus years, suddenly it would no longer be just good ole boy fun.

And for the record, Chadwick's crappy books do NOT sell, his blog is completely ignored and gets no comments and he has just 470 followers on his Twitter WWE/MST3K fanboy account. But I wouldn't expect you to know, believe or appreciate such things.

Now, begone and leave this to the adults. I'm done with you. Next time, you'll be marked as spam and deleted unread just like Chadwick's psycho bitch wife Fiona, who's just as obsessed with me as her emotionally crippled jailbird husband.


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