Thursday, July 21, 2016

Orgasm of Hate Live-Tweeting

(By American Zen's @mikeflannigan59, on loan from Ari)
Quicken Loan Center, Cleveland---
One more night, I keep telling myself, just one more fucking night. Ari better have a reserved parking spot waiting for me the size of fucking Rhode Island. And mental health counseling fully subsidized on my health care plan. And a bottle of Bushmill's. No, a case...

(At this point, I had to co-opt one of my book and writing accounts when Twitter stalked me and shut down all three of my political accounts within hours. Gee, I don't suppose Chadwick stalking me today on Twitter and this censorship is in any way related, could it? Nah.)
(Twitter's just shut down this account, too, making four in all today. This shit's gone too far.)
     To give you an idea of how complete and obsessive this fascist censorship has been tonight, this is what you'd see if you logged on to the analytics pages of all four Twitter accounts that they've censored at someone's behest:

     Note the complete absence of timelines, a sure sign (that and suddenly getting single and low double digit impressions) you're being censored. Apparently someone and their wife in Tel Aviv have got way too much spare time on their hands and just can't shake their obsession with me. And what do all four of these accounts have in common? This blog and I've just showed a certain someone which ones I'm using.
     And they and Twitter are being such cowardly, craven cunts about it, they haven't even got the balls to tell me they're the authors of my ongoing, neverending censorship because right wingers are the ultimate cowards.
     Meanwhile, earlier today when I lodged a complaint about Jailbird Joe Chadwick, Twitter sent me an immediate canned response: In order to process my complaint, they demanded I show them a government-issued photo ID to prove who I am. This is the email to prove what I'm saying:
      The complaint lodged was about an account that began following two of my accounts, @crawfordisms59, a typical puerile Chadwick dick move that an asthmatic high school sophomore would've dreamed up to get back at the high school jock who shoved him into his locker. This parody account used my picture as an avatar which was then stretched into a banner image. In order to get this, Chadwick or his wife would've needed to go to Kickstarter, which hosted my first drive several years ago. That would've meant going deep into their archives, finding my long defunct account, harvesting a screengrab from the video I'd posted, setting up a new email address then setting up this idiotic account in an attempt to be amusing. Which ought to show you the sheer depth and depravity of the obsession these toxic right wing douchebags harbor for me.
     If this is the best Chadwick can do for humor, you can imagine what a barrel of laughs his new stupid ass Poor Man's Mike Nelson book is.
     But seriously? A photo ID? Now, what would that prove? Isn't it enough that I'm already logged into the account from which I lodged the complaint? Why would they demand to have something that contains my home address, my driver's license ID number, date of birth, all that shit?
     Meanwhile, I'm getting censored across the board with complete impunity and somehow I'm doubting the asshole(s) lodging these baseless complaints are being asked for their gov't-issued photo IDs.


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