Sunday, June 10, 2018

Two Little Hitlers

(By American Zen’s Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
Usually draft dodgers run to Canada not away from it. 
     Yet, that's exactly what Donald Trump did when Justin Trudeau brought up the trade imbalance that doesn't exist because Donald Trump doesn't feel it does. Based on that and Trudeau saying the other six members of the G7 were standing behind the joint statement, Trump decided to tweet on Air Force One that he was picking up his deflated ball and going to Singapore with it. Il Douche's dittoheads immediately went into echo chamber mode with Peter Navarro, aka Paulie Walnuts, saying, "There's a special place in Hell" for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
     Which brings us to where we are today in this fascist soap opera, HOW THE WORLD TURNS AROUND THE LAST NAZI WORLD LEADER. In fact, it ended on such an acrimonious note, a dying John McCain had to apologize for Trump to the other leaders.
     Hard as it was to envision after last year's G7 summit, when Trump had to be lugged around in a golf cart because he ran out of energy after sitting on his fat, pasty ass for a few meetings, this one ended on a sharply darker note. And considering Trump's typically unstable mind, who among us has any real confidence based on more than just a love for disorder that the Singapore Summit will go any more smoothly? But not to worry: Trump, who's renowned for his "bad touch, bad touch!" way with women will use his touchy feely talents in Singapore. Then afterwards, perhaps a shaken Kim Jong Un will tell UN weapons inspectors where Trump touched him using a doll.
     So, let's recap: We're about to embark on a historic nuclear summit with an equally unstable rogue nation with which we've never had to deal. On one side, we have a soft, blubbery second generation tyrant (aren't they all?) who, with all the alacrity of a latter day Nero, literally fed his uncle to attack dogs and, more recently, had his half brother knocked off with VX nerve agent.
     On the other side of the Treasury coin, you have a first generation dictator who sides with Nazis and white nationalists ("very fine people") and called for the execution of five youths before they were wrongly convicted in the Central Park Five case.
     Oh, and they both love to imprison children.
     Seriously, one almost wishes for the self-marrying Dennis Rodman to suddenly pop up in Singapore to lend some much-needed gravitas to this Olympic-class freak show that promises one tyrant or another will get up, wave his private parts in the general direction of the other before walking out as both nations prepare for Def-Con 5.
     (Addendum: Guess who just arrived in Singapore? You heard it here first  folks.)

Go or No Go in Noko?
If this nuclear summit had an official theme song, it would be Elvis Costello's "Two Little Hitlers." The optics alone leading up to Air Force One's landing in Singapore should have ended any presidential administration in a saner time. But we do not live in sane times, ladies and germs. Donald Trump and his leg-humping psychopath sycophants that ineptly pose as an entourage are proof of that. The very most superficial takeaway is that Donald Trump walked away from a summit and six world leaders of nations that are our staunchest allies so he could talk to a tyrant for whom he's often shown respect.
     He showed up late for a gender equality meeting while being gawked at by Christine Lagarde, the managing director of the IMF, and French President Macron. His slovenly body language suggested he was read the Riot Act by Ivanka who ended by threatening him with no more nookie unless he put in a token appearance. He and Merkel glared at each other throughout, with Merkel probably still remembering Trump refusing to shake her hand at the White House but fawning all over yet another tyrant who murders political rivals and journalists (whom he wants back in the G8 or he's gonna hold his breath until his face turns umber).

     What Trump likely does not know, or at least dismisses the importance of, is Kim Jong Un's very recent visit to China and a rare talk with President Xi. Both men are very well aware of what happened during Richard Nixon's own visit to Red China in 1972 when he and Chairman Mao set up the beginning of what eventually would be a disastrous trade deal with China. But the thing to remember here is not the most imbalanced trade deal between any two countries in the planet's history but the fact the Chinese abandoned the Soviet Union in order to make us their biggest trade partner.
     And while Kim Jong Un may be a psychopath, the man's no idiot. He wanted to listen what a jittery Xi had to offer him before talking to Trump. Trump's going to unilaterally demand complete, immediate and permanent nuclear disarmament, in itself not a bad thing. But in return, Un is going to demand a bigger share in the US market and Hyundai sedans and bad kung fu movies on Netflix are just not gonna cut it. Simply put, China does not want to be in the same position in which they put the USSR in the early 70's by watching Kim waddle off to play with Trump.
     And that would be just the sort of thing we can expect of Trump- To slap our most reliable allies in the face for the second consecutive G7 with nasty tweets and insane trade tariffs that will benefit no one while striking a sweetheart deal with a tyrant of a rogue nation in exchange for a dubious promise to denuclearize. It wouldn't be the first time.
     After all, Trump recently tried to reanimate Chinese tech giant ZTE, whose cell phones are banned on all US military bases and has officially been deemed a security threat. Of course, that happened last month after China secured for the Trump Organization a half billion dollar loan for its Indonesian enterprise. And after that got slapped down, Trump reanimated the reanimation of ZTE again just a few days ago before slouching to Quebec. For good measure, ZTE agreed to pay a $1,400,000,000 bribe to Wilbur Ross's Commerce Department in exchange for Ross lifting the sanction.

     After all, tyrants of a feather flock together but the feathers never come from a bald eagle.


At June 10, 2018 at 7:49 PM, Blogger Harry Hamid said...

This is perfect. Just perfect, with the exactly correct infusion of anger throughout.


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