Thursday, October 25, 2018

Gotham City Digest. 10/25/18

Where you can't spell Gotham City Digest without Dictate Smoggy Hit.

     I have two things to say to this.
     #1, let's call this for what it is. Her show didn't merely "get canceled." Megyn Kelly got fired, alright? She no longer works for NBC. Nobody in their right mind pays some bleach-blonde right wing bimbo without a show $23,000,000 a year unless she spends at least 40 hours a week on her knees in the penthouse suite in Hollywood Hills, OK?
     #2, let this be a lesson to you, NBC: This is what happens when you hire right wing nut jobs, OK? You should've known what you were getting when you hired this right wing jackal when she'd said on Fox that Jesus and Santa Claus were both white. Did you honestly think Megyn Kelly would turn normal and start espousing safe, mainstream talking points just because she signed a contract with you?
     Again, one more time, for clarity's sake: This is what happens when you hire quasi-fascist, white nationalist right wing racists. But now I'm being tautological. GIVEN FUCK POINTS- Zero.
     SCHADENFREUDE POINTS: Through the roof.
     Scorpion and the Frog, motherfuckers. Learn it.

     The bad news is that the Russians and Chinese are monitoring Trump's cell phone calls. The good news is the government confirmed Trump learns little to nothing, therefore can't give anything valuable away.

     Want to know how to make a binary bomb? Introduce a dose of truth to a Fox "News" panel. Juan Williams said Trump's volatile words have repercussions. Right wing hilarity ensued.

     If health care wasn't that big an issue, then why did the US Senate vote 70 times to defund or abolish Obamacare? Instead, all this lying right wing twit wants to talk about is hood ornament issues like the Honduran caravan.

     Ron DeSantis completely lost it during his debate with Mayor Gillum last night when confronted with his racism.

     Yeah, Meghan, because getting an explosive device in the mail is exactly like being made slightly uncomfortable while eating sushi in a restaurant.

     This is why I love paper ballots. You can fold, spindle, mutilate and cut paper. But you can't hack it.

     So, if these ultra right wing nutters make up such a small percentage of our population, why do we give them so much press? Why do the media hold them in thrall as if they have workable viewpoints and solutions?
     One of the most damning indictments of the American mindset is that historically, we've always been much more tolerant of fascism and its progenitors than we ever have been, or likely ever will be, toward socialism or even its latter day watered down incarnation.
     That's because part of the American mindset not only expects but even craves an authoritarian leader who will pacify our fears while stripping us of our civil liberties and Constitutional protections. And even while we wave Old Glory twice a year and wax pious about standing for the national anthem and blather on about freedom, behind all that lurks the spectre of the authoritarian fascist who will make us feel good about ourselves as long as we obey that authoritarian leader.
     Yet, despite what a horrible example Hitler and his fascists were, Americans, with all our pretensions to democracy and hard-won freedom, can never completely wean themselves from the allure of flashy tyrannies and tyrants like Trump.

     We're back in the 1950s, folks, pre Brown vs Board of Education. While I'm horrified by this and this Idaho Potato Head, I hope this assclown racist keeps making these robocalls on behalf of the GOP. Because, this is where the GOP, especially in the south, stands. This is where Ron DeSantis stands, why DeSantis is endorsed by Trump. So, please, keep those robocalls streaming in from Idaho, asswipe.

     Beto O'Rourke's a "stone cold fraud". Says the right wing asshole with the spray tan and elaborate double weave whose real family name is Drumpf.

     Welp, there goes Kemp's entire campaign strategy of keeping black people from voting.

     Shorter Mitch McConnell: "Fiscawl responsibility, I say fiscawl responsibility is fo' th' poh-awss."

     Trump is MacBeth, without the command of English. Oh, and MacBeth was an actual warrior.

     Wake the fuck up. We're a pacified nation within a right wing dictatorship only playing at democracy.

     So, of course, the right wing nut jobs accuse liberals of sending bombs to Soros, Obama, Clinton and CNN, four of Trump's alltime favorite targets because, you know, conservatives NEVER pull shit like this. (Una-cough-bomber).
      Yes, Obama, Clinton and CNN all had bombs mailed to them. And Joe Biden. And Eric Holder. And Robert DeNiro. All of them are favorite targets of Trump.
      He owns this. Completely.

     Of course the redneck from Georgia would blame the black people.

     All together now- Happy days are here again.

     Right wingers love Honduran death squads but are afraid of Honduran caravans of families looking for a better life.

     Hitler and Mussolini also identified as nationalists. This asshole's gotta go, like now.

     This is sheer, satirical genius by one of my friends on my Scott Carson Twitter account. This ought to go viral.

     When all else fails, stick with the classics, like threats of lynching, for instance. BTW, this was masterminded by a black Republican who plainly doesn't know a blessed thing about his own nation's political history.

     Seeing Van Jones interviewing Jared Kushner on CNN made me wish Jones was the first victim in THE FIRST PURGE.

     Speaking of professional sellout Van fucking Jones: From the No Shit, Sherlock news network...

     As Stalin said, it doesn't matter how many votes you get. All that matters is who's counting the votes.

     Fuck the civility police, fuck McConnell's right wing press secretary and fuck Mitch McConnell.

     This is big because it's coming from a Republican right after Trump said he found the Saudi whitewash "credible." And finally...

     There is absolutely no way a thinking person using even just cursory powers of observation can look at this guy and not see a real-life Manchurian Candidate.


At October 25, 2018 at 9:49 PM, Blogger Harry Hamid said...

There's one good thing about the Meghan Kelly thing. From time to time before the mass exodus from Fox a couple years ago, people would leave Fox and go to other news outlets. This disturbed me, in the same way reading that the United States hired Nazis (mostly for NASA and other scientific pursuits) after the war disturbed me. They were exporting the infected.

But this could change that, at least a little.

If ability to get huge ratings at Fox doesn't translate to ability to getting huge ratings elsewhere, then FoxNews doesn't become an incubator of right wing newsies. It's not the SNL of news.

Let's hope.

At October 25, 2018 at 10:18 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...


What you're referring to is OPERATION PAPERCLIP (in which we imported, not exported) Nazis to join our power structure. One of them, Werner Von Braun, essentially founded NASA. Others were brought over to run large corporations. And as they rose to prominence and got richer, they eventually began to find the right wing think tanks that we see today.

I could see why you'd be tempted to use Operation Paperclip as am analogy but importing right wingers from Fox to work throughout the rest of the MSM isn't quite the same thing.

For one thing, the experiment is always a losing one, which makes their willingness to hire right wing nut bags all the more inexplicable. I recall about 10-12 years ago, Glenn Beck, either simultaneously or concurrently working at three networks (including Fox and ABC) and he wound up getting fired from all three before he was forced to do a little radio show from home and founded THE BLAZE (which is also crashing and burning).

When the "legitimate" media makes this despicable and nauseating attempt to make nice with right wingers and give them an outlet for their voices in countless pathetic attempts to appear non- or post-partisan, it's always doomed to crash and burn. This is because, while the so-called liberal media is always disturbingly willing to dilute or modify its position on things, the right wingers never budge one iota from their typical and inflexible fascist mindset, which is why these ridiculous experiments are always doomed to failure. I'd mentioned Glenn Beck, who was so objectionable, even Fox fired him. Pat Buchanan had a spot on MSNBC and he got the axe. Bill Kristol lasted all of a year, if that, at the New York Times. Megyn Kelly serves as another cautionary tale as to why you should never hire right wingers.

And my stalker, Dave Chadwick, is being chased by the very publishing company made up of the refugees of the old one he helped degradate into oblivion through a corporate buyout. And to this day they're still chasing him to write a book for them despite him being the least talented and marketable writer on the planet.

Sadly, it's doomed to be a forever ignored cautionary tale despite the moral being proven time and time and time again.


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