Friday, October 15, 2021

Pottersville Digest

("Don't shut up and take our money!")

     Your Brad o' the day.
     Question for Zip Tie guy and his mommy: Just because a few hundred bloated, wouldbe Nazis storm the Capitol, does that mean you will, too?
     I can't believe this bloated buffoon became a judge.
     Your Karen o' the day: JV edition.
     He joined the Army four months AFTER the riot. The Army's recruiters must be hard up to make their quotas.
     Meme intermission.

     Mike Parson's kind of a fucking idiot, isn't he?
     "Opposing views" on the Holocaust?! The only other views on the Holocaust are the deniers and that of the Nazis, the assholes who'd brought it about! Coming up next from the rabid right wing: The Holocaust getting folded into Critical Race Theory and "woke" culture.
     "I hurt myself today..."

     If anyone needs me, I'll be in the corner doing a face palm over this for the rest of the weekend.

     Look at what resentment politics did for 1933-1945 Germany.
     This Fifth Column shit is exactly the sort of thing we need to look out for.
    John Adams didn't contest his reelection loss and Atticus Finch would've ridden you and Giuliani out of town on a rail.
    Trump wants to be either declared the winner or get a "do-over" election. There's no crying in baseball but obviously there's shitloads of it in politics.
    More Fifth Column shit. And finally...

    Das Boot strikes again on Fox's 25th anniversary. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(Right wing family values.)

    I don't know where or from whom Rick Wilson is hearing this but I've gotten no indication the January 6 committee isn't deadly serious about their remit. Chairman Bennie Thompson will seek criminal referrals for those who defy the subpoenas.
    There's one other thing that nobody talks about... Trump letting hundreds of thousands in the US from China right at the start of the pandemic.
     It's ludicrous to claim executive privilege, especially when another administration owns it.
     Road to Nowhere is the perfect title for this sad article.
     Your Karen o' the day.
     By all means, Colonel West, proceed. And say hi to Herman Cain for us.
     "How Dumb Can a Nation Get"? Remember, there wasn't a pandemic in IDIOCRACY.
     "When you do stand next to him, ask yourself, 'Can you feel the darkness that fills his soul filling yours, too? It feels cold, doesn't it?'" -Jim Acosta.
     Another very fine person heard from.
     I love it when these right wing scum eat each other. I'll make the popcorn, Who's bringing the beer?
     Impatience with delayed gratification is a hallmark of what?
     That's right- Immaturity.

     Seven words, all together now: "How stupid are the people of Iowa?"
     He'll be shaking hands with Herman Cain in the 9th Circle soon enough.
     Good idea. Let's do that. (Tip o' the tinfoil to Constant Reader, CC.)

     Matt Gaetz gets thrown into the text message Phantom Zone.
     Well, if anyone would know anything about handbags, it would be Lady G.
    Where was Cawthorn attending the hearing from, the Eagle's Nest? And finally...

    "I'm not a career politician." Yeah, maybe it's best you don't try to make a career out of it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been

     Just yesterday, I'd written a post announcing the passing of my son's fiancee, Elyse Probst. This was a terrible shock to our immediate family, obviously. Elyse was literally the kind of person whom people say, "To know her is to love her." In fact, I've just spoken with my son, Adam, who tells me the family will cremate her and that her services will be on the 18th. Elyse wasn't an Orthodox Jew but she was proudly Jewish and no doubt she'd learned from the Torah the famous saying, "He who saves one life saves the whole world."
     This came on the heels of learning in August that Mrs. JP's sister Susan suddenly passed away in Vero Beach, Florida.
     Then about 45 minutes ago, we just got word that our landlord Bill had died several weeks ago and we're literally the last people in the building to hear of this. Bill had reportedly died of COVID-19.
     The scary thing is that Bill never wore a mask and he'd been in our house to check the water just a couple of weeks before he died. He always struck me as one of those right wing, anti-mask, antj-vax assholes and, knowing this, over the past year Mrs. JP and especially yours truly always wore a mask when dealing with him.
     The day after he was last in our house to check the water pressure, he gave us a notice to quit when I'd told him on September 1st that our rent was late. Yes, he tried evicting us again because our rent was late by one day for the first time in 150 consecutive months. He didn't wear a mask that day, either, and he died 2-3 weeks later.
     What's creepy about this scenario is that it's one that I'd run in my head for years, especially since COVID became a thing nearly two years ago. Knowing Bill never wore a mask, I imagined (and, I hate to say it, can't altogether say I wasn't hoping for this), I predicted Bill's widow would inherit all his properties and resume collecting rent. (Legal Disclaimer to the Powers That Be: Imagining a certain scenario does not in any way, shape or form guarantee the Imaginer has any power or influence over aforementioned scenario.)
     This is now a reality and everything I'd imagined is coming true to the last detail. Now that she's managing his real estate and other business affairs, she's going around settling debts and outstanding rent. But, as I'd wondered in all those scenarios I'd run in my head, what would the long term strategy be? What kind of a landlady would she be?
     These are just some of the questions I'd had months and years ago and now that they're very real concerns, it's a looming reality.
     But for now, it feels as if a crushing weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm not going to lie just because he's dead. He was a baleful, crushing burden on us because he'd made known his desire to get us out of this unit even before he'd taken over the property. As stated in a previous post, he flipped his own apartments when tenants were evicted or moved out, then he'd jack up the rent 50% or so.
     He put our names on the Commonwealth's court database last spring over a lie then tried to throw us out in the street again when our rent was late by a single day for the first time in the 12 1/2 years I've been living here. And that salts our earth and fucks up our chances of getting another unit when it's time to finally leave. Even dead, he's still ruining our lives.
     So, while I wouldn't wish COVID-19 on my worst enemy (and two of them have contracted it), it can't be said Bill will be missed by those of us who were victimized by him.
     All the same, 2021 has been a strange, surreal year. Republican voters and activists are telling other Republicans to vote Democrat and against Republican lawmakers who didn't embrace the Big Lie. Over a quarter of the population refuses to get vaccinated against the deadliest plague in over a century. And people around us are dropping like flies.
     I'm fond of saying that normalcy is overrated but, after last year and, especially, this year, normalcy is exactly what we need more of.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Fare well, Elyse

     I was chatting with an old friend on Facebook last night that hundreds of millions, if not billions of us, had hoped and prayed, as 2020 mercifully drew to a close, that 2021 would be better. I mean, it had to be, right? We'd get a new president, a real president, someone with solutions to problems that didn't involve deception and self interest. The January 5th runoff elections in Georgia augured well. Democrats won both Senate seats, hence control of the Senate, giving control of virtually the entire government, however nominally, to the Democrats. The first vaccine had just been rolled out.
     Then January 6th happened. Then by Inauguration day, we'd just lost our 400,000th  American to COVID. Now we're up to 710,000 fatalities. We've had monster hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, school shootings, lots of needless deaths. In other words, business as usual in America.
     On the parochial front, I lost my father to COVID. Last August, Mrs. JP lost her only oldest sister. Then last night, we lost Elyse.
     Elyse had just been admitted to the hospital at UMass Worcester and, the day before yesterday, they, somehow during this ongoing pandemic, found her an ICU bed. Yesterday, they intubated her and put her on a ventilator (she'd already been cleared for COVID at the hospital in nearby Marlborough). When I was telling my friend last night that 2021 was a bust so far, little did any of us know it was in the closing moments of Elyse's life.
     About two this morning, I got a call from my son telling me that her blood pressure bottomed out and the staff tried to bring her back but couldn't. It's nobody's business why she was there or what medical issues she was facing. But they were manifold and they were serious.
     When they were in the process of putting Elyse on a vent yesterday, my son Adam was in tears and at one point he said, "I'm so scared!" I think we'd both sensed that this may be the end of the road for the woman who since June 2018 had meant everything to him. Hearing him cry, not once but twice, for the first time in all the years I've known him was quite an unnerving experience. When this kid seriously sprained  his wrist in a skateboarding accident in 2004 when he was 12, he didn't even wince. let alone cry.
     Adam didn't just lose his fiancee, he lost or is about to lose everything. He'd tied his entire life to her. He was her home health aide and, without her and her income, he'll very quickly lose the rent-subsidized apartment they'd fought so hard to get. I don't know if they were still making payments on their recently-purchased used car but, if they were, it'll eventually get repossessed.
     And when they got that car last spring, they, naturally, got a lot more mobile. That's when I met Elyse for the first time and eventually, since May, hardly a week went by when we didn't see each other at least once. They introduced us to a new supermarket we'd never been to, Market Basket, and she took us to Barnes & Noble in Framingham at least three times, plus Tatnuck's, an independent bookseller in Westborough. We'd broken bread on many occasions, including in the lead image when we'd eaten at the Horseshoe Pub. It's the only picture I'd ever taken of her because, like so many of us, I thought there'd be more time to take more. I'm not like my character, Scott Carson, a shutterbug.whose entire life revolves around photography. I thought, we all thought, there would be more time for happy pictures and endless dinners.
     It was a wonderful summer and, despite her plethora of serious medical issues that eventually brought my son into her life, we thought it would be just the start of many.
     There's something ineffably rude about a sudden death. It's the ultimate hangup, the quintessential turning one's back on someone and walking away. This is why so many of us rage at the dead for leaving us when the truth is they had no choice or control over the matter. The world in the abstract effortlessly closes up and fills in the void left by a person's passing. But the individuals who'd known the departed do the opposite and wage a losing struggle to keep that person alive. The world and its gargantuan, multi-billion affairs does so without conscious effort for closure, We the living struggle to achieve it.
     Minutes after I got the horrible news from my son, I put out a short post on Facebook announcing her passing. A little over 12 hours later, it's already gotten over 200 reactions and well over 100 comments. The condolences for Adam and me have streamed in from all over the planet. Facebook being a global community, their thoughts have come from not only all over the United States but also Canada, Great Britain (Including those from two bestselling authors), Wales, Spain and, in one notable instance, Nairobi, Kenya.
     This is fitting in a way, that Elyse should be known by those who had not actually known her. I remember the point Clarence, George Bailey's guardian angel in It's a Wonderful Life, made to his charge when he told him that one human life touches many others, many more than we realize.
     The miracle of social media made that possible and now hundreds are mourning her all over the planet, as is right. She was a sweet, kind soul who would literally do anything within her power for a loved one. She was generous with whatever she had to give. If she saw you admiring something in an antique barn, she'd get it. Even if she just met you that day, if you meant something to her or Adam, she'd fight tooth and nail for you. She was the kind of person of which the world is always in short supply and we can't spare any more.
     So, fare well, Elyse, and someday we'll meet in that big bookstore in the sky.

Thursday, October 7, 2021

Pottersville Digest

("You may not get it back but it'll be left wing Twitter's fault, not mine.")

     I wonder if any other writers had anything even remotely like this happen to them? This touches on a whole host of juicy topics, from straight up plagiarism to cultural appropriation, white savior complex and racial identity.
     You know, starting January 20th, I was so happy to not only have a REAL president in the White House but also because I assumed it would be the end of headlines like this.
     I was so wrong.

    It sounds as if they caught their guy. All the evidence is circumstantial but there's enough for a DA to have considered actionable. As a matter of fact, yes, I was somewhat surprised the Zodiac Killer wasn't Ted Cruz.
    It doesn't make any sense for these four to obey Trump to ignore lawful subpoenas from Congress since they no longer work for him. But if they want to put themselves in legal peril, who am I to stand in their way, right? #LockThemAllUp
    Shorter Josh Hawley: "9/11 wasn't an act of terrorism. Osama bin Laden was just expressing his concerns."
     Your Brad o' the day.
     Just chomping at the bit, are we?
     The newest article by Sarah Okeson.
     Being a Democratic Socialist at heart, I think virtually all executives are corporate scum. But lately, few are as scummy as AT&T executive scum.
     Something a TOTALLY innocent guy would do.
     Me, me, me.
   The Trumps honestly believed the government was there solely to serve their ends, even if the requests were plainly illegal.
     What, because he intimately knows the prison system inside and out?
     Goddamn Methuselah. You have to watch him every second. And finally...

     Because, after the Paul LePage era, what Maine needs is a one man crime wave.

Status on a Pipe Dream

Those of you who have been following my "Always a bridesmaid, never a bride" path down the crooked alleyways of this shitty business know that last spring, my last "publisher" delisted every one of the 10 titles in my backlist. So I'm devoting the rest of the year to not writing new fiction but getting all 10 titles back up by Christmas.

I'm in the home stretch of doing the second and final copyedits for GODS OF OUR FATHERS, the first entry in the Vesey Van Zant series. At the same time I'm doing that, I'm also typing up for the first time material written about two years ago for a Van Zant prequel that I'd begun then dropped when I began HOLLYWOODLAND early last year.

Now, for my true motive for writing this post:

Earlier today, while looking through a follower's follow list on Twitter, I discovered a writer who's written projects for Netflix and Universal, as well as produced projects that wound up at Sundance and Cannes (He also wrote for Orphan Black). He specializes in screenplay development of novels then once he's finished the screenplays, he pitches them to his contacts at Netflix. Well, I followed him and he almost immediately followed me back so I reached out to him via DM about how he acquires properties for film development.

Even now, my copyeditor, Tamra Crow, whose services you should use if you want fast, affordable quality copyediting, is racing through the second and final round of edits for THE RIVER NEVER SPEAKS, the next title I'll reissue after GODS OF OUR FATHERS.

This screenwriter's rates are $11,000 for a full screenplay and if he decides to take on the project, obviously, he'll want money up front. This would essentially require a major crowdsourcing push on my end but if any of my projects deserve big or small screen treatment, it's THE RIVER NEVER SPEAKS. I just sent him the first 50 pages plus the synopsis, so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Pottersville Digest

(This is the former First Son on drugs. Any questions?)

     Oh, so THAT'S why she went to Congress, to attack those who aren't attacking her. Sounds legit
     Like drowning rats in a gunny sack, right wingers will eat each other.
     WHO exonerated you? The stuffed animals and action figures that surround you during your "Cabinet meetings"?
     Hey, look at her African American over there!
     Another example of Republican male privilege.
     These overgrown toddlers are going to destroy this country, wait and see. It's like The Mind of Mr. Soames on anabolic steroids.
     This is probably the best political ad I've ever seen.
     And the grift goes on... 

     "According to several students, during Monday’s peaceful protest there were some other students making racist remarks and terroristic threats in person and on social media." All because of one racist asshole and his big mouth.

     Another Trumpanzee heard from.

     Another right wing snowflake breaks down in tears in court.

     Ana Navarro's right. We should stop treating Stephanie Grisham like she's John Grisham or a courageous whistleblower and start treating her like an accomplice after the fact.

    These thugs in Minneapolis actually think they're playing a first person shooter RPG.

    Cease and desist letters left them "in fear of their lives"? Please tell me who the snowflakes are again?

    "Not to belabor the point, but that simply is not how it works in the White House."
     Yeah, neither is a White House Press Secretary who refuses to hold pressers.

    They may not be superheroes but doctors, nurses, PA's, nurse practitioners and CNAs are the heroes in this biological war we're still fighting against COVID. I honestly do not understand where all this hostility is coming from. They're trying desperately to save lives with limited resources and people are fighting them tooth and nail.

    So, now what? Are we supposed to throw a pity party for him because he dropped off the Forbes Top 400 list? And finally...

    It doesn't surprise that this madman acted like a character on Mad Men.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Pottersville Digest

("No, I don't want you putting out my house fire. I'm going to do my own research on firefighting.")

    This means, like a stopped clock, Lin Wood will be right one more time in his life.
     "What do these American pigs mean I look like Castro?"

     The Democratic Party needs crooks like this like Trump needs more calories in his diet.
     Your Brad o' the day.
    We've heard about the Capitol Police being attacked. We've heard about the Metro Police being attacked. But it wasn't until Thursday that we heard about the Park Police being attacked... at 9 AM.
     "My client is a young man in high school with college aspirations." Plus, he's white and Daddy's well-connected.
     When two senators representing 1% of the US population can thwart the will of 48 and the countless tens of millions they represent, that's no longer a democracy but an oligarchy.
     Drink some beer, yell at it and cry then walk it off.
     Yeah, they're covering for him.
     "For years, the Democrats were put on their heels every time the Republicans raised the specter of communism. Of course, the Democrats were not communist. But they were forced to defend themselves. Thus far, the Republicans have not had to defend themselves against allegations of authoritarian collectivism.
     I think it's time for that to change." -John Stoehr.

     A majority of Trump voters say they want to secede from the union.
     Don't forget, you can't take your welfare, housing subsidies, Medicare, Social Security and food stamps with you.

     Another NDA bites the dust.
     Due Diligence. Two words that will never appear in Rudy Giuliani''s obituaries.
    Well, here's another reason why Trump and Moscow Mitch packed the judiciary with right wingers.
    Looks as if Gov. Kay Ivey (R-Depends) is having another senior moment.
    Running as a Democrat then abandoning your policy positions by voting like a Republican doesn't make you a "maverick". It just makes you a corrupt, triangulating asshole.
    Five people? You can fit more people than that in a Mini Cooper.
    Apparently, Trump's insanity is so potent, it's contagious. And finally...

     And they wonder why we compare them to Nazi Germany.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Pottersville Digest

("Take our money, con man!")

     I'd asked exactly the same question in my last article, "The Gathering Storm".

     Rat fucker Louis DeJoy (R-Squeal Like a Rat) continues fucking the rat with renewed vigor.
     So now we'll have something to rest our heads on while reading his book.
     Some congressmen just look like pirates. Others act the part.
     OK, when you say something you don't mean and cross your fingers, there's a reason why you're supposed to keep them behind your back, not in front.
     The Boys and Girl's Club, Bobo? Really?
     The Senate achieved cloture on the spending bill (65-35) but not by much. Now it goes to the House.
    It's time to put corporate whores like Manchin and Sinema out to pasture. But they come from deeply right wing states and primarying them is a pipe dream.

    Mark Zuckerberg really is an elitist, corporate cunt down to his DNA.

     "Foltz may now be playing a behind-the-scenes role in Texas. The Capitol's internal staff directory, to which The Texas Tribune obtained access, shows Foltz is working for the House Redistricting Committee. His office and phone number in that directory match those of the committee's staff office in the Capitol basement, but at least one Democrat on the committee said they had not been advised of his involvement. Foltz has not been a visible part of the committee's public-facing work."
    Bottom line: They're paying this furtive, basement-dwelling rat fucker $120,000 to fuck over minority voters and dilute their vote.

    You've "never been a liberal"? You've never been a Democrat.
    Hey, I hear strychnine and arsenic are even better at curing the virus. And finally...

    Yeah, then they'll grow up as Republicans expecting a free dinner courtesy of corporate lobbyists and... Oh, wait...

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Pottersville Digest

     "Moe, Larry, cheese! Woo woo woo woo woo woo!"

     The Dark Side of Paul Blart, Mall Cop.

     It seems Trump was even more of a control freak than we thought. Or maybe he wanted to know what it felt like like to be explored up the Hershey Highway.

     Oh, you just know this kid is white.

     If you're willing to imperil your life, your family's lives, job and career over such a common sense mandate, then, I'm sorry, but you belong to a death cult.

     We really are a weird country. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     "Speaking on a show hosted by someone named CatTurd, Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R) revealed Wednesday..."
     That's really all you need to know about the rest of the article...

     "Paul Nicholas Miller, a 30-year-old white supremacist, was sentenced to 41 months in prison for multiple firearms offenses this week. According to reports, he 'sobbed' during his sentencing."
     OK, remind me who the snowflakes are, again?

     News flash: Allen Weisselberg kept two sets of ledgers. Why, I'm... just shocked.

     Someone called our Republican governor "an agent of the Chinese Communist Party."

    And so it started in 1933 Germany...

    “On the evening of September 26 in Las Vegas, Nevada, I attended a dinner to support a charity and spend time with wonderful friends. He repeatedly touched me inappropriately, said vile and disgusting things to me, stalked me, and made me feel violated and fearful.”
     And yet, these idiots will continue to support the guy who'd hired him and stood by him.

    OK, why was this asshole allowed to walk out of court and remain within arm's reach of his six kids? Oh, I forgot: #whiteprivilege.

    Rule of thumb: If you're pissing off Republicans, you're doing something right.

     Florida Man: The world's greatest superhero.

     As of tomorrow, unless something breaks, the debt ceiling will not be raised, we'll be in default of our loans and the infrastructure bill, President's Biden's signature domestic legislation will not pass. Essentially, Republicans like McConnell, Manchin and Sinema are slowly pushing us off the edge of a cliff. And finally...

    Anti-vax losers lose again, because that's what losers do.

Monday, September 27, 2021

The Gathering Storm

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)
Any political observer with a shred of intellectual integrity had already come to the conclusion that our democracy is imperiled as it hasn't been since the British burned down our nation's Capitol and forced President and First Lady Madison out of the White House in 1814. The 2022 midterms will be but a dress rehearsal for 2024's general election.
    2022 will be the year Republican scum test drive their new voter suppression laws like the ones in Georgia and Texas that have essentially put the kibosh on voting, making legal access to the polls all but impossible, especially if you live in a community of color. This was a direct and frenzied response to unprecedented numbers of black voters casting votes (and a 120 year-high for voting in general, 67%). If Democrats still, somehow, prevail above the hamstringing, well, then, the aforementioned Republican scum will always have the luxury of fine tuning and tightening the restrictions even more in time for 2024.
    In 2016, Donald Trump got roughly 63,000,000 votes. Despite killing hundreds of thousands of Americans through his shrugged response to COVID-19, despite abandoning our Kurdish allies in northeast Syria, taking the side of Putin over that of our intelligence agencies, denigrating our war dead, negotiating with terrorists like the Taliban and tanking the economy in tried-and-true Republican fashion, he actually got 11,000,000 more votes in 2020.
     That should give any American that cares about our democratic Republic permanent diarrhea and cold sweats in the middle of the night. Yes, the worst "president" in American history actually got 74,000,000+ rubes to vote for him again.There but for the grace of 81,000,000 Biden voters... Then the final straw came a couple of months later when black voters struck again and voted Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff into the US Senate during the January 5th Georgia runoff elections. Not only did both seats in a safe red state go to Democrats for the first time since Ben Franklin was in short pants, the runoff results gave Democrats the very slimmest of majorities in the upper chamber, with Vice President Harris representing a tie-breaking 50-50 vote.
    The GOP couldn't have that. And it wasn't a coincidence that the panicked Georgia GOP was the first to respond to all those uppity voters who had the effrontery to vote for Democrats by ramming through straight to Brian Kemp's office the most suppressive voting bill since the old Soviet Union. In fact, as Kemp signed the bill, under a painting of a plantation, a black state congresswoman named Park Cannon was getting arrested at Kemp's door because God forbid black lawmakers should enjoy any transparency whatsoever when their right to vote is being threatened.
     And, of course, Republican scum being Republican scum the world over, Texas has already issued the first draft of their congressional districts that, surprise, heavily favors Republican incumbents, weakens Democratic incumbents and further dilutes the vote of communities of color despite that demographic driving the largest and fastest population growth in Texas.

Let History be Your Guide
As the old saying goes, history doesn't always repeat itself but sometimes it rhymes. 
     After WW II's conclusion, Winston Churchill had written his memoirs that, whether by design or not, became perhaps the most monumental history of World War II ever attempted. The first of this six part compendium, The Gathering Storm, details not only Hitler's rise to power but also the decade before that, to the failed Beer Hall Putsch of 1923.
    The opening salvo of that book is entitled, "The Follies of the Victors: 1919-1929." The sharp-tongued Churchill wasted no time in denigrating the Allied Powers after the end of the first World War and ignored the growing threat of Germany. Churchill had detailed a great many things in this introductory 750 page volume and, unsurprisingly, Hitler's gradual, decade-long ascent from failed rebel to jailbird to Chancellor of Germany was a major part of it.
     Even three years after the defeat of the Nazis, Churchill could never fathom why the Allied leaders of the time did not take Hitler's threat seriously to merge Austria with Germany as he'd unambiguously promised in his jailhouse memoir, Mein Kampf. Indeed, the same could be said of the political leaders and commentariat of the post-war Weimar Republic.
    The Germans at the time, with few exceptions, did not take Hitler's threat seriously. Being the Chancellor at that time was to be second banana to the aging President Hindenburg, and in early 1933, Hitler was just the latest in a long line of briefly-serving placeholders. In other words, Weimar-era Germany was supremely (Churchill would've said "arrogantly") confident in the pillars that supported their own Democratic Republic. The rest is history.
    They laughed at Hitler and his brown shirts and SS and SA goons. We run the risk of underestimating bargain basement Hitler or Mussolini, aka Donald Trump by calling him a bargain basement Hitler or Mussolini. Yes, Trump is a buffoon, a regular bathos factory who'd shamelessly made himself the butt of jokes on the world stage for four agonizing years that had felt like 12.
     But this is the guy who'd, again, gotten 11,000,000 more votes than four years before, who'd nearly pulled off an insurrection that could've seen the assassination of his own vice president, the Speaker of the House and countless members of Congress. It wouldn't have been the end of our democracy but the Capitol building would've needed, to quote a character from Die Hard, "a new paint job and a shitload of screen doors."

Remember, remember the 5th of November...

In one of Fate's countless cruel ironies both great and small, the next general election, in 2024, will be on the fifth of November, the day the Gunpowder Plot of Guy Fawkes and his co-conspirators was discovered and broken up in 1605.
     Well, in the succeeding 416 years, we don't resort to kegs of gunpowder but nuisance lawsuits and two page memos by right wing shysters like John Eastman. That name may sound familiar to those of you in the know. If it doesn't, it ought to be. It ought to because a week ago, it was reported on CNN on the publication of Bob Woodward's and Bob Costa's Peril that Eastman had drafted a two page memo outlining a six point plan that was supposed to enable Mike Pence to decertify the 2020 election results of seven states, all namely ones Trump had lost, using a dodgy, to put it charitably, interpretation of the 1804 12th amendment.
     In the event that the election wasn't certified by Congress, which had only happened once before in 1876, the House was then supposed to decide the 2020 election. In that case, each state delegation would've received only one vote and, since Republicans were in the majority in 27 of those delegations as of the swearing in of the 117th Congress, the election then would've been given to Trump.
     It was a stunning revelation in that this Eastman character, a former law clerk of Clarence Thomas, could and would so blithely dismiss the vox populi that gave President Joe Biden a commanding 7,000,000 vote mandate. It was an attempted detonation of the electoral process, one of the supporting pillars of our democracy, that promised no less a disastrous result than the blowing up of the Parliament Building in Westminster in 1605.
    When the memo was smuggled to Senators Mike Lee and Lindsey Graham, both attorneys, they, too, had laughed at its contents and no doubt Pence would've had a similar reaction to it if he ever allowed himself to laugh and actually use his facial muscles. Yes, they laughed and laughed and a good time was had by all.
     Just like the post WWI Weimar Republican Old Guard on Hitler's ascension. No one ever thought he would ever amount to much, especially with the Beer Hall Putsch of a decade before still fairly fresh in the minds of Germans. Then the month after Hitler assumed power, through legal democratic means, the Reichstag caught fire. Then there was the Enabling Act. Then, after that, horrified Germans watched the dominoes fall until Berlin followed suit a dozen years later.
     Eastman's memo should be the smoking gun that opens up an investigation at the DOJ that should dwarf Watergate. But it hasn\'t. The mainstream media, starting with TV news networks, should be screaming about this like a thousand Howard Beales. But they're not. And the Democrats should be basing a huge part of their 2022 platform on this brazen attempt at subversion. But, of course, they're not. They're Democrats.
     Today, Guy Fawkes is both reviled and admired, depending on your religious stripe. How will Donald Trump be viewed in the years, decades and centuries to come? Will he be reviled as a democracy-hating villain, which he is, or will he, too, be given the luxury of a historical makeover?

Pottersville Digest

 (What happened to the white genocide? Are we there, yet?)

     Real party animal, that Larry Elder huh? Just not the Republican Party

     God only knows why Katie Porter isn't a fifth member of The Squad.

     Further proof that Republican scum live in an alternate dimension.

     Typical right wing shyster scumbag.

     Yeah, LET'S talk about the REAL welfare queens.

     "In a historical and international light, the most significant news is that women are now first time in majority in the Icelandic parliament, and a first in Europe. This is good news."

     Oh, no, not reminiscent of Jim Crow, at all.

    Chuck Toddler had Meghan McCain on Meet the Press for fairness and balance, because we don't hear nearly often enough from the right wing faction that finger paints murals with their own fecal matter.

    "They said, 'Well, we just need to get kids back in the class because everybody is going to get this virus at some point or another, and it's going to spread wildly, and there's no way to contain it.' It stuck with me how casual they were about that, as you just pointed out as one of the issues you didn't believe was actually true." -Pamela Brown.

     ...but Republican scum like Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema don't have to compromise?

     Parnass and Fruman now "officially haunting" Adam Exlaxalt's Senate run.

     Your Brad o' the day.

     #Whiteprivilege rears its ugly head again.

    John Oliver masterfully deconstructs the rationale and details of the massive raft of voter suppression bills that right wingers have passed in 18 states.

    Your co-Karen o' the day.

    Matt Gaetz (R-Mann Act) is lawyering up like a mobster about to go to the mattresses with the feds.

    Oh, those rock-ribbed, conservative Republican family values! And finally...

    And COVID killing off bloated wouldbe Nazi voters is a bad thing... why?

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