Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Profile in Cowardice

     So, now we know at least some of what Mike Pence told Jack Smith's investigators earlier this year. And, while we're awaiting the inevitable crocodile roar from the swamp at Mar a Lago, here's what we do know per ABC's lede:
     "Speaking with special counsel Jack Smith's team earlier this year, former Vice President Mike Pence offered harrowing details about how, in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, then-President Donald Trump surrounded himself with 'crank' attorneys, espoused 'un-American' legal theories, and almost pushed the country toward a 'constitutional crisis,' according to sources familiar with what Pence told investigators."
     So, how did Pence confront this growing crisis from the Oval Office? Well, again, i give you ABC:
     "According to sources, one of Pence's notes obtained by Smith's team shows that, days before Pence was set to preside over Congress certifying the election results on Jan. 6, 2021, he momentarily decided that he would skip the proceedings altogether, writing in the note that there were 'too many questions' and it would otherwise be 'too hurtful to my friend.' But he ultimately concluded he had a duty to show up."
      Yes, you read that right. Pence's initial response was to simply duck out and hide in the shadows, where Republicans prefer to furtively scuttle. Pence's initial reaction was to not fulfill his Constitutionally-mandated duties to simply open the envelopes, count the electoral votes and bang the gavel at the right time after certifying them.
     Obviously, that's what he eventually wound up doing. But if he hadn't, it would've made him look almost as much of a sore loser as Trump. After all, if Gore could do it in 2001 after what he went through with Bush and his army of rat fuckers, including those on the Supreme Court, then so should Pence.
     But Pence's own notes, obtained by Smith's team from the National Archives, tells us more. Even up until late December he still considered the sociopath in the Oval Office, a "man" for whom loyalty is always a one way street, a "friend".
     That "friend" painted a target on his back in that infamous 2:11 tweet on January 6th in which he wrote, "Mike Pence didn't have the courage to do what should have been done to protect our Country and our Constitution, giving States a chance to certify a corrected set of facts, not the fraudulent or inaccurate ones which they were asked to previously certify. USA demands the truth!"
     Within minutes, the rioters were chanting, "Hang Mike Pence!" and they broke through the police line at the west end Capitol entrance. Trump knew damned good and well they were following his tweets in real time. It was an exercise in raw power unlike what he or any of us had even seen before and he watched it all unfold during those 187 minutes of criminal inaction.
     That was Trump's endgame. As the certification drew closer and closer, that was his final, desperate gambit- Have Pence assassinated at the Capitol so the certification would proceed with... who?

     Oh, yeah. Senator Get Off My Lawn.
     In fact, while Pence was getting the dry heaves at the thought of actually doing his job, ceremonial though it was, there were already plans underway to have Chuck Grassley to do it for him. Which obviously, would've made the certification look dodgier than it should have, especially if Grassley, as many of us suspect, would've sent the votes back the states.
     So maybe the baleful specter of Chuck Grassley, and Trump, throwing the United States into a constitutional crisis was a bridge too far even for Pence.
     And it took he and his family getting hustled out of the House chamber, with the rioters getting within 40 feet of him and his own, to get him to see at least some of the light.
     And what's truly despicable about Pence's revelations in both his book and handwritten notes was that he was concerned about hurting his friend's fee fees and thought that ducking out on his duties as President of the Senate was an acceptable compromise. Such cowardice makes us shake our heads considering that Trump would've happily watched Pence's assassination on live TV from the Oval Office's dining room.
     This is exactly where Pence's mind was at during those last few weeks of the administration, that, if there was going to be a constitutional crisis on January 6, better the blame for that be laid at Chuck Grassley's feet than his. Or maybe he realized at the last minute what Grassley had planned and decided to head that off.
     In those last few weeks of the Trump shit show that began four years earlier when he bounded into the White House like a five year-old determined to be the first kid inside a newly-opened FAO Schwazrtz and leaving his wife in the dust, this is where Pence's mind was at.
     So why did he take up the gavel that morning and, later, that night? Maybe he was worried about his place in history. Maybe he honestly did care about democracy. If he did, he did so in a roundabout way. But he really, really didn't want to do this and even asked his predecessor, fellow Hoosier Dan Quayle, how he could get around certifying the votes. And when Quayle told him he couldn't, that was probably the moment Pence decided that he couldn't take the heat and planned on getting out of the kitchen.
     But a real man with a spine wouldn't have had to equivocate or deliberate for a minute. The Constitution is pretty clear- In his or her sworn duty as President of the Senate, the Vice President must count the votes and certify the election, period. Full Stop.
     Pence, being a dithering dickhead about the whole thing, thought sticking his head in the sand would've been an acceptable alternative to actually doing his job.
     So, maybe it's best that Pence dropped out of the race. Because such cowardice is not a trait we should prize in a Commander in Chief.

Friday, November 24, 2023

Pottersville Digest

     When are we finally going to agree as a nation and as a people that nothing this asshole says means anything substantive and that we should just ignore him? I am so sick of this buffoon with his clotted, cotton candy hair and neck vagina. He's the barfly at the end of the bar a half hour before last call insulting all the patrons then complaining he's not getting laid.

     Yeah, let's talk about left wing voter fraud.

  Because attempted human sacrifice is part and parcel to tour groups and legitimate political discourse, right?

     This car crash on the Rainbow Bridge was like the finale of Die Hard 3.

     May we please now refer to him as Speaker Pogrom?

     Gee, in the real world, we'd call this "bribery".

     Let me guess: Rudy found this new guy on NYC Craigslist.

     Another Republican crook bites the dust.

     Cartoon intermission.

     Fuck Christie. He should've been able to see that Trump was unfit since he was at his elbow. I and tens of millions of others were on the outside looking in and we could see he was unfit for the presidency. Crisco gets no points for being one of these Johnny Come Lately Republicans who only now see the light.

     Of course they brushed off her concerns. They were a Trump company, after all. (And, typically, a failed one)

     When Pastors Go Wild, this winter on Fox.

     Of course he is. Iron eagles of a feather flock together.

     Boy, someone hasn't recovered since Matlock was cancelled.

     It seems in Bucks County. PA, crime does pay and even gives immunity from investigation.

    This asshole was born about a half a century too late because he would've been wonderful Nazi collaborator.

     Finally, an explanation why he named his social media site, "Gettr". And finally...

     Another day, another slap on the wrist for another white hillbilly terrorist.

Thursday, November 23, 2023

Twilight Zone, 2023

That's Mr. Hyde To You

     OK, hive mind, important post and I'd deeply appreciate some solid feedback.
     This is a mockup of some sample panels I recently got from a graphic artist out of Texas, Angelina Roberts (Roberts Angelina on Facebook). It's for a graphic novel project that I've been kicking around in my head for several years. This is actually the second set of panels I've gotten and, while I'm also impressed with the first set, I don't have her permission, yet, to put those up.
     It's going to be a superhero graphic novel series that'll be a modern-day retelling of the Mr. Hyde character created by Robert Louis Stevenson. Here's how the story starts out:
     "I’m Jake Edwards. That’s not my real name but one I’ve given myself to help hide my true identity, for the usual series of superhero tropes. If you were worth your weight in pencil shavings, and did the due diligence of those who don’t piss away their journalism degrees pecking away on an old laptop in a shitty little office in Hell’s Kitchen, you’d know that my real surname is Jekyll.
     Yeah, those Jekylls, the Jekylls of London.
     And that’s where Robert Louis Stevenson, consumptive wheeze and all, unsteadily totters into this account.
     I don’t intend on putting this on my blog, for obvious reasons. Hell, I can’t even tell you why I’m even writing this. My alter ego may be invulnerable to all harm, but that’s not to say I can’t be put down for that endless dirt nap after catching a bullet in the noggin while in human form. But let’s get back to Robert Louis Stevenson.
     For nearly a century and a half we’ve been led to believe that The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was a work of fiction but I can state, with rock-solid authority, that it isn’t. It’s not a strictly true account, either, but it is based on historical events.
   First of all, there was no Gabriel John Utterson, the book’s narrator. Or, rather, Utterson was Stevenson (there was a maid, although her name wasn’t exactly Mary Reilly). You see, by design, there’s no record of Stevenson attending medical school because of the things he’d seen. In fact, my great great grandfather, the original Dr. Jekyll, through Mr. Hyde, said he’d kill him if he ever made his factual account known.
     You see, Stevenson and my great great grandfather went to medical school together at Oxford..."

      Since the Hyde gene (the potion altered the original Jekyll's genetic structure, explaining how he was able to make the transformation sans potion) skips every other generation, this sets up three different timelines for future exploration. There was great great grandad, grandpa during WW II and, finally, our hero, Jake Edwards.
      Here's what's going on behind the scenes: The artist who did the mockups, Angelina, charges $150 per finished page. She really wants to do this project and not just for the potential payday. She's seen the first 2000 words of the story and thinks it's a winner. Being a graphic artist, she goes to all the comic cons and tries to sell her work. On my end, I could begin an exhaustive search of whatever few literary agents out there who rep graphic novels.
      Question: if I set up a GoFundMe, how likely would you be to contribute? I'm thinking a 50 page inaugural issue would be about standard and, at her rates, that would run to $7500. I'd set up incentives, obviously, and a tiered system of rewards for whatever contributors I'd attract.
      So, is a GoFundMe feasible?

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Pottersville Digest

     Like drowning rats in a gunny sack, they eat and tear each other to pieces trying to get out.

     "Might be in the tank for Trump"? As if there's any serious doubt about that???

     Amanda Marcotte nails it yet again.

     The Article III Project? OK, they're just going for laughs at this point.

     Has this fucking judge actually read the 14th amendment?

     "I fought the law and the law won but the fight was rigged!"

    So, the latest bot account that followed me on Twitter has 0 followers but is following three. Curious, I looked to see who the other two were. It seems, for inexplicable reasons, I've ascended to some rarified company.

    The apple fell very far from the tree in that family. His kid AJ saw the situation the way it was as it unfolded in real time. The kid is smart. The father's an idiot. Full stop.

     Bullshit. The "very worst decision" he could've received would have been if he was kept off the CO ballot. That could've kicked off a domino effect across the other 20 states looking to see if he's ineligible there, too.

     “We’re Christians, and we can look past that.” And these "Christians" will eat his soiled diapers if he orders them to. You're not Christians- You're gullible rubes and marks in a cult. Period.

     Argentina has just collectively lost its fucking mind. So, don't cry for me. Cry for Argentina.

    This is former parttime MMA contender MarkWayne Mullin getting all manly and masculine with the J6 rioters three years ago.

     President Biden turned 81 yesterday. I'll take his 81 over Trump's 77 any day.

     Does it surprise anyone this unenforceable edict takes place in the same state that founded the KKK and took a teacher to court for teaching evolution?

     "I was the victim." "It was a political railroading." Gee, where have we heard this spiel recently? (Narrator: "The 14 year-old boy was the victim/")

     Kyle Rittenhouse has a new book coming out soon. It'll be a godsend that will keep on giving for people who own parrots, African Grays and parakeets.

    You can't claim you're "waging a war on history" while saying, "Nobody was ever ducking our past." And, besides, how does one wage a war on history unless they intend on rewriting it? And finally...

     Ah, perjury. Good. Let's add those charges to the pile and let's make a proper criminal trial out of this.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

RIP Rosalynn Carter

Saturday, November 18, 2023

"If the President Does It, It's Not Illegal. No, Really."

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
Sarah B. Wallace's ruling that Trump is exempt from Article Three of the 14th Amendment is not only ridiculous and a counterintuitive reading of it but it's also theoretically dangerous. If it isn't swiftly struck down on appeal, it could set a precedent that could prejudice the cases and investigations of the other 20 states that are currently looking into whether Trump should be on their respective ballots. 
    To say that the highest office holder in the land, the president, the one who's most entrusted with safe-guarding the constitution, the person who wields the most power in the country, isn't beholden to the 14th Amendment, is fallacious. Because all indications are that he's ready, willing and able to do it again the next time he doesn't get his way.
     Because what Wallace seems to be saying is, "Yes, Donald Trump engaged in an insurrection that killed nine people, a riot that nearly overthrew the government and overturned the results of a free and fair election, But he was the president and he was free to violate his oath to defend the Constitution. It sucks but, hey, what're ya gonna do?"
     Essentially, she seems to subscribe to Nixon's belief of, "If the president does it, it's not illegal." It's that "divine right of kings" of which the Founding Fathers wanted to divest us back in the 18th century. And the 14th Amendment, including its now well-known Article Three, was written right after a Civil War that nearly destroyed or sundered our nation in half. 
     That suddenly, first ever relevant Article Three states, in full:
    "No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof. But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each House, remove such disability."
    It was ratified on July 9th, 1868 by the 40th Congress to weed out Confederate sympathizers from holding elected office. It was bitterly opposed by the Senators and Congressmen who'd left the federal government in the recently-defeated Confederacy. However, if they wanted elected office in Washington again, they were essentially forced to vote for the amendment.
    In my opinion, even a schoolboy reading of the 14th Amendment, including Article Three, never mentions the president and my interpretation is the 40th Congress didn't do so because they felt they didn't need to. If you're not going to hold the Chief Executive accountable for crimes (and it was during that 40th Congress in which Andrew Johnson was nearly impeached), then what's the point of having a 14th Amendment?
 A Narrow Reading

Judge Wallace's ruling, which is certainly up for some spirited debate and very subject to being overturned by the Colorado appellate courts and, ultimately, the CO Supreme Court, employs a razor-thin definition of Article Three. If it doesn't specifically mention the president, she seems to argue, then the president is not subject to that Amendment.
   But on Inauguration Day, the president doesn't take an oath of office to defend some of the Constitution but all of it. The presidential oath of office is slightly different from that taken by Senators, Congressmen and other federal officials. There's more than an inference we can take that in taking that presidential oath of office, the president doesn't get to pick and choose which parts of the Constitution he will defend from all enemies, foreign and domestic (and I think we can also safely infer Trump miserably failed on both counts) any more than he has line item veto powers.
   People on the left have been crowing that this is indeed a victory because Judge Wallace also admitted that Trump did indeed engage in insurrection on January 6th, 2021. But it's not as simple as that.
   The ballot eligibility challenge in Colorado, brought by four Republican voters and two non-affiliated ones, was not a trial to determine whether or not Trump was indeed guilty of insurrection (which wouldn't be within the legal purview of a state court, anyway. That's what Jack Smith is for.). The ballot eligibility litigation was a civil matter, not a criminal one, meaning Trump stood no risk of jail time whatsoever.
    And the fact that for the first time ever he was found guilty of committing insurrection on January 6th will not, nor should not, be used a precedent by Jack Smith or anyone else. The proceedings in Colorado was not intended to be an exhaustive enumeration of evidence of Trump's guilt but to present enough evidence to the court to show that Trump was ineligible for the Colorado ballot. In other words, Trump was not on trial- his eligibility was.
     That's not the legal precedent we should be worried about.
    The one we should be worried about is the possible domino effect coming from Wallace's ruling. Perhaps this will influence other judges, especially right wing judges in those 20 other states, that perhaps Article Three really doesn't apply to Trump, after all. That maybe the guy who wields the most power in the nation should also be the one least expected to use it wisely.
     Which, obviously, is as insane as Trump and his supporters.

Friday, November 17, 2023

Meet the Characters

     This is a very special promotional video written and recorded by my incomparable narrator, Marnie Sher, that she'd recently created for the audiobook version of The Doll Maker. In it, you hear her do the voices some of the principal characters such as Scott Carson, Delmonico, Kelley McCarthy, Jake Riis, Clem, Chief Inspector Thomas Byrnes and others. You can pick up The Doll Maker for just $5.95 through an introductory subscription offer to Audible. You can also email me at Crawman2@yahoo.com for promo codes for more savings.
Jack the Ripper was just the beginning.

     In 1889 New York, 22 year-old Scott Carson retreats to his parents’ basement on 69th Street. Unwilling to venture back into the world, the reclusive engineering genius is still licking his wounds after winning his final battle with Jack the Ripper and trying to reassemble his shattered psyche. Then his friend Jacob Riis, desperate to get him back into the land of the living, shows him a photograph given to him by a detective that seems to be of a dead girl sitting on the lap of an adult hidden by a shroud.

     Carson quickly realizes this person who’d had delivered the photo to NYPD HQ on Mulberry Street may be a more advanced photographer than him and his interest is piqued. Riis introduces him to this detective, Angelo Delmonico (of the famous restauranteur family) and he finds the scientific-minded detective and he are of a similar mind regarding this new killer. Together with teenager Kelley McCarthy, a pioneering female urban explorer "who goes where even the rats don’t go", the trio chase an ingenious and elusive serial killer who is murdering little girls and turning them into human dolls.

Once Again, the Blue Cavalry Comes to the Rescue

    Well, the cocksuckers almost did it again. They took us to the brink just as they had last September and passed a stopgap spending measure that funds the government through the holidays. It was a two-pronged bill, half keeping the government funded through January 19th, the other through February. As he's at the APEC summit, President Biden had to sign the bill in San Francisco, necessitating having the bill flown by jet.
     As with the last time, the Big Top was almost engulfed in flames until enough Republicans did the right thing. But, when the circus catches fire, the last people you want in the fire fighting effort are the clowns themselves.
     Instead, they were too busy jet-setting to Paris for a far right wing function and picking fights with witnesses and even each other. This faux thuggish behavior was presaged last January by Mike Rogers' "Moe, Larry, cheese!" Curly Howard hysterics directed toward Matt Gaetz. And during this historically dysfunctional 118th Congress, Republicans were unable to elect a House Speaker after 14 ballots, then they ousted him after nine months, then failed to elect another Speaker after three nominees came and went. Witnesses were ridiculed during sham hearings, Nancy Mace wore the Scarlet Letter, Lauren Bobo groped and vaped her way to infamy and political ignominy and Marjorie Taylor-Greene... well, did what she usually does
     Of course, during all this, Democrats stood by quietly and bided their time because there's an old saying in politics: "When your opponent is falling, don't get in their way."
     So, they waited for Republicans to reach across the aisle yet again to keep the government open, which, of course, they were forced to. The spending bill signed into law by President Biden, a Democrat, yesterday is being heralded as a major win for Mike Johnson, the Little Evangelical Who Could. But the fact is, if it was such a major win, it wouldn't have taken this long to get the damned thing passed in both chambers. It would've funded the government for nearly a year. Ukraine would've gotten its funding. And they wouldn't have waited, again, until the 11th hour.
     And so, we play the same sorry charade all over again right after the holidays. Essentially, the Preston Brooks wing of the Republican Party are giving the American people on ongoing campaign ad as to why they should never be allowed within sight of the levers of power ever again even as a tour group.
     Meanwhile, Democrats have shown maturity, discipline and unity at a time when just over half the lower chamber is tearing itself apart. There's some serious doubt whether Democrats will hold on to their razor-thin majority in the Senate but they certainly look poised to reclaim the House considering the GOP's antics.
     Yeah, Biden's old. Democrats aren't as articulate as they can be. But you know something? We have a government that's open for business because of them. And that's what the American electorate needs to understand long before November 5th next year.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

Pottersville Digest

    This seems pretty consistent with TFG's simplistic Mr. Bill mindset- Rip up informal handwritten notes and that changes the Army's priorities. Just like extending the cone of uncertainty with a Sharpie on a hurricane map, stopping COVID testing so the numbers go down. Superficial changes to established facts until they jibe with his mindset and his "gut" beliefs. Trump has always thought his will, regardless of how hideously out of step with reality it may be, reigns supreme. This is part and parcel to one of the most monstrous narcissistic megalomaniacs the world has ever seen.

    Reader's Magnet just published a commissioned article about my newest audiobook, The Doll Maker. It's just a hair under 1000 words and contains information about my novel and my writing process that you may not already know. Go check it out.

    "The former presidential (sic) pestered Walker, the former college football and NFL star, to falsely smear Warnock as a 'child molester'."
     Man, Trump projects more than AMC Cinemas.

    Speaking just for myself, we shouldn't have to rely on a vague, unformed and hardly guaranteed belief in the rule of law prevailing so our democracy can be saved. In the old days, we could rely on the old trope that the bad guy loses, as with WWII. But these days, it seems the bad guy wins a lot. And we need more than an abstract belief in the promise of the rule of law to sustain us.

     "Eric Meyer, editor of the Marion County Record, said the paper has received letters with concerns about transparency after newly-elected officials 'partied' on Election Day at a country club and allegedly did not let a reporter take pictures. The paper reported that Mayor-Elect Michael Powers 'yelled' at the reporter".
     Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

     This kind of thuggish, fascist behavior is like something right out of the 1933 Reichstag. At this rate, I fully expect that by the end of the year both chambers of Congress will be reshaped into an octagon.

     Leslie Jones is my new superhero.

     Vance forgot to mention that he had lobbed tear gas at them at the border, kept children in cages and insulted a federal judge that had ruled against him in the Trump U case because he was Mexican. He tried to get Mexico to pay for a wall that we, not they, wanted. And one of the Central Park Five that was falsely arrested, interrogated and convicted, the five young men that Trump wanted executed, was Latino. I'd hardly say that he "outmaneuvered Democrats".

     How much you want to bet she's also a Holocaust denier? The horrific videos of what Hamas did to those innocent Israelis are all over the internet. That poor 23 year-old girl from Germany who was at the festival was found murdered and partially decapitated. These are in the public record. What is this woman's problem?

     If you're a prosecutor, idiots like Harrison Floyd are the gift that keep on giving.

     I think it's hilarious that Mr. High and Mighty, who three years ago was once allowed to meet with Xi and other world leaders, is now pissing and moaning about conspiracy theories on a half-assed, failing social media dump like Truth Social. Really, he's probably throwing ketchup-impregnated Big Mac's at the walls at Mar a Lago, unable to understand in his baffled fury why Xi is talking to Biden instead of going to his tacky golf club to kiss the ring.

     The only Congressman who's Jew-ish is now fin-ished.

     I never thought I'd ever miss Tom Coburn or James Inhofe but here we are. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     I think John Oliver has the best and the most balanced take on this whole clusterfuck. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Stan the Man Banos at BOATS)

     Man, I can smell the flop sweat of desperation all the way from Massachusetts. And finally...

     What few if any on Earth Two are doing is refuting what these women had said. That's notable.

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

New Doll Maker Video


     Yeah, bad author, no coffee. Even though The Doll Maker is the second audiobook collaboration between Marnie Sher and me, I didn't know her business, Sweet Tone Sound, even had a FB page until today. So, again, this is the latest video she's recorded and sent to me just today. We're in what you could call a frenetic post-production process and Marnie's recording and editing videos like crazy that she's putting up on social media and, eventually, her own website. Enjoy.


Monday, November 13, 2023

Pottersville Digest

     "Noel is the Republican Party chair for Clark County and Indiana’s 9th Congressional District."

     Lots and lots and lots of flesh.

     "Nothing like a little extra motivation to clean things up," says the bubble-headed bleach blonde who comes on at five. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, Stan the Man Banos at BOATS)

     Keep in mind, this is something coming from Putin's own cock puppet.

    "Duh, tell me about the rabbits again, George." Power lines, umbilical cords wrapped around the neck or landfills? Something's got to be responsible for this brain drain.

     What a fucking idiot. (And, by the way, Bush never served in the US Air Force but the TX Air National Guard, aka a "champagne flight".) (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     What do you expect from a former Trump caddie?

     It looks as if Ivana's going to get some company at the 18th hole.

     Meme intermission.

    Great. I'm sure Georgia's penal system will have a lot of use for a defrocked pastor.

    Nazi sympathizer wins mayor's race. (Another tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)
    Sure, let's do that. Let's have a political litmus test. Because it would cut both ways, right? Right?

    Next thing you know, he'll be comparing Mar a Lago or Trump Tower to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

    Just hours after he got elected Speaker, I predicted this evangelical clown would be out by year's end. Apparently, he and McCarthy forgot that the CR and the funding bill has become a third rail to any GOP speaker who reaches across the aisle.

    At this point, I almost believe that criminal defense attorneys wouldn't even exist if it weren't for Republicans.

    I don't think anyone has the right to be surprised by this. Why engage in eliminationist rhetoric unless you're hoping someone takes you up on it? And finally...

     And I'm sure he got the hometown discount.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

He Doesn't Like Being Compared to Hitler

“This vermin must be destroyed. The Jews are our sworn enemies, and at the end of this year there will not be a Jew left in Germany.”
— Hitler, 1939
"We pledge to you that we will root out the Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radical Left Thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our Country."
— Trump, 2023
     Then he goes ahead and says shit like this. Remember, folks, this is the guy who sleeps with Hitler's speeches next to his bed. Then goes out in public and says shit like this.
     Remember this on November 5th next year.

Friday, November 10, 2023

Pottersville Digest

 (Go ahead, take the plunge, big guy. You're Peter fucking Pan,)

    Why censuring Rashida Tlaib was a horrible idea.
    Ohio Republicans: Fuck the voice and will of the people. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

    Yes, Donald Trump essentially stole his kids' assets to artificially bloat his net worth to satisfy the loan agreement with Deutsche Bank.
     Trump gets boos at his own rally. It's near a dog race track.
     Peter Thiel. "A fucking scumbag." That was probably the only true thing Trump ever said in his life.
     Your Karen o' the day.

     It's not just election denialism. 1, 2, 3 years ago, Republicans, starting with Trump, were telling their base, "Don't trust absentee ballots. They won't get counted. Show up at the polls." Then, when they saw how well those absentee ballots worked for Democrats, they started changing their tune. So they slowly came around and began telling voters to trust absentee ballots and these people said, "Uuuuh, but three years ago, you said..." 
     You have Trump to thank for this because these lunatics listen to him and virtually no one else.
     And the drowning rats continue eating each other in the gunny sack.
    I keep hoping for a Tuberville sex scandal from the U of Alabama to derail this clown car that Tuberville's been driving for the last nine months.
     Your Brad o' the day.

    Wait a minute. The president loaned his brother $200,000 and his brother paid him back? And they're trying to yeast this up into... what, exactly?
    Sooo, would that include the "lie" that Michael Cohen supposedly told on the stand?

    Crash and burn for Hobo Himmler. Think of the Hindenburg crashing into the Titanic.

    When is the 11th Circuit going to finally wake up and realize that Cannon's just Trump's unofficial defense counsel? And finally...

     Oh, and Trump thinks he can indict someone for proving his corruption. Yes, he actually said that.

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Pottersville Digest: Expanded edition

    "Yes, my son kept me from seeing the semen spurting from those large penises that are so round, firm and fully-packed. There was no way around it and Lord knows I tried and I did not get to see the male orgasm and ejaculation online. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! By the way, fellow traveler, may I borrow your cell phone for a minute while I go to the bathroom?"

     Read. Remember.

     If you want to know how Boss Tweed acted when he finally went down over his corruption in 1873, look no further than this epic shit show. Trump gave us everything we expected and much, much more.

    Oh man, talk about white privilege engorged on anabolic steroids! Two months in jail for being complicit in murdering seven innocent people?! There are countless numbers of black men incarcerated for decades for murders they didn't even commit and this piece of shit gets put back on the street after helping his kid do what he did? But, yeah, let's talk about black on black crime in Chicago.

     I never believed that Trump divested himself of control or of knowledge of what was going on in the Trump Org when he assumed office. He's too much of a control freak to leave control of a business to two sons that he's infamously called "idiots". Of course he knew what was going on. Of course, he continued orchestrating the fraud.

     In Virginia, as well as other right wing states, it's a lot easier to get kicked off the voter rolls through fraudulent means than it is to be legally restored to those rolls.

     Headline: Most Americans believe they’d be better off financially, US would be kept out of war if Trump reelected.
     The lede: "The new CBS News poll found that 45 percent of Americans believed that they would be better off financially if the former president succeeds in his third bid for the White House."
     Last time I checked, "most" would be over 50%. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     Well, someone couldn't wait for certification day 2025.

     "These heinous acts are antithetical to what Republicans stand for."
     Right. That's why so many of you scumbags get arrested for this sort of thing, right?

     Meme intermission.

     What a paranoid snowflake Karen. You just know she knows the name of every manager of every business she frequents.

     I guess these Nazi psychopaths never heard of the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.

     Jesus, if Republicans were any stupider, they'd be donating their organs.

     This aged about as well as gas station sushi.

   "'The reality here, Trump delivers MAGA; MAGA delivers victories,' Bannon griped on his Wednesday War Room program."
     Not last night, it did.

     Republicans: They sure know how to pick 'em.

     Andrea Mitchell farts dust. She's in no position to be calling out anyone on their age.

     Another failed MAGA candidate goes down snapping.

     No, no, don't do that. You can protest Zionism without flirting with the Nazis. And finally...

     Because the rat fuck vote rightfully belongs to the Republican Party.

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