Monday, August 10, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Just blame it all on Trump. Posterity will agree with us.)

     I don't care what Cillizza says, I like Duckworth the most, with Whitmer second. Tammy would make mincemeat out of Pence in the VP debate.

     “This is probably a very bad analogy, but I’d say (Pence) is like the very supportive, submissive wife to Trump. He does the hard work, and the husband gets the glory.”
      And he's sloppy on the backstroke and hardly gags anymore when swallowing.

      Yes, he wants to be on Mount Rushmore. Yes, he is completely insane.

      Trump's weekend:
      1) Asked the Governor of South Dakota to put him on Mount Rushmore.
      2) Peter Navarro said "the Lord" gives Trump the right to write whatever laws he sees fit.
      3) Navarro had a screaming match with Steve Mnuchin in the Oval Office while Trump watched.
      4) Major GOP donors bailed on Trump, seeing his campaign as a lost cause.
      5) Held a fundraiser in the NJ house of a dead friend who died last April of the coronavirus he refused to control.
      6) Signed four executive orders that even his own aides admit is bullshit.
      7) Trump admitted those executive orders will get him sued.
      8) Republicans go on three day weekend and Trump goes on a four day weekend in a month with no holidays then blames Democrats for not passing a stimulus bill for which McConnell refused to hold a vote.
      9) Claimed his HBO-Axios interview was "great television."

      Trump is so scared shitless of debating Biden he actually put down his golf clubs.

      "I've been involved personally. You know, through my representatives."
Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'I'M SORRY, WHAT?'

    Talk about a freight train of schadenfreude. Remember Jim Continenza, the Kodak chairman who was given 1.75 million shares of Kodak stock the day before the government announced it would get a $765 million loan?
    Yeah, forget all that. That once soaring stock just tanked on Wall Street after that same government announced it was withholding the loan and investigating Kodak for insider trading.

     Kamala Harris has died. No, not that one, the other one.

     Yes, Senator Froth, Rick Santorum, just blamed Obama for Trump's useless Executive Actions.

     Does anyone know what the hell happened in Baltimore?

     Oh, this is all fucking Trump needs to hear.

     Cartoon intermission.

     Two black kids were assaulted by a homeless man. Guess which ones white Santa Clarita Sheriff's deputies draw down on and arrested?

    Yes, Nikki, because microwave popcorn is much more important to get on time than mail in ballots during a pandemic that's killed over 162,000 Americans. Go whine to Dejoy, you entitled right wing douchebag.

     "Do as I say, not as I do, mofos."

     When right wing fifth columnists go postal on the postal service.

    Did you know the only thing keeping fascist Republican scum from using guns to intimidate voters of color for nearly 40 years was a court-ordered consent decree? That was the only reason why we haven't seen armed poll watchers.
   This year, all that changed in 2018 when Democrats couldn't convince an obviously right wing judge to renew it.
    As you can guess, the armed right wing thugs are back.

     "(T)he heads were chopped off a life-sized campaign sign featuring Joe Kimok, who is white, and his wife, Jordanne, who is black. The cardboard heads were placed nearby on makeshift pikes." Florida Man strikes again.

     I'm not sure I understand why the adjective "skilled" requires a turbo boost from the prefix "up" but this is no insightful revelation. 20 years ago, I was a QC inspector for an automotive/aerospace/aeronautics/medical company. I knew ISO 9001 protocols, used high tech testing equipment like MMIs to inspect pieces with tight tolerances, worked in Class 10000 clean rooms making and inspecting medical grade hoses and seals. I knew how to do a First Article inspection myself, worked with engineers from clients in source inspections, knew statistical analysis and was on the fast track to getting my DSQR certification.
      Then the right wing scum running our company called in management consultants who suggested mass layoffs in order to turn our $12,000,000 a year company into an $18,000,000 a year company. They folded a few years later when they sold out to a much larger Swedish company.
      I tried for years to get back into Quality Control but never could get even an entry level position because they were looking for someone better, someone with Sigma 6 and DSQR credentials and they always seemed to find someone better than me.
     We've essentially left half our workforce behind in the craze for automation, downsizing and offshoring jobs overseas. I was a skilled worker. But I wasn't upskilled. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.).

     It's sad that the opposition party has to take these precautions yet these are the times in which we live. Just like the Nazis destroyed records in the bunker and concentration camps when the Americans and Soviets were closing in, this is exactly the sort of dick move Trump will pull.

     Your Karen o' the day.

     I have to admit, I've never seen a guy take nine rounds from a 9 mil and still keep charging. I suspect he was on PCP.

      Again, something a totally innocent guy would do.

      Reap it, motherfucker. You don't get to scuttle away from something you helped create.

      You haven't been listening to Da Da lately, have you?

      “I’ve always said that I’m very, very Republican, but he’s starting to turn me away.”
     Only now, when your life's in danger? Fuck you, you typical Republican frog in the boiling water.

     "More than 70 of the companies that got PSP and PPP awards also show up among the EIDL recipients, making them triple-dippers." Typical avaricious corporate scum.

      Yeah, how DARE China act like us in Latin America and the Middle East?

      "Trump and his Republican allies appear to have settled on a scheme:.. Trick the public into thinking they’re taking bold action, while effectively doing nothing...
       Unfortunately, this a strategy that all too often gets an assist from the mainstream media, which... still keeps getting caught in deeply ingrained bad habits, such as an insistence on false equivalence and a tendency to parrot false White House talking points in headlines. The result is a sea of misleading stories or news segments that portray Republicans as well-meaning, when the real story is about a degree of malice toward the public that’s so breathtaking it beggars belief."  Salon

     This is coming from a walking brain stem who's so stupid he thinks the Gettysburg Address is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

      And I hope the same happens to your next reelection campaign, you Wisconsin fuck stick.

      It seems the stupid have learned to multiply. And finally...

     “If they are the leaders who will define the future of the Republican Party, the party doesn’t deserve to have a future.” Das Boot.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Keeping America Great 1% at a time. Results will vary for the other 99%.)

     What diversity! I can see people wearing masks, and people refusing to wear them. I see children who don't know any better and adults who should know better. I see kids who don't have any choice but to be there and grownups who did have a choice. What a wonderfully eclectic and inclusive group of Republicans and their young victims in their Friday best, waiting patiently for the Carrier in Chief.

   South Dakota's always had the lowest coronavirus numbers in the nation. So naturally, some meatheads wanted to do something about that in Sturgis.

     Old man Trump, look at your life, Neil's about to sue.

     They actually had to alter intelligence reports about Russia so Trumpie the Klown wouldn't have a temper tantrum.

     I'm tired of these articles featuring Republicans who squeak, "If he does this or that, he could still eke out a win." NO, he can't. and he won't. This will be the biggest landslide since 1984.

     Trump's now so frantic, he's screaming at Adelson for not giving him enough money.

     A famed psychologist calls Trump, "is a first-degree mass murderer" and "the most successful bio-terrorist in history."

     Friday night always brings some horrible news that every week the WH hopes we won't notice yet always do. And Friday night gave us this:

     While our people are starving and getting evicted from their homes we're spending three quarters of a trillion dollars on defense against... what?

      I'm sure Dejoy's $30-75 million in investments in USPS's competitors is strictly coincidental.

      Mouth-breathing idiots clapping and cheering him, Trump talking on top of Paula Reid when she tried to hold his feet to the fire about him taking credit for the Obama-era Veteran's Choice bill that our last real president signed into law. Then he abruptly ends the presser and lumbers off to the tune of "YMCA", the gay national anthem.
     This is America in 2020, folks. Elect a clown, expect a circus.

      "I'll beat Sleepy Joe, no problem, my internal polling says I will but just in case..."

      Trump essentially admitted the courts were going make a meal out of his bullshit unemployment compensation executive order. He only signed it for the superficial PR to shore up support among the working class.

     Meme intermission.

     He brags about building 200 miles of wall that Obama had when all we did was patch up some parts. And, almost on the 6th anniversary that Obama signed the Veteran's Accountability law into effect, Trump took credit for THAT even though all he did was sign a supplementary bill.
     Boy, for a guy that hates Obama as much as he does, Trumpie the Klown sure loves to take credit for what he did.

     It's common for the government to lie to us and use propaganda 24/7, a never-ending fire hose of runny bullshit they keep directing at us.
     You wouldn't think it'd use a positive feedback loop on our own "president", though.

     We wouldn't even know to what extent the Russians and pro-Kremlin Ukrainians are fiddling with our elections if the Democrats hadn't started digging deeply.

      Republican scum colluding with Republican scum.

     Lucian K. Truscott is spot on about everything in this except for the part about Epstein killing himself. Wake the fuck up, Lucian. Too many strange things happened at that prison the night before and morning after, things that point to a murder and not a coincidental suicide.

     Duke U did a study of masks. Here are the results that tells us which masks to get and which to avoid.

      This is why we in the US don't have peerage.

     I predict a very brief school year. Note despite the outbreak of COVID-19, masks still aren't required.

      So, what's he going to do? Evict us if we're 27¢ short?

      Happy Hour Larry's been hitting the sauce a little early these days.

    "When I say party houses, I'm not talking about your neighborhood barbecue or your family gatherings. I'm talking... literally parties that cost a million dollars to host, with caged lions and tigers and baby giraffes on red carpet."
      Does anyone else see a lot of 5th century ancient Rome in this stubborn decadence?

      Keep one thing in mind- Every time this fascist says he will do something horrible, he either does it or tries to.

    Navarro and Mnuchin got into a screaming match in the Oval Office while Trump watched. Because he loves chaos.

    This inequity in the new education especially as regards Special Ed is something to which we ought to be paying greater attention.

    Mark Levin appeared on Fox & Frauds and eventually had a conspiracy conniption. But everything went back to normal when they stuck a pill down his gullet and rubbed his throat.

     Afterward, the BLM protesters were detained by the police, not the fascist pigs who'd assaulted them.

     If between now and election day you're approached by right wing scum asking you for money, remember this article about the RNC paying seven and a half million smackers for your personal information, including $2 million to a shadowy group that didn't even exist a month ago. Fuckbook also gladly accepted their $5.5 million.

     Half a billion for ventilators that won't be here for over two years. Health experts are saying 300,000 Americans will be dead by December, 400,000 of us will be in our graves by New Year's. We can't wait for them or for Trump to do the right thing. And finally... 

     What are your 14 suggestions for what's more popular than Trump? I'll get y'all started:

     Derek Chauvin in Harlem.
     Expired gas station sushi.
     Stephen Miller's hairpiece after a hot day.
     The contents of Rush Limbaugh's bathroom waste basket.
     The sweat left behind Steve Bannon's leather sofa just after he got up from it.
     A Mike Pence sex tape.
     The Greatest Hits of Nickelback.
     A vial of Kanye's crocodile tears.
     Pumpkin-infused aftershave.
     George and Kellyanne's sex tape.
     Larry Kudlow's empty Bushmills bottles.
     The name Karen.
     Masks in libertarian circles.
     Joe Biden.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Gotham City Digest

("We have a new vaccine for the Trump Virus. It's called voting.")

   Joe Biden: “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community."
     Dear God, will someone please steer this senile old man in the direction of the nice nurse with the little paper cup?

     Another Republican man baby has a temper tantrum.

     They had to hamstring this idiot so he wouldn't start a nuclear war and warned other world leaders as much. And he called Bolton a war nut. More projection.

    That's because he doesn't give a fuck if you live or die. Incidentally, why are these right wing scum taking a three day vacation? August is the only month without a holiday.

     Yes, the walking brain stem did it again, calling Thailand "Thighland." He is simply the stupidest carbon-based life form in the galaxy.

     And, yes, he used the N word... repeatedly.

     Your Karen o' the day.

     Life in prison for vandalism? Treating black protesters like they're MS-13 is not the solution, it's the problem. This is the very systemic racism they're protesting, to begin with.

    They're not going to be polite much longer, eh?

    Larry "Happy Hour" Kudlow got fact-checked by Poppy Harlow on CNN today. It didn't end well. Larry's been hitting the sauce a little early these days...

    "On Sunday Trump will visit the Deal, New Jersey home of his late friend, real estate developer Stanley Chera, who died in April of the coronavirus at the age of 77. Trump will headline a 100-person multi-million dollar fundraiser there."
     Does anyone else think it's obscene and heartless that Trump's fundraising at the home of a friend who died of the coronavirus that he refused to control?

     Meme intermission.

     Ohio Republicans named after the most corrupt Republican president of the 19th century take aim at the most corrupt Republican president of the 21st century.

     Ironically, suspension would probably be the best thing for her health. It's outrageous, though, that this Georgia high school was more upset about her using her cell phone than the students neglecting to wear masks.

    The difference between European news and American news is that their anchors literally laugh at Trump's antics. Ours cry over them. To them, we're a comedy. To us, we're a tragedy.

     As usual, Republican scum are damned if they do, damned if they don't.

    If Trump, the so-called germophobe, can't defeat a virus, then why is he still in charge of our nuclear arsenal?

    Harry Reid laughs at Trump, saying, "There’s something wrong with that man- he’s getting worse." The same could be said for Nevada's electoral system.

    "Everyone knows that we historically have supported brutal, authoritarian governments, usually right wing governments. Since WWII, we've overthrown 63 democratic governments world-wide, for fuck's sake. Us, pro-democracy? Look who's in the Oval Office. Please."

     This just in... and out. And in and out...

     Wow, and just in time for the election. You go, girl!

     Fucking A, AOC, not you too?! (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

     So, this piece of shit takes a jumbo jet (that has two pastry kitchens) from Washington to New Jersey then takes Marine One and helicopters to his Bedminster golf course 22 miles away at the start of a four day weekend in the only month of the year that doesn't have a holiday, for attend fundraisers where other right wing idiots will riotously fling tens of millions of dollars at his cloven hooves while the nation burns up from perhaps the most communicable virus of all time and tens of millions more unemployed while Senate Republicans deliberately sabotage another pandemic relief bill.
      Have I missed anything?

     Liberty U to Falwell: "Get lost and don't hurry coming back." And finally...

     Not so fast, Acosta. They're not done with you, yet...

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Too soon? Not when it comes to right wingers.)

     Republican scum can't even trust each other.

     Great. Another disease to worry about.

     Yo Semite?!

     OK, this is the third time this year we've heard from the government about flying saucers. So I have to ask the question everyone else is asking- WTF does Trump know and is he eventually going to blab about it? Apparently, Lou Dobbs is the new foremost expert on UFOs because he's always screaming about illegal aliens.

     Loeffler probably thinks she owns the black players and not just their contracts.

     Good for him. Someone should take those arrogant right wing twats to task.

     Why the hell aren't more towns and cities doing this?

     It's the economy, stupid, redux.

     For you folks in Kansas, rest easy tonight. Far right conspiracy theorist whack job Kris Kobach is out of the Senate race.

     Beirut: Something else the blithering idiot got wrong.

     How surprised are we these crimes against black people took place in Mississippi? The best thing they could do for society is to release them into the general population.

     Another State watchdog bites the dust. This government's disintegrating before our very eyes.

     Trumpie the Klown thinks he can give his acceptance speech from the WH. I guess he never heard of a forgotten little bylaw called the Hatch Act.

     And only in Trump World could the "president" promise to violate a federal law and his hotel responds with price gouging.

     Lady G made the mistake of getting into a bitchy cat fight with Lady Y. It did not end well for Lady G.

      Looks like someone got voted off Treasure Island.

      Dr. Fauci and his family have been getting death threats from right wing trogs.

     Yeah, I can see a right wing little fist fucker like Jacob Wohl doing this yet I have to ask, Why didn't Corrigan disavow these tweets, which perfectly mirror her previous statements, days ago when they first came out?

      The Trump administration and campaign knows they're going to lose. So, like typical right wing scum (and we saw this in Wisconsin after Evers beat Walker), they're salting the earth for the incoming Democrats who are about to dominate two thirds of the government. Because that's what Republicans are- Fifth Column terrorists who destroy everything they leave behind and fuck the good of the country. We've got to keep that pedal to the metal during this election and beyond. We need to keep going at warp speed and ensure the incoming administration doesn't lose a chamber of Congress in the next midterm as it historically does. We need to ensure these political terrorist Republicans are withered to a southern regional rump party until we wipe that right wing scum off the face of the planet.

     Your Karen o' the day.

     Of course he doesn't give a shit. How is this a surprise?

    Yeah, I can see Kushner doing this. He knows this is the sweetest gig he'll ever get (Remember, Javanka made $36.1 million last year alone) and he's not letting go so easily.

      Typical corporate scum.

     Cartoon intermission.

    I remember watching a movie years ago when a tween boy says, "I'll put it on Youtube and make a million dollars!" and his older sister said wearily, "It's free, stupid."
    Remember those good old days?
   Then corporations saw the potential to make a lot of money by driving content, hence ad revenue, and practically overnight no talent scumbags like the Pauls were celebrities when their large followings of idiots translated to millions of hits hence dollars and a new nouveau riche class was created from a bunch of JACKASS wannabes.
    So now they're blowing their ad wealth by throwing parties where people are getting hurt. For every Youtube millionaire that gives money and cars away to the underserved like that sweet kid in LA, there are literally 1000 grifters, rapists, sociopaths and scumbags like the Pauls.

     Too little, too late, Fuckbook.

     The only thing that's more hilarious than Trump thinking he can suggest debate moderators is the list of suggestions itself. Most of them are Fox boot lickers. Frankly, I'm surprised Sean Handjob, Lou Dobbs and Laura Ingraham didn't make the cut. (Fact: Not one CNN reporter is on the list.)

     Trump cut National Guard coronavirus funds to 47 states and territories. Texas and Florida were the two exceptions.

     Five people piled on him for 12 minutes while he died beneath them. And this body cam footage took 8 months to come out... WHY?!

     He didn't "stabilize" anything, CNN. You just stopped reporting on the protests.

     "Trump has no human care (sic) or concern for other people. By comparison, normal babies and other children — as well as animals such as rats — have empathy for others of their kind. "  -Daniel Drezner, Salon.

     Welp, that didn't take long. An entire second class and its teacher under quarantine. After just a day. Way to go, Georgia.

     Pastor of a Florida death cult whines about the UN turning America into a death cult.

     Another right wing, pro-Trump investment paying off. The cost is only 100+ human lives.

    Apparently, in Mayor Rudy Drooliani's world view, BLM is trying to "overthrow our way of life" that includes the privilege to lynch black people with impunity.

    It seems Pence believes that Supreme Court justices should bend to the will of religious and political far right activists instead of being impartial jurists. Roberts was a useless figurehead during the impeachment "trial" of Donald Trump and has proved to be one of the most pro-corporate SCOTUS justices in US history. So Pence can go fuck himself.

    156 years ago, Abraham Lincoln thought he'd lose the election but he insisted it be held, anyway. And he and General Grant made sure mail in ballots were used by soldiers deployed beyond their districts.

     Sure, Lady G. Perfect time to bring up Clinton's emails again. As a politician of the past once said, "Boys, he's thinner than piss on a hot rock."

     For once I agree with Rubin about something- Sally Yates needs to be the next AG.

    NY AG Letitia James just announced she's filed a civil suit to dissolve the NRA for fraud and abuse. When asked today why she's seeking its dissolution, she simply answered, "Because the corruption is so broad." You go, girl.

     C'mon, assholes, this is something we'd expect from Fox. "Liberal media"? WHAT liberal media?

     I couldn't watch the entire Axios interview with Trump. It's my job but there's only so much even I can stand. But in the clips I DID see, every time Trump looked away from Jonathan Swan in exasperation, I kept thinking of that famous video of the baboon clutching its head and banging away at a laptop before pushing it off the table.

     Right wing quitter to be replaced by right wing war criminal.

    No, just because politics may be played like a blood sport, that doesn't mean it's a game. And finally...

     Your co-Karen o' the day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Taking the Axios to His Own Campaign

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)
To even the most cursory news consumer, it seems Donald Trump is as bound and determined to lose the election coming up in 90 days as much as he wants to kill as many Americans as possible with this coronavirus through greed, ineptitude, cronyism, spiteful vengeance, sadism and sociopathic nonchalance. 
    Of course, he needs to succeed at both, because if you're one Donald John Trump, the office of the presidency he'd never legitimately won and never will is the only thing giving him any significant protection from the Southern District of New York, the Attorney General of New York State and Manhattan District Attorney's office. And that pending litigation doesn't even include countless lawsuits in state courts, Congressional investigations and lawsuits from private parties.
     Oh, he says he wants to win the election but his actions paint a different picture. Between first naming a glorified website designer named Brad Parscale to head his campaign despite him having no experience in running a political campaign, let alone a major presidential campaign, then demoting him when his poll numbers began sinking, Trump is running his campaign like a business that he'd typically run into the ground only to waddle off into the sunset with a pile of cash.
     Between making millions off Trump International Hotel 16 blocks from the White House (where dignitaries and lobbyists fly in from all over the world), millions more at Mar a Lago, the so-called "winter White House" plus his other properties, licensing deals struck on behalf of his family (like his daughter and son in law who officially work there), Trump succeeded what he set out to do all along- Make a killing off the presidency.
     4-5 years ago, Trump obviously thought that it would be all glitz and superficial photo ops, having his picture taken with the most glamorous and powerful people on earth, that no crises would plague his "presidency" and, if they did, well, his gut and/or his right wing cronies would take care of all that.
     It was as if Donald Trump thought no terrorist, no rogue dictator with a few nukes, no virus would dare accost him in his pursuit of even more riches. He stumbled into the Oval Office on January 20th, 2017 not having the slightest idea of cause and effect any more than he had any idea what Tim Cook's name was, or how to pronounce "Nepal" or "Yosemite."
     And one would think that even the pettiest tin pot dictator would know that a pandemic that has struck every nation on earth and that has killed 700,000 worldwide would recognize that one disaster leads to others. If businesses shut down because you didn't get ahead of the pandemic, that will damage your economy. Tax bases shrink, people get evicted, homelessness becomes yet another problem, etc, etc.
     But Donald Trump isn't even a tin-plated dictator. He's a 300 pound mountain of lard with chewing gum foil swaddling his ample bulk and a Rodney Dangerfield costume over that. Then, as if he couldn't cripple his reelection campaign even more, he had to sit for the HBO-Axios interview with an increasingly alarmed Jonathan Swan.

"It is what it is."
This Hindenburg-Titanic of all presidential interviews was held in the White House's historic Blue Room as Congressman John Lewis' body lay in state at the Capitol Building (a ceremony that, typically, Trump chose not to attend, not that he was wanted). He wasted little time in attacking John Lewis and his legacy, downplaying the man's pain and sacrifices for the Civil Rights movement by saying "there were many others" and "no one's done more for black America than I have", a fact completely unsupported by any metric or rubric. If that had been the nadir of the interview, it would have been bad enough.
     But, of course, it was bound to get worse.
   Still talking about the late Congressman Lewis, Trump whined that  he never went to his inauguration or States of the Union and referring to Lewis in the present tense as if he was still a living adversary. But of course, that wasn't even the lowest point. Because, if nothing else, Donald Trump will never lose the ability to shock you by going even lower than you thought possible. He's like a verbal limbo dancer who, no matter how low you set the bar, he will slither under it.
     Because at some point, Swan inevitably addressed the coronavirus pandemic and how it would impact on his own rallies, starting with Tulsa. Trump responded that Tulsa had already seen a spike in COVID-19 cases before the rally, which is actually true, starting with the eight cases turned up within his own advance team and Secret Service protection. Then, like the notoriously doctored picture of the "crowd" awaiting him in Tampa Bay last week, Trump then arbitrarily decided to inflate the size of the Tulsa crowd by a factor of 100%. Who needs the Fire Marshal to estimate the crowd size? Don't believe your lyin' eyes that saw huge sections of empty seats of the arena. 6100? There were actually 12,000 there!
     But, no, that still wasn't the worst moment.
     The worst moment in the minds of a lot of people who'd seen the entire interview or, for the more squeamish, just a clip would agree the worst moment came when Swan presented Trump with the national fatality numbers from COVID-19. Swan gingerly reminded him that the national death toll from the disease had exceeded 150.000. Trump rolled his eyes, shrugged his shoulders and said, "It is what it is," before extolling his non-existent response to a virus that had the temerity to descend on real America during a general election year and denied him the Nazi hate rallies to which he'd grown addicted.
     During the entire interview, Trump, as usual, sat on the edge of his chair in his toilet seat posture and during the whole time archly knitted his eyebrows as if daring Swan to ask just the wrong question so he could make a show of getting up and prematurely terminating the interview. But he didn't. Commander Bone Spurs stuck it out to the bitter end and showed the world what a true sociopath he truly is, as if his niece Dr. Mary Trump's book had left any doubt.
     The Lincoln Project couldn't have made a more damning ad that Trump did at many points of that interview. Nobody but Trump could have laid out a better case as to why he does not deserve your vote this November. Because the Sociopath in Chief doesn't give a shit about your life beyond your ability to pull a lever for him at a polling place. Then you can drop dead at it, for all he cares.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Now with 50% more jpegs so even Republicans can keep up!)

     Those bait and switch motherfuckers.

     I've never been a big fan of homeschooling.
     This year, I am.
     Unfortunately,  it's driving a lot of homescholing parents to hit the bottle a little too often.

     How I spent my summer vacation, by Jerry Falwell, Jr.

     Homophobic, racist evangelical right wing nut job Merritt Corrigan just got shitcanned by USAID after she posted some vile tweets. Now she's screaming about her white, Christian persecution. Now she's threatening Democrats and the press by holding a press conference with fist-fucking, right wing anal cyst Jacob Wohl?!🤣🤣

     Sometimes the headline just says it all.

     Just keep in mind, folks- tsunamis eventually recede. And never underestimate the stupidity of the US voter.

     Oh, I'm sure they are. Whether they're fetishising everything Russian or fantasizing about a Nazi Third Reich, Republicans nowadays are the most anti American SCUM you can imagine.

     Why haven't more people floated the possibility that Trump is a carrier? Everyone, it seems, that gets near him gets sick- His Chief of Staff, his valet, reporters, Stephen Miller's wife.

    Proof of funds. Proof of life. Meeting in obscure locations, staying constantly on the move to dodge federal agents. A hostage ransom deal?
     No, it's what goes on every day in the dark, bizarre and Byzantine world of the mask black market.

     “He has bungled the COVID-19 response, he has bungled the race relations issues. Before all of that, he has been a complete disgrace. The only thing he has gotten right is the economy."
      Oh, you must be talking about the strong economy left to him by Obama that just lost a third of its GDP and a stock market that saw five years of gains wiped out in a few months. You mean THAT economy?
     Fuck you, honey. You voted for him despite him giving you every reason not to four years ago. Reap it.

     It's almost amusing that the most fascist, anti Semitic elements of our society, right wing voters and Republicans, are also the only ones appropriating the Jewish Holocaust experience.

     This is coming from Louis Gohmert's daughter. Of course, he won't listen. He's blaming masks for catching the virus.

     "Fake news CNN"?!
     Fake president, SOB.

     It's a sad day in America when an English comedian has to inform of us of our deficiencies in teaching and understanding our own history.

      Shouldn't Presgraves be burning a cross in someone's front yard right about now?

    “Although the five attendees tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after the law-enforcement meeting, it remains to be determined exactly where each got infected.”
      Gee, I dunno. How about AT THE LAW-ENFORCEMENT MEETING?

    That's something a mob boss demanding tribute would say. "Well, I don't get involved in dat bootleggin but (sniff) if ya wanna peddle illicit hooch on my toif, I get a slice, capish?"

       Rich Man, Poor Man.

     Headline Intermission. (courtesy of the Babylon Bee.).

     Kind of like walrus mating season at an archipelago, isn't it?

     With Democrats like this, who needs Republicans?

     Uh, wait. Didn't he say...?

     I actually got physically ill watching this clip.

    To paraphrase the famous poem, Trump had long ago, "slipped the surly bonds of reality." Today, we are all Piers Morgan.

   Your heart can't help but go out to this Republican strategist and his family. In this interview, he's not talking politics, he's talking life and death.

    When confronted by the death tolls by Jonathan Swan, Trump dismissively said, "It is what it is." If you thought the Chris Wallace interview was horrendous, the HBO/Axios interview was a nightmare as Trump slurred and stuttered his way through one sociopathic fever dream after another. And this morning, Joe Scarborough asked Senate Republicans how many more Americans will have to die before they turn on him.
    The answer is there is no answer. Because latter day conservatism is a mental disease, Ayn Rand on anabolic steroids. If the US ever reached that tipping point in which half the population or more dies and the government and economy crumble to dust and rubble, Republicans will just scuttle away to a safe place and take care of themselves and their own. But they will never disavow Trump because that would mean admitting they were wrong all along.

   We were right about Trump all along. So was I. When Chauncey Devega was warning us about Trump's neofascism in 2017, I was doing the same thing at exactly the same time. I take no pride in this.

   "But according to two people with knowledge of (The Federalist's) finances, one of its major backers is Dick Uihlein, the Midwestern packing supply magnate and Trump donor... Through a spokesman, Mr. Uihlein declined to comment."
     Oh, I'm sure he DID.

     I don't give a fuck how they spin it. There is no excuse for this. NONE.

    "I don't believe Mr. Hollis is racially motivated. I can only tell you what he told me. I've known him for many years, although I can see how the post would be construed as that. I'm very regretful that that went out, it did not come out right."
     How WOULD it have sounded if it HAD "come out right"? Would "Nidiot" have been turned into the N word?

     Why, guess who was on the membership rolls until 2007? None other than Jeffrey Epstein!

     Oh, he was kicked out of a Facebook group? Why wasn't this right wing scum kicked out of his chairmanship for doxxing his neighbors?

      Your Karen o' the day.

      "Burn it to the ground," he said. I concur. And finally...

      How does Matt Schlapp not conclude every night totally blotto? Imagine listening to that voice half your life?

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