Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Loneliest Psychopath in the World

     Truman once famously said the presidency was the loneliest job on earth. Trump wouldn't know anything about that since he hardly works at it, has at best a very faulty grasp of the scope and duties of a presidency that he never truly won and never will. Imagine, therefore, how lonely it must be being Donald Trump, the most spectacularly insane man with any power on earth, whose own wife does not sleep with him, sometimes refusing to even hold his hand, someone who squirts venom at those he needs or used so then is genuinely baffled when they, too, turn on him and abandon and embarrass him in his hour of need, of which there are 24 a day. 
     Imagine being an emperor with no clothes, no trusted aides, no friends and no allies. Donald Trump must be the loneliest man on earth not because of the unique burdens of a presidency he never won or respected but because he is so spectacularly, so magnificently insane he thinks he's surrounded by supplicants, one who thinks he's universally loved when in reality the only ones most often in his life  cannot escape the irresistible force of the gravity of the presidency or the equally powerful drug of proximity to power (be it however purloined and ill-gotten) and that of his own bloated ego.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

The Nominally Chosen One

     So President Fredo had a presser today.
     After retweeting (and for Trumpie the Klown, retweets are always endorsements, so please don't embarrass yourself by going there) a right wing conspiracy theorist who thought George Soros paid crisis actors after the Vegas shooting last year that was orchestrated by ISIS, don't you know? he then went out on the Walkway of Shame that had launched 1000 gaffes.
     That conspiracy theorist, one Wayne Root, a self-confessed converted Jew cum evangelical Christian, basically verbally fellated Trump by calling him "the Second Coming of God", "the King of the Jews" and "the King of Israel." Just so there's no residual doubt and you're still itching to split hairs and tell us what Donnie Dumbo meant to achieve by that copy and paste job, he thanked Wayne, apparently one of the very few denizens of the hopelessly warped Wayne's World in which he resides, "for the kind words."
     In other words, it really doesn't matter where they come from, as long as someone gives him what he really believes is his due. It really all started yesterday in the Oval Office when Trump had a spontaneous presser and said that American Jews who vote Democrat weren't loyal to either this country or to Israel and they also weren't particularly smart if they did so.
     News flash to any right wing nut bags reading this:

  • You can be Jewish in America and vote any damned way you please and still be loyal to this country.

  • American Jews don't have to be loyal to Israel. They can certainly still support Israel if they so wish as that is their right. But support and loyalty are two different things entirely.

  • Hitler also claimed the Jews weren't loyal to their country. Then he murdered 6,0000,000 of them in the death camps of Eastern Europe.  
         Depending on which poll you read, Jewish voters in the US tend to vote Democratic 70-80% of the time. That's a reliable demographic that changes little if at all year to year. What Trump essentially said, and this is surely a reaction that filtered even through his famously thick skull of his sinking poll numbers courtesy of his once-beloved Fox "News", is that Jews were too stupid to be trusted with the right to vote. And, if intelligence wasn't the issue, surely it must be an ethical failing, the inability to show the proper allegiance to Trump's 4th Reich.
         Despite Trump's obligatory cocksuckery of Israel that is preceded by every president before him going back to Truman, he revealed a dark, nasty, antisemitic side of him that has always been there ever since he was Citizen Trump. In 1991, Trump wrote or had written for him.
    “Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys that wear yarmulkes every day. … I think that the guy is lazy. And it’s probably not his fault, because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that. It’s not anything they can control.”
          That's right, he said that. In 59 short words, Trump managed to insult the two largest Democratic voting blocs, repeatedly.
         And we've seen absolutely nothing from Trump since he was shoehorned into the Oval Office that tells us he's softened or modified his stance on African Americans since HUD ordered him and his KKK-sympathizing father Fred to stop discriminating against potential African American tenants.
         Because it seems virtually every time one of them disagrees with Trump or criticizes him, Trump goes right for the jugular and denigrates their intelligence. That's right. The man who can't even spell "Hamburger", his own wife's name or the surname of his Attorney General and a growing lexicon of other names and words is demeaning the intelligence of African Americans.
         But that was mere prelude because today Trump copied and pasted in a series of tweets this morning by a clearly unhinged sports handicapper who literally thinks Trump is God. In other words, we're seeing the exact opposite of the Trump Derangement Syndrome that right wing nut jobs have been accusing me of all day on Twitter: Trump Veneration Syndrome.
         Then, as proof that he took it totally to what passes for his heart, he strolled out of the White House  and, while talking about his trade war with China, literally looked up as if daring God to disagree with him and said, "I am the Chosen One."
         Which I interpret as proof that God does not exist. Because if He did, He would have landed a 3,000,000 volt lightning bolt right on top of Trump's ridiculous double-woven combover that makes what little is left of his hair look like an Irish cabbie's hat.
         And there you have it: A clearly unhinged "president" who's running scared because of the ongoing Epstein investigation that surely features evidence of him in some compromising positions in his buddy's townhouse (such as on top of a 13 year-old girl) and some bad news from his own propaganda arm. Fox "News." So what do you do when the walls are closing in?
         Double down, put your arms out and push back those walls like Moses with the Red Sea and hope that no one notices your crumbling feet of clay.

    Monday, August 19, 2019

    Gotham City Digest

    ("Too soon" our asses.)

         "Please raise a glass to freedom." RIP Peter Fonda (1940-2019)

         Apolitical, my ass. Perlmutter's one of his biggest donors.

         A belated historical revelation of some of the most hideous, racist, elitist right wing monsters this nation ever spawned.

         The irony is that, being an arch right winger, Trump would love nothing more than to destroy unions. And this is just another case of extortion being used to populate his Nazi hate rallies.

         I don't imagine a lot of us would make the cut.

         Speaking of right wing Nazi monsters in our midst, get a load of this asshole Butch Otter in Idaho. Can we just let Idaho secede from the union and replace it with, say, Puerto Rico?

         Next summer ought to make for a very interesting Senate primary season in my state.

         Maybe these barfing vultures heard Trump's last rally. If anyone could make a vulture puke, it'd be Trump.

         I was surprised to discover that the character of HELL ON WHEELS' Eva Toole was based on a real historical figure, Olive Oatman.

         So of course Chancellor Trump threatens to designate Antifa as the terrorist organization, not the amateur Bund assclowns who call themselves the "Proud Boys." People, Trump is a fascist. This is no longer an opinion but ascertainable fact based on four years of documented fascist behavior.

         This is an actual quote from Trump: "CRAZY INVERTED YIELD CURVE!" He sounds like Homer Simpson after being cut off at the All You Can Eat Buffet. The fact is, the inverted yield curve has been used to predict recessions for decades. And the way it's acting now, according to Fed Chair Jerome Powell, is the same way it has acted before every recession over the last half century. And the tea leaves are saying that we're headed for a major recession. But what do billionaires at golf clubs care about recessions, right?

         This is one of the drug dealers, criminals and rapists that Trump's been screaming about for over four years now. She invented a solar-powered water heater made entirely from recycled materials that won her a nuclear science prize. This would also be one of the kids from whom Stephen Miller was caught illegally trying to steal an education.

         “I don’t think we’re having a recession. We’re doing tremendously well. Our consumers are rich. I gave a tremendous tax cut and they’re loaded up with money.” - Guess who?
         OK, so if we're all rich and "loaded up with money", then why's Trump doing the tried-and-untrue Republican thing like trying to steal peoples' welfare, food stamps, Social Security, Medicare and Obamacare? Of course, by "consumers", Trumpie the Klown could be talking about the sort that buys entire islands, jumbo jetliners, yachts and small galaxies.

         "We also can't excuse violence from the left such as the El Paso shooter, the recent Colorado shooters, the Congressional baseball shooter, Congresswoman Giffords' shooter and Antifa."- leaked Republican document
           Typical right wing scumbag response.

         Our Chancellor really can't stand threats and opposition to his beloved Nazis, can he?

         Oh, speaking of whom: Once again, the cops sided with the fascists. Shocking, I know.

         There's a lot of crazy, deluded people out there and here's one essentially calling for a new Nazi Party. Bolsheviks. He called us "Bolsheviks" because these idiots still think it's 1919 and not 2019.

         Since Woodstock was a half century ago ago last weekend, this makes for a really sweet story.

         WTF is it with these Nazi assholes and their white victimhood? Can you imagine if Obama came out in favor of incest and rape? Then you would've heard about it from the "vibrant" right wing media. For years on end.

         Incidentally, when King demanded his apology, he did so in front of exactly two people. Maybe if Iowa had more rape and incest, the turnout would've been better.

         26,000% cheaper? 100% accuracy rate? Works in minutes? Quick! Deploy some fat old white executives to put a stop to this kid!

         This is one of the white nationalist terrorists that white nationalist right wing politicians don't want you to think or know about.

         The EPA had to be trolled out of using cyanide bombs to kill off wildlife. Nixon must be rolling in his grave right now.

         Make Garbage Great Again  (satire).

         63 dead, 182 wounded. These are the assholes that Trump was going to get rid of in a week four years ago.

         How come no one's ever noticed that Bill Maher's a libertarian crypto right wing asshole? I mean, I know Maher's half Jewish but that doesn't give him a license to be willfully blind.

         If he really gave a shit about Iowa, he wouldn't have left the state the night of the debate and the night before the caucus in 2016. Note that he's not pissed over King's endorsement of rape and incest (and Trump's views on those are suspect, at best). He's pissed, as usual, over how it'll affect HIM. If anything, state GOPs ought to be pissed at Trump for taking them down.

         If I was Larry Kudlow and about to go on Fox, I'd drink, too.

         And insurance companies wonder why they're so reviled. They are run by some of the biggest sociopathic crooks this side of Capitol Hill. They're literally paying bribes to cops, prosecutors and even "expert" witnesses and putting innocent people behind bars, costing them their homes and businesses, intimidating others and destroying reputations all so they don't have to pay out claims. Plus, the laws they themselves helpfully write for legislators make it legal for them to withhold evidence that could be exculpatory for their policy-holders.

         Why was Epstein buying little girls' panties in the Palm Beach stockade? Fantasizing about his illicit conquests? Or buying them for his future victims?

         This is the unique Type 64, the socalled missing link between Volkwagon and Porsche. Only three were ever made and this one is the sole survivor. It was commissioned by Hitler in 1938 for a rally race between Berlin and Rome that never happened.
         Three nights ago, expecting to fetch at least $20,000,000 for it, Sotheby's put it on the auction block where the auctioneering snafu of the century happened and temporarily inflated the bids. At first, it seemed as if the highest bid was $70,000,000 when in reality it was just $17,000,000. That was three million less than they'd hoped for. So they took it off the auction block and, instead of making 20 million, they got nothing.

          Meet Karl Simon. Karl is a racist and a Nazi as well as a PA licensed by the state of Texas. Karl was anonymously outed last spring for his racist and white supremacist views. So the hospital, Memorial Hermann, that contracted his employer Team Health took swift and decisive action:
         They doxed the source and then Simon sued the source for defamation (By quoting his own words) even after they'd promised not to do so. The defamation lawsuit was thrown out by a judge and the source then counter-sued the hospital for betraying their confidence. This deposition from last May 17th is a result and it just leaked out. These are the kind of people Memorial Hermann hire and defend. These are the kind of people to whom Donald Trump most passionately appeals.
           Simon, despite frequent use of the N word, insists he's not racist. They always do, don't they?

          Remember when ICE promised they'd release parents who had young children? Yeah, that was all bullshit.

         So, how does a fired journalist like Mark Halperin get a fat book deal after multiple accusations of sexual harassment? Get the deal with a fired publisher like Bernie Kerik's old squeeze, Judith Regan.

         Once crimson red, Texas is now decidedly looking a lot more purple. Beto's near defeat of Cruz was a bellwether of things to come. And four Texas Republican Reps have already said they're retiring after next year. At least three of those seats are expected to fall into the Democrats' hands.

         Tangerine Shitgibbon and his lackeys are a Fifth Column. Take his pick to head the BLM. I cannot believe I'm the only one saying this.

         In a test, facial recognition software identified 26 California lawmakers as criminals. One match isn't enough if they're Republicans.

         The only redeeming feature about right wing bigots (excuse the tautology) is that they're so fucking stupid.

         The one time white people tried to do the brown peoples' job. It didn't end well.

         When I read shit like this (a black woman getting raped by the side of the road at night by two white cops and the sheriff defending them), the more I realize that law enforcement has turned into a violent cult.

         Iceland losing its first glacier is just the start. And finally...

         Daniel Pantaleo finally got shit-canned by the NYPD. A damned fine thing but far too late. Of course, the head of the NYPD's police union is all butt hurt over the firing. How ironic is it that his last name is Lynch?

    Saturday, August 17, 2019

    Gotham City Digest: My Own Private Greenland edition

    (We promise never to try to buy a sovereign nation.)

         Trump fan accuses Don Lemon of sexual harassment. Yeah, he's credible. That's why he took down all his social media accounts. Please, bitch, Don Lemon's got better taste in men than that.

         Where do these psychopaths come from?

         If George Lucas made ZARDOZ.

         I'm glad to see Ken Coochie Coochie's vile, disgusting elitist remarks getting some traction. He was a racist, right wing asshat when he was the Virginia AG (I wrote about him several times here if you recall). So it's not surprising to me that this undeclared white nationalist found a position in this shit show of an administration.

         OK, so...
         We're supposed to believe that from solitary confinement, when he couldn't possibly have known what was going on out there, Epstein stretched his neck during the precise three hour window when the guards were literally sleeping and after the warden had removed his only cellmate by putting him in 9 South and removed him from suicide watch...
          ...all before announcing there would be no videotape available to the public (which, inexplicably, shows only the OUTSIDE of the cells and not the inside). And we're supposed to swallow this narrative when the facts don't jibe with it?

         As you can expect, it being Arkansas, the students were black and you just KNOW this woman is white.

         When you're in a cult, everything outside of it looks like a conspiracy aimed at taking down you and your cult leader. Check out the comments at the bottom of this article on Fox Business's website that warns of a looming recession. They're really enraged that Fox isn't keeping with the Trump cult's program.

         Speaking of which, this is an actual quote from Trump: "CRAZY INVERTED YIELD CURVE!" He sounds like Homer Simpson after being cut off at the All You Can Eat Buffet. The fact is, the inverted yield curve has been used to predict recessions for decades. And the way it's acting now, according to Fed Chair Jerome Powell, is the same way it has acted before every recession over the last half century. And the tea leaves are saying that we're headed for a major recession. But what do billionaires at golf clubs care about recessions, right?

         If Obama was such a terrible president, then why's Trump trying to steal credit for what he did?      Typical corporate douchebag- Stealing the ideas of his betters.

         We haven't learned a fucking thing since Emmett Till, have we?

         Here's the asshole who's single-handedly keeping QAnon alive. The single biggest news item of the day should not be his lies but that the so-called President of the United States is completely and irrevocably insane.

         There's no excuse for ignorance. None. You can't contribute to a nationwide epidemic because of paranoid conspiracy theories then conveniently blame social media and Google algorithms. We live in a day and age in which information and knowledge is literally at our fingertips. As evolved humans, we always have the capacity to educate ourselves, make informed choices and to throw off the shackles of ignorance.

         "An organization dedicated to the building of character of manly, masculine MEN, especially YOUNG MEN, who are masculine and manly, young MEN filled with lots of masculine, manly sperm."

         Shorter Steve King: "Keep the white babies coming, no matter what."

         I don't know how I missed this but this revelation/allegation of Epstein shrieking in his cell the morning he died came out last Tuesday. This would jibe with my own pet theory that Epstein was murdered.

         Samuel L. Jackson is cool, always has been cool and always will be cool. That motherfucker's my spirit animal.

         The Washington Post: "Jonathan L. Arden, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, said a hyoid can be broken in many circumstances but is more commonly associated with homicidal strangulation than suicidal hanging."

         Abby Zimet is right here.We live in a nation in which cyclical predatory behavior has become the norm. Think of it- One corporation or industry creates a problem, like gun & ammo makers. They make access to their products easy. This access inevitably gets placed in the wrong hands. Rather than, God forbid addressing the root cause of the problem (say, too easy access to guns & ammo), other corporations helpfully step in to offer insane stopgap solutions such as so-called bullet-proof backpacks, which don't protect the head or chest and won't stop a round from a semi-auto rifle. Now, these industries are dependent on each other. It gives the illusion that "steps" are being taken when they're plainly not. The steps need to be taken by elected officials, not self-dealing, self-interested corporations. It's like the opioid epidemic- One company causes the problem, addiction. They make huge amounts of money off our addictions. Then, when the public and elected officials raise a hue and a cry, they then provide the answer in addiction medications. They make billions more.
         Cyclical predatory behavior. Remember that phrase and use it whenever and wherever appropriate.

         Because, you know, BLACK. Good luck trying trying to get a charge of premeditated murder to stick, Counselor.

         Because a brain-damaged child molester told them to. This fucking planet's going to Hell in a hand basket.

         I'll bet he also blames his pork rind farts on the "racist" dog, too.

         No, wait. It gets even better. After getting run over, the victims were then pepper-sprayed by local and Rhode Island state cops. Unsurprisingly, professional liposuction bag Lou Dobbs seems to be all for running over Jewish protesters.

         Dear Kevin McCarthy:
          #1, Israel DID ban Omar and Tlaib. So much for a "bipartisan" delegation.
          #2 The Party of Lincoln is now the Democratic Party.
          #3 Having "a problem" with Steve King's comments is not the same as calling him out for being a racist and rape- and incest-loving ass hat.

         There's no excuse for their behavior but it seems this black deputy was fired over something that was mostly said by his girlfriend. Meanwhile, white cops all over the country aren't even indicted much less tried or fired for shooting and killing unarmed black people. But this is Georgia, after all.

         Over 36 cases of racist crimes linked to Trump? Gee, I'm shocked. I may have to sit down.

          These Randians are simply right wing psychopaths and are completely insensible to irony. A sample:
          "We were interrupted by some timely welcoming remarks by the Ayn Rand Institute’s president and CEO, Tal Tsfany, who had the honor, he told us, of announcing 2019’s Self Made Man award. The crowd gathered close with excitement as the winner was announced: Leonard Peikoff.
          Everybody clapped, and though there seemed to be a strong case that the inheritor of Rand’s fortune and founder of the group that was hosting the event might have serious eligibility issues for such a distinction, I didn’t hear any grumbling."

         Greenland? Good luck building a golf course there, asshole.

         Maybe this Oliver Darcy guy at CNN Business should stick to finance and busness. He plainly had an agenda and seems quick to label any opinion contrary to his own as a "conspiracy theory" generated in "fever swamps."
          In his denigrating, snooty article, he pointedly left out the very real possibility that Epstein was strangled first, THEN hung to make it look like a suicide. This would neatly explain the surfeit of broken bones in Epstein's neck.
          He also claimed the WaPo article listed only one expert and was poorly researched. This isn't true. The WaPo was also going by Dr. Sampson's own autopsy findings, or the lack thereof. They also cited a recent study of 264 hanging suicides in India that showed hyoid bones in just 16 out of 264 cases were broken, That's just 6%. They also cited a study in Thailand that yielded similar results.
          Perhaps knowing this, this is why Dr. Sampson requested more facts before signing off on the COD. This Darcy fellow sure seems anxious to decide on the cause of a death that he's not investigating. The WaPo merely kept an open mind on the subject just as the pathologist is trying.
          Unfortunately, Oliver Darcy isn't.

          "GE stands by its financials."
          So did Enron, Bear Sterns and Leman Brothers.

         I still can't believe we had to get the courts to hand down this decision and give these children the basics for civilized living. But a law or judicial ruling is only as good as its enforcement. I really hope there's a mechanism in place to ensure that it is enforced as the Trump administration is infamous for ignoring or outright breaking the law and flouting judicial rulings with which it doesn't agree. Yet somehow I doubt there is such a mechanism.

         I can think of a lot of friends in the UK who are having a field day with this.

         I wish I'd known about this earlier.

         Who the fuck has Epstein's body?

         Baby boomer crooks crow to Millennials about the virtue of starting with nothing then put them in the financial Supermax of student loan debt.

         Robin Vos is one of the vilest pieces of shit Wisconsin has ever produced since Joe McCarthy. And it produced Ed Gein and Jeffery Dahmer.

         Subliminal Franklin Graham: "Pubic, I mean Public Schools are trying to ram this LGBTQ history down our throats like it was something long and hard in a dark room in Provincetown or the Castro while George Michaels' "Careless Whisper" is playing in the background and that long, throbbing thing is squirting against the backs of our throats with delicious impiousness."

         See, I KNEW there had to be a reason for the Dow Jones to lose 800 points in one day (Trumpie the Klown, predictably, blamed his Fed Chair Jerome Powell). So, the so-called billionaire who's masquerading as our so-called president had to call from his exclusive country club in Jersey to ask scumbag multibillionaire bankers how the US consumer is doing. Because, as we all know, billionaires always have their fingers on the pulse of a problem and are NEVER out of touch when asked questions about the proles.
          Before I even got to the reporter's mention of it, I had already started thinking of Mnuchin's call from his exclusive Mexican resort to top bankers last December during another day of huge losses on Wall Street. These billionaire assholes sure love to chew the fat while on vacation at resorts for the obscenely wealthy and trying to get a handle the problems of the poor and middle class proles, don't they? And finally...

         Cultists who believe in talking burning bushes, ghosts and flying zombies scream bloody murder over yoga and its "mystical, eastern religion." Even though Yoga as we know it was invented less than 100 years ago.

    Wednesday, August 14, 2019

    Gotham City Digest

    (Where we don't play video games at work then start world wars.)

         Kazan saw the coming of guys like Trump as well as the identity politics that would make them. What Kazan never anticipated, however, is that hot mic Gotcha moments would one day not work anymore on the truly brainwashed. And such movies that feature the meteoric rise of demagogues such as A FACE IN THE CROWD, ELMER GANTRY and NETWORK always, as they are all morality tales, feature the sudden downfall of such demagogues.
          The story of Trump and his squattage in the Oval Office is the world's first true Amorality Tale in which the villain never truly falls from grace. We're still waiting for that hot mic moment to come but we'll be waiting in vain because it's already come and gone. And that's because, as this is an Amorality Tale of latter-day America, there IS no moral to impart.

         First, we stole their land. Then we stole their children. Now we're stealing their right to vote.

         Several Democratic presidential candidates have plans for providing high speed internet but my senator Elizabeth Warren's seems to the most workable and interesting.

        Yes, he was "just following orders", says his lawyer as he laughably began mounting the Nuremberg Defense.
          "He was just following... Counselor, a side bar, if I may? Closer?" 
          "Yes, your honor?" 
         "Counselor, are you SURE you want to go with the Nuremberg Defense? 'Cause it sure didn't work too well in Nuremberg." 
           "Uh, yes?" 
           "OK, let's git 'er done..."

         Boy, the fucking Republican Party is really coming apart at the seams, isn't it? So far this summer, we've seen:
          11 Republicans fleeing Oregon to deny the Democrats a quorum on a climate change bill (which worked after the spineless majority Dems capitulated by agreeing to kill the bill). They fled to the Idaho mountains and had to be hunted down by Oregon and Idaho state police.
          Speaking of Idaho, the former Idaho state GOP chairman who was caught jerking off in his ex wife's bushes wearing a wig took a powder.
          Now Lindsey Graham is acting like a psycho barricaded hillbilly afraid the revenuers are gonna git his still and corn squeezin's!

         Jokes about kamikaze pilots? Out of control bag o' douche.

         It's so nice to wake up to good news for a change as we did last Saturday morning. Of course, the questions about Epstein's "suicide" are just multiplying by the second, as you'll see below.

         From Kid Rock to Dad Rock. Really, Bob? Look, I know you're starving for relevance after your two hits in the late 90's. But making sexual references about those who ARE relevant just puts you on the Ted Nugent Scale o' Douchebaggery.

         Well, one of Epstein's victims' lawyers said last Friday, "A lot of powerful people are about to have a very bad weekend." And, as Charlie Piece wrote, "No one will ever believe the official story on this." And we're not.

         Hey, Trump fans! Remember when on the campaign trail of tears of laughter when your boy said he had a plan to get rid of ISIS in a week? Yeah, about that...

          And where's the videotape? Or were the digital files erased? Or was the camera malfunctioning? Either way, we'll never see it. And, sure enough, three days after I predicted this, look what came out in the NY Post.

         So, Epstein wasn't on suicide watch the night before he died. OK, why not, considering what happened to him just 18 days ago?

         Yep, Il Douche is at it again.

         Oh, this is rich- Is the Hill so desperate for journalists that they're turning to crooks like Bernie Kerik? Ironically, Kerik's name used to be on the building where Epstein allegedly killed himself.

         As you can see, Anne Frank wrote about seeing something exactly like this in Nazi-occupied 1943 Holland.

         Andrew Yang tears up talking about gun violence.

         Clucking your tongue & waggling your finger is all good and well, but what are you going to do about it?

         The NRA and California GOP supported gun control when the Black Panthers had the guns. Oh, I'm sure they did!

         After all the money I've given these cocksuckers over the years, over a third went to their bloated salaries. With other expenses thrown in, that's 80% of your donation eaten up by operating expenses before a penny goes to help any animal.

         I'm amazed Lindsey Graham didn't knock her down answering leg-patting Trump's summons.

         You know what's better than someone quitting the State Department and blasting Chancellor Trump on the way out the door? Writing your resignation letter in the op-ed section of the Washington Post.

         Again, you read it here first, folks. I called it first when I predicted there would be no video of Epstein's final moments. What I DIDN'T expect among the usual reasons why there wouldn't be such a video was this one- That the cameras in Epstein's wing weren't trained in the cells but OUTSIDE them. Which makes no sense whatsoever.

         Jason Momoa recently got hit with a bulldozer while protesting in Hawaii. I wonder if the bulldozer got the worst of it.

         Sorry, you evangelical douchebags. You get what you pay for.

         The ravens have abandoned the Tower of London, pigs are flying, Hell has frozen over and professional right wing nut bag Sippy Cupp has left the NRA and is calling for gun control.

         Wow, what a coincidence.

         Yeah, we're in good hands. NOTHING TO SEE HERE, FOLKS.

         This guy sure has a weird way of spelling, "I'm a incel and haven't ejaculated since Gordon Brown was Prime Minister."

         Imagine where America would be today if we'd barred immigrants from passing through Ellis Island just for being poor. Many of the captains of industry that changed American history were virtually penniless when they arrived. This is just Trump being an elitist, mean-spirited prick once again.

         Again, this is exactly what the Nazis did in Holland and in every country they occupied. It's no coincidence that ICE raided those food plants in Jackson, MS on the first day of school.

         Gee, MSM, you don't think it has any anything to do with Trump capturing and deporting all the migrants, the lion's share of the Farm Aid bill going to corporate Big Agro instead of family-owned farms or his needless trade war with China, do you? Nah!

         Next on Pedophile Island: "Boss, the feds, the feds!"

         "What he did was incredible!" Yes, he actually said that about the Vegas shooter. On live TV. Yes he did.

         These stupid Russkie bastards haven't learned a blessed thing since Chernobyl 33 years ago, have they?

         Hold on, I'm confused now. I thought Drumpf Junior was Fredo. I need a scorecard.

         The very last thing our government needs is another right wing psychopath Scalia in it.

         This is exactly like something Trump or one of his sons would've pulled.

         Remember when he was just a wannabe politician and Trumpie the Racist Klown was ragging on Obama over the deficit on his watch? Yeah, about that...

         Yes, please tear my face and body apart then reassemble it so I can look like the airhead daughter of a fascist. Here's $30,000.

         Wow. No great loss there. Epstein actually said last year that criminalizing pedophilia was "a cultural aberration."

         Direct quote from Ken Coochie Coochie: "They certainly are. Give me your tired and your poor — who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge."
          That rumbling you hear is Emma Lazarus turning in her grave at 50,000 rpms.
          Bonus question: Ken Coochie Coochie claimed immigrants just want public assistance. If that's true, why is ICE raiding their places of employment?

         Even the national security secrets he purports to casually tweet out are fake. And finally...

         This is good news, obviously, but it also means there are 117 gutless, spineless Democrats still under Pelosi's thumb who won't sign on. 123 is just a little over a quarter of the House and these articles of impeachment could be dead in the water long before it even gets to McConnell's legislative graveyard in the Senate. A fuck of a lot more Democrats have to get on board with this if they're even going to get it out of the House.

    Monday, August 12, 2019

    Good Cop, Bad Cop Redux

    (By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
    (Disclaimer: The proprietor of this blog and Mr. Wilson have an ongoing years-long friendship, in which the former has benefited on several occasions by the generosity of the latter. However, that in no way, shape or form has influenced the blog owner’s decision to post an article about his case nor the content of what is written below.)
    I never thought I'd ever revisit the convoluted drawn-out travesty of justice against former MA State Trooper Antone Wilson. It was a six part series I'd started better than two years ago in 2017 (The entire series can be found here: Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five Part Six.). However, like any good police officer, Antone is indefatigable and simply won't stop pushing, pulling and pressing until he achieves a satisfactory conclusion.
         Tony is currently outside his home state working at a contract job so I thought I'd reach out to him on a personal basis to ask how his case was proceeding or if it was at all. His answers were, to say the least, quite informative and interesting, so much so that we mutually decided this would make a worthy addendum to my original six part series, sort of a poor man's version of Crazy Horse's emerging monument complementing Mount Rushmore.

    So, what have you been doing since I posted about your case history?
         Mostly working. Over the last few years I have been working as a private security contractor and special police officer. Since early this year, I have been working with the Army. My grand-sounding title is Law Enforcement/ Counterintelligence Analyst but it isn’t nearly as sexy or cloak and dagger as it sounds. I’m working in an office and it is very structured. Very routine.
         The key point here is that I still have to work. I receive a relatively small pension, I am “retired”, remember, but it isn’t enough to live comfortably on. I am paying some of my son’s expenses as he starts out on his own.
         I’m also following the media coverage of State Police very closely as it pertains to their current “scandals”. I am particularly interested in the way the media covers the stories and the public’s reaction, which is, pretty much outrage. I usually scan the article and then jump to the comments and they are overwhelmingly negative. More importantly, the public seems to understand that the press is under-reporting these stories so they have as much contempt for the local press as they do for the State Police. Seemingly every negative article will be accompanied by some pretty harsh commentary; calling the State Police crooks, gangsters and demanding that the agency be abolished. What surprised me, however, were the many comments that called The Boston Globe a mouthpiece for the State Police implying that the press is complicit in the soft-pedaling the facts. Clearly the public isn’t being fooled. By the way, I don’t believe the State Police should be disbanded.

    Do you agree that the State Police need to be restructured and have more oversight?  
         The public turning against the State Police is probably the most unfortunate result of all these scandals. I remember when the State Police were highly-respected. Their reputation as an elite agency is in tatters. I think the Leigha Genduso story, the K-9 Trooper who, prior to employment with the agency, was a drug trafficker and money launderer, did the agency irreparable damage. The State Police were thought of as the best of the best. They have to always look sharp and were perceived to be more of an elite military outfit than a police agency. Even now, the talent on that agency is almost inconceivable. I have police friends from other parts of the country, mostly Florida, who rave about the fact that I have two Masters Degrees and extensive military experience. The implication is that I am almost overqualified to be a street cop. I tell them that, on the State Police, I am average, at best. Almost everyone has a Master’s Degree. There are attorneys on the job, nurses, paramedics, pilots. You are surrounded by talent so you feel this implicit need to always improve, just to keep up.
         The worst aspect of the Genduso story is that she was pushed into an elite position, K-9 officer, with minimal time in service and with an implication of nepotism. She was reportedly dating a senior officer. These stories destroy that elite image, the sense that the State Police really are the Commonwealth’s best young men and women. What’s worse, I guarantee that, of all the applicants to her academy class, there was probably at least one combat veteran, a Military Police K-9 handler who, for whatever reason didn’t make the cut. That soldier should have that State Police job
         As I see it, and I’m speaking from my unique point of view, the agency needs to be more like the military in the sense of developing the sense of and teamwork that we have in the Army. The Army isn’t perfect but the sense of brotherhood, comradeship, the State Police never had that, as I saw it. I remember an agency of cliques and a very mean-spirited command element that seemed to take pleasure in punishing subordinates. It seemed to be joyously vindictive. During the early stages of the Iraq War I served over five years on active military duty and when I demobilized I was very depressed because I didn’t want to leave that professionalism, the brotherhood; especially since I knew what I was going back to. A lot of the demobilized soldiers, particularly the police officers, felt the same way. 

    So, would more oversight help?   
         Well, from my own experiences, yes. In my case, my problem was that there weren’t a lot of places I could turn to get a review of my case. At the earliest stages I sensed I was being railroaded. The fix was in, but there was nowhere I could go to complain. If I had access to a dedicated Inspector General or some independent body that investigated wrongdoing at the senior-officer level, I could have quashed the whole malicious prosecution before it got started. In my case I was dependent on support elements within my agency, my union, my legal counsel, who were all compromised by conflicts of interest. Even though I suspected collusion between my defense elements and the prosecution all I could really do was ride out the legal process and hope for impartial review. We saw how that ended. A truly un-biased oversight body would assure that cases like mine never get on track

    I'd posted the original six-part narrative in the hopes it would get traction and force your story into the mainstream. It seems that didn’t happen. What’s next?  
         Well, the good news is that the story did get out there. A few months after it was posted a friend e-mailed me to tell me she saw the post and that she was glad the story getting out. So, I know the story has trickled out but, unfortunately, not enough to force the mainstream press to investigate further. The varied State Police scandals have showed me that the media is very reluctant to report negative stories on the State Police. 
         If you recall, the Genduso story only came to light after a blogger, Turtleboy, wrote about it. He was also at the forefront of the story out of Worcester about a Trooper who was forced by command to change a report that was potentially damaging to a judge after his daughter was arrested. That story, by the way, went nation-wide. The local press picked up those stories almost reluctantly. Turtleboy, to his credit, did some real shoe-leather journalism in that story and that and the Genduso story was when the public became aware that the press was sometimes less than vigilant when it came to reporting stories that placed the State Police in a bad light. Those stories led to the immediate resignation of some high-level State Police commanders. All those developments help me because the public is now, more than ever, primed to hear my story once it comes out. My case fits in, exactly, with the shady dealings that were going on in the upper levels of agency.
         About a year ago I was reading a newspaper article on one of the unfolding scandals and I went to the comments to get a feel for the public’s perceptions. The comments were, as always, angrily anti-State Police. There were about 50 comments on that article and the very last one was, "What about the kid in Florida?" That was all. Now, I didn’t know if that was a reference to me and my case but I didn’t know of any other stories that had a Florida angle, though it could have been referring to a Trooper who moved to Florida. Nothing else pertaining to Florida was ever publicized so I can assume it was a reference to my story. I know the story is out there in cyberspace and, since your posts are archived, it is readily available. I’ve used your posts as a case summary when I do inquiries to media elements. It helps not having to constantly summarize the case. It takes hours to write it up. 
    So, what’s next?
         I am in contact with a fraternity brother who does a far-reaching podcast. He comments on criminal justice issues, public policy, politics and pop culture. I forwarded him your blog posts and he was immediately interested in publicizing the case-nationwide. He told me that he wants to make the jump from commentator to investigative journalist and he intends to do the necessary leg-work to bring the story to light.
          I am also in contact with a Minority Law Enforcement Organization whose focus is the problems unique to minorities in the criminal justice system, police and corrections in particular. As my story becomes increasingly publicized they are going to act as a megaphone, publicizing my story with their newsletter and getting other support organizations involved. Once the story trickles out there are other outlets, particularly in the alternative media that will forward it.
         The most unique aspect of my case is that so many agencies and organizations, to include the Boston Chapter of the NAACP, were compromised to the point that they were working against me. As you reported, my attorneys, very prominent men in the Massachusetts legal community, had conflicts of interest that led them to work against me and eventually the Board of Bar Overseers spiked my formal complaints against them even after I uncovered that conflict of interest. My problem, then, is that no Boston-area attorney will take my case or even comment on it when I give them the particulars because prominent attorneys are involved. Actually, one has since become a judge. They all clammed up. 
         So, I have stopped searching for an attorney in Massachusetts and I am trying to get organizations with no affiliation to the Massachusetts legal community involved. In most cases a person is wronged, they get an attorney a complaint is filed and then the press investigates and reports. In my case that dynamic is flipped. I have to get the alternative media involved, force my story into publication and then compel legal experts to take my case. My problem has always been getting the story into the sunshine. It seems, finally, that is about to happen. My case should further prove the burgeoning influence of the alternative media, the Fifth Estate as you called it.  

    What did the NAACP have to do with your case?
         The story got so convoluted there were aspects I didn’t even tell you because it would have made the narrative, which is already too long, even longer. One of my State Police handlers, a Sergeant who was active in the minority Trooper’s organization told me, with great fanfare, that he was getting the NAACP involved after I was suspended. He took me to meet the President of the Boston Chapter and the implication was that he was going to assist me with a legal strategy. That strategy was to include me in an upcoming class-action suit. Nothing about my case in particular or clearing my name. When later I discovered that State Police Command had withheld my disciplinary hearing findings document, thus opening them up to a major lawsuit, I went to him informing him that we had our basis for legal action. 
         He refused his assistance outright. His exact words, I’ll never forget them, were: “…we’ll get ‘em next time.” He also mentioned that the Franklin Police Sergeant, my chief “accuser” and the one who potentially lost the most if the case came to light, was his, the NAACP President’s, family friend. He knew him well. That’s when I realized that nearly everyone I thought was supporting me was actually working against me. The strategy of my supporters was to divert me away from any action that would get my case before a legal review body

    Tony, this case has spanned nearly 20 years. Do you think it's still relevant and newsworthy?
         Absolutely, in fact the current scandals make my story more credible, more newsworthy and more relevant. The back story with the police abuse, the fabricated reports, the malicious prosecution, the legal malpractice…they are all relevant and newsworthy but my case is at this point, a wrongful termination. Yes, I was able to retire and get a small pension but I was denied the opportunity to maximize my pension and I was denied the pay and benefits that would have allowed me put my son through graduate school. He recently completed his MBA but he's $80,000 in debt with student loans and I made it clear upon my return from active duty that my primary focus was to ensure that my son was able to complete his education with my assistance. He shouldn't be in crippling debt and I shouldn't have to work unless I want to. At this point I must work so any legal action is focused on getting lost wages and, if possible, having my pension re-calculated to account for lost time and pay.
         As you may recall, when I returned from active duty in 2009, I made it clear that I intended to take legal action against the State Police; picking up where I left off in 2003 when I deployed. When I went for the psych evaluation that every returning Trooper must undergo, I told the clinician the back story of my case and even presented him with documented and bound case history. I told him that I understood the risks with being a whistleblower and that I was fearful of retaliation. He stated that my fear of retaliation was a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
         I thought that was an odd diagnosis since I never served in combat. I served stateside as an Army Drill Sergeant. Still, his logic was sound. I was being forced to confront a traumatic event that I had, for five years, put out of my mind. All subsequent diagnoses could not cite the legal aspects of the case, though every clinician who evaluated my case cited the improper and illegal actions of the State Police as the triggering factor. 
         The final clinical analysis, however, cleared me to return to work and, at minimum, I could have returned to light duty, as is customary. So, while I don’t know employment law, I know you cannot refuse to reinstate, because that’s what it was- a refusal, a reservist, returning from active duty with a psychological condition brought on by the improper actions of his employer, particularly after I was cleared by a medical professional.
         I’d like to mention also that, by bringing my story to light, nothing like this ever happens again to any Massachusetts State Trooper. I think the Worcester case I cited earlier shows that the coercive, vindictive disciplinary process was still status quo.

    Do you have any legal standing at this point?   
         That’s a good question and that is why I need to get an unbiased legal opinion. The precedent I cite is a relatively recent case of Boston Police Officers who were fired from their job in the 1990’s for a drug test that, without getting into particulars, was improperly administered. The ultimate result was that the Civil Service Commission ruled in their favor in 2016 and they received retro pay and benefits as compensation. If my case gets into the mainstream I am going to cite the uniqueness of my case and all the regulatory elements who, in most instances would be working for me, were compelled to conspire against me because of conflicts of interest. There was no place for me to turn. I had no recourse.

    Do you really want that job back?
         Well, in theory, I have to prove a wrongful termination and any legal victory would imply that I could and should be re-instated. I have spent the last 10 years taking classes, Army deployments and jobs that have added to my credentials and made me an even more valuable asset to any police agency. Of course, I’ve kept out of trouble. I currently maintain a Top Secret Government Security Clearance which is required for my current counterintelligence position. I still serve in the Army Reserve as a Drill Sergeant. So, yeah, I can still do the job and sometimes I think I’d like to jump back in, applying what I have learned over the last 10 years. One thing I’ve found with all the recent publicity is that quite a few of my Police Academy classmates, men and women my age and older, are still on the job and in positions of authority. It is, potentially, a great job with great pay and benefits. I can see why nobody wants to leave

    As long as they aren’t colluding against you to railroad you…
         Yes, of course, as long as they aren’t colluding against you to railroad you.

    KindleindaWind, my writing blog.

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