Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Pottersville Digest

    You're damned right the jury got it wrong.
    "Participation in the movement will be on a voluntary basis." Until it isn't. Remember, the Hitler Youth were pushed to the front lines to defend Berlin in the spring of 1945.
    These arrogant motherfuckers aren't even trying to hide their fascist Dominionism, any more.
     So, God needs explosives? Doesn't He have, like, thunderbolts for that kind of thing, Kandiss?
    I never thought until last year that the book stacks would be the new front on the war against terrorism yet here we are.
    This helps to explain the conspiracy of silence behind this clusterfuck. Last month on Lawrence O'Donnell's show, it was revealed the cops were afraid to enter the classrooms because they feared getting shot by an AR-15.
     Kick that "sick son of a bitch" out.
     I never knew Greitens was a liberal Republican. WTF happened to him?
     Uh huh. And we're still paying nearly $5 for a gallon of gas... Why?!
     That's not going to get her to the buffet table at Mar a Lago.
     There are two times in which attorney/client privilege is automatically waived: When one or both parties act in furtherance of a crime and when you get a third party or more involved.

    “This nation wasn’t founded on civility, this nation was founded on revolutionary activity. We became civil after the government realized that they got overwhelmed.”
     Then they gave this asshole a plea deal.

     They're deflecting because they know Daddy and Sonny are both pro-Trump right wingers.

     Matt Gaetz (R-Mann Act) is so thoroughly boned and not in an underage girl kinda way, either.

     So, the aptly-named Crimo is different from Kyle Rittenhouse... how? Take your time. I've got all day.

     Your Karen o' the day. And finally...

     So, let me get this straight- The Boston Police were too afraid to do their jobs because they feared getting "overwhelmed"? Maybe they should move to Uvalde so their wet-legged cowardice will fit right in.

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Pottersville Digest

     Oh, the right wing, white privilege of these assholes is breathtaking.
   What's truly most disheartening is that the government hasn't come as close to upsetting the insurrection as the insurrection was in upsetting the government.
     There's crazy and then there's Arizona crazy.
     The hypocrisy of these people knows no bounds. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     If there was a hot mic in the bunker in Berlin, this is what we would've heard.
     Another reason why we can't have nice things.
     Spoken like a true right wing sociopath (pardon the tautology).
     It's heartwarming yet heartbreaking at the same time that their kids were composed because of the active shooter drills while their parents were running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
     Gee, right wingers. Like father, like son. Didn't see that one coming. </SARCASM>
     Meme intermission.

     Well, Nikki IS a South Carolina right winger.
     "Something really crazy"? You mean like overthrowing the government?
     Russians really are rat fuckers.
     These people never really left the grammar school blacktop.
     Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of rat fuckers.
     I think Fani Willis' investigation has the best chance of putting Trump in an orange jumpsuit before 2024. Garland and Bragg aren't doing shit.

     God, I love AOC. And she'll be around long after that old crow Pelosi is long gone. And finally...

     Looks as if Trump lost his base.

Monday, July 4, 2022

This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

     Highland Park is a nice suburb town just outside of Chicago. To look at today's aborted parade route on Central Street, it looks like Everytown, USA. Central Street looks as if it was built for parades to celebrate days like today or Christmas or to celebrate local heroes.
     The lady you see in the inset of the video above is named Kristen Carlson and she and her 17 year-old were running late for the parade. They were coming out of an alleyway when they saw panicked people running toward them. "There's a shooter," one of them said. They ran back to Carlson's mother's home a few blocks away.
     So, Highland Park, outside of Chicago, becomes the scene of the latest mass shooting in our great nation and on the day celebrating the 246th anniversary of our independence from a nation that hardly ever sees mass shootings. I guess it's time to look up Highland Park on a map, stick a red pushpin into it to join the hundreds of others then await the next one.
     It's getting to the point where one can legitimately ask if our mass shooters are inspiring those in other countries. After all, just hours before the one in Highland Park, there was another at a mall in Copenhagen, Denmark, another nation out of nearly 200 in which mass shootings are a rarity. In fact the shooting at the Field's Mall south of Copenhagen, the capital, was their first mass shooting in seven years.
     That's because Denmark has some of the strictest gun control laws in Europe. But today, three people were killed.
     Have we become a plague for other nations to deal with?
     One observation made by Mrs. Carlson was that the older children in Highland Park were calm and composed while helping the younger children while the adults were running for their lives. That's because mass shootings weren't part of their childhood. Their kids are used to it and active shooter drills at school. This has become the new normal for them.
     But, take heart, people, for there's at least one right wing sociopath out there who still clings to normalcy and the old bromide of "thoughts and prayers". That would be Darren Bailey, who's running for Governor of Illinois. And today, Darren released a campaign video that was shot after the shooting. And Darren, who, of course, is backed by Sociopath Zero Donald Trump, said,
     "The shooter is still at large, so let's pray for justice to prevail, and now let's move on and celebrate the independence of this nation. We know the mission, we have got to get corruption and evil out of our government, and we have got to elect men and women of honor and of courage to get this country and this state back on track."
     Yes, you read that right. "Yes, there are rotting corpses that aren't even cold, yet, and dozens injured but let's forget all that unpleasantness and fire up them grills. I like mine medium rare, by the way."
     Because the real evil is in the Oval Office.

Saturday, July 2, 2022

Pottersville Digest

    "Totally discredited", eh? Then explain why someone in your orbit sent her a text demanding she change her testimony.
     Ketanji Brown Jackson is now on the Supreme Court.
     Typical hypocritical right wing scumbaggery: "For me, not for thee, mo fos."
     Your Brad o' the day.
     And your co-Brad o' the day.
    "Involuntary relocation" is when you get evicted and move into a shelter, which doesn't involve slavery. This is just a shameless right wing attempt at white-boarding history.
    Of course, this invites the question: If Ornato is so dishonest, how can we take at face value anything he said to Hutchinson on January 6th?
     "He was released from custody on those charges in April after posting bond."
     Oh, the white privilege stinks to high heaven.

     The perfect dovetailing of Trump's caterwauling about Hutchinson and this Qanon lunatic doing the same thing is more than suspicious.
     Like the mobsters they are, TrumpWorld is absolutely going to the mattresses on this one. Hiring attorneys to "represent" the witnesses in a ham-fisted attempt to shape and control the narrative was just phase one.
     Cartoon intermission.

     I love double whammies. Don't you?
    We have to either start impeaching these motherfuckers or Biden has to pack the court. Those are our only options.
    "We love you. You're very special."
    This is the inevitable result of putting Republicans in charge of anything. Put them in charge of watching a pile of shit and they will find some way to screw that up.
     They're not turned off by Trump's puerile, infantile behavior at all because they're just as puerile and infantile. Look at their behavior at school board meetings, airline flights and other public spaces. Trump infantilized America and they love him for it for giving them permission to let out their inner toddler.
     You can't possibly tell me that Facebook isn't rabidly right wing. And finally...

     I can't believe I'm paying for this shit, too.

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Interview with Patrick Whitehurst

Not every hero lives in a mansion or works from a smoky, hard-boiled office. Enter Barker, a mysterious man with no memory of his past. Ferociously handsome and acutely observant, Barker makes his home under the soggy planks of Old Fisherman's Wharf along California's foggy Central Coast. His closest friends are an assortment of stray dogs, ranging from a large Rottweiler to a tiny Shih-Tzu, who live with him. Adventure and intrigue have an uncanny knack for crossing Barker's path.” –Synopsis for Monterey Noir.

This month, we profile western fiction and non-fiction author, Patrick Whitehurst, who’s the author of the fascinating Barker series. Proving the adage of writing what you know, the Barker series takes place on Patrick’s original stomping grounds, the famous and famously beautiful California coast. Nowadays he hangs his hat in Tucson, AZ.

15) Patrick, what occasioned your move from California to Arizona and how has it changed your focus in your writing?

California is a great state, but the idea of retiring there seemed a bit out of reach, so it was decided to move before retirement. I’d lived in Arizona in the past, but never in Tucson, so it was both a return to familiar terrain but with a new slant. Tucson has been hot, and dusty, but it’s also vibrant and alive with literary charm, which proved to a draw for me.

14) Let’s start with Barker, your series character. No one, least of all himself, knows where he came from or anything about his past. Yet he has a strong moral compass as well as a genius for criminal detection. Will we ever find out about his past in the third installment?

The third installment will spill a few beans about Barker’s past, but not the whole can. For me, the reveal is often disappointing compared to the mystery itself and wondering about a character’s past can be quite juicy. I’m undecided as to whether I’ll reveal all.

13) Barker seems to be a pre-ordained name considering his posse- a pack of wild but loyal dogs. How do they help Barker in solving his mysteries and are any of them based on dogs you own or have owned?

The dogs that accompany Barker each have their own superpower in a way, from Dangler’s muscle to Connor’s uncanny nose, and he utilizes them when needed. In some cases, they introduce him to the mystery as well. All of Barker’s dogs have been pets in my household at one time or another throughout my life and I love having them all together, happy, and busy, in the Barker world. In the third installment, coming soon, I introduce a new addition to the pack.

12) I know you’re a working writer but is there any such thing as a typical writing day for you? Do you draft in a notebook, laptop, or both? Do you set word goals and, if so, what are they?

I will occasionally jot notes in a notepad for a story if I’m out, but lately I simply open Gmail on my phone and type them up as an email to myself. Often, ideas will simmer in my head until I’m home. For me, if I get one page written a day, sometimes one a week, I count myself lucky. The day job, particularly lately, has prevented a writing hurricane. I’ve never set word goals, though I have worked on deadline for numerous books and that can also light a fire.

11) From having read the first book in the Barker series, Monterey Noir, I see that you seem to have written the book not in chapters but in virtually self-contained short stories. How and why did you come to write the Barker series like this?

I love the short story format and grew up reading Sherlock Holmes. Many of his exploits were told in that fashion but put together they tell a tale all their own. Originally, I wanted a series character akin to Holmes and Tarzan. If you can picture the two in modern times, and having a baby together, Barker would be that baby. It wasn’t until later I realized his tales go well in the novella format.

10) With the demands of a new job and a family, how do you juggle those things while still finding time for writing?

Writing is my passion, so I make time, just not with ease. There are days and weeks I am too exhausted to type. If possible, I edit at those times or simply read over something I’ve drafted. Other times I watch my favorite shows, read my favorite authors, and hope they’ll inspire me. They always do. When fully inspired, or on deadline, I make the demands of writing as important as the others.

9) When you were a boy growing up, who were some of your favorite authors and had any of them gone on to inspire or inform your work?

Encyclopedia Brown got me interested in detective fiction, which led to Sherlock Holmes. The latter is still an inspiration. Into my teen years I fell into the darker stuff like Clive Barker, Anne Rice, and James Herbert. They fed my love of horror, and the fusion of crime and horror that resulted.

8) You’d recently mentioned a horror novel you’d written in your 20s that Digital Parchment Press, your Barker publisher, is bringing out. Can you tell us about that?

I’m excited about that one. Berge Manor is a horror story written in first-person format by each member of the Berge family. They all live in a weird, huge house out in the woods and they’re all a bit whacked. It’s an odd, gory, weird-ass novel. After writing an initial draft in my 20s, I put it aside for a few years, then dusted it off and did rewrites, then put it away again. Now it’s hitting the world for better or worse. I am thrilled to see it. Should be out in kindle any day and in print format soon.

7) Plotter, pantser or plantser?

Formerly a pantser. A full tilt plotter now, though I do allow for creativity in the moment. But I like to know where I want to be at the end when I start at the beginning. I also tend to write out of order.

6) You’ve written a true crime book, Murder and Mayhem in Tucson, as well as a paranormal book, Haunted Monterey County. Who were some of the notable crime figures that had visited Tucson and what were some of the more chilling tales out of Monterey County?

Depression era gangster John Dillinger tops the list when it comes to Tucson, as does Joe Bananas. The latter is part of the inspiration for the character of Michael Corleone in Mario Puzo’s book The Godfather. As luck would have it, Joe retired to the Tucson area. There are oodles of scary spots in Haunted Monterey County. For me, the haunted beaches were some of the more chilling locales. Imaging a wispy form on edge of the sea, shrouded in foggy mist, gives me the creeps.

5) Both of the Barker books are novellas told through short stories. Are there any plans to write a feature-length Barker novel?

I’m currently wrapping up the third Barker book, which will be a standalone story with no short stories. This one, as I’ve said, reveals a bit about Barker’s past and takes him out of his familiar surroundings of Monterey and into the heat of Sedona, Arizona. I’ve had fun playing with the two locales and the various characters found in both. I began the story years ago, then pushed it aside for other nonfiction and fiction projects. But now it’s his time. It feels awesome to get back into his head.

4) Your California fiction often references or is placed in locales made famous by past authors like John Steinbeck’s Salinas and Cannery Row and Robinson Jeffers’ Carmel. Do you ever refer to them for guidance or do you make use of your own native impressions?

I mention them in my writing here and there and love the west coast territory upon which these personalities walked. Jack Kerouac, for instance, is another author who spent time in the area. My character Sam the Thug is a huge Kerouac nerd. He’s often mentioned in my Sam tales. It adds a sense of literary history to any story and often connects with readers who, like the characters and like me, are hulking fans.

3) What are Barker’s strengths and weaknesses as a detective and what makes him such a compelling one?

Barker’s strengths would be his love of animals and his concern for the safety of others. He feels a need to involve himself in the well-being of his fellow man. Weaknesses might be that he’s often driven by a need for solitude, so much so that he isn’t terribly interested in finding out about his own past, which is a mystery to him as much as it is to the readers.

2) Why do you think California provides such fertile ground for crime fiction, especially murder mysteries?

California is its own country and offers inspiration for all sorts of inspiration, from surf noir, tech companies in the Bay Area, to Hollywood and Bigfoot; there’s something for everyone in that state. The possibilities are endless for crime fiction storytellers. Hollywood alone is a crime genre in and of itself.

1) What’s next for Patrick Whitehurst?

When Barker 3 is finished I plan to start a full-length crime/horror novel about the vampire subculture in Phoenix featuring my San Francisco-based character Sam the Thug. I’ve been outlining, plotting, and researching since last year so it’s damn near time I write something.

If you wish to know more about Mr. Whitehurst and his work, follow the handy links below:

FICTION Monterey Noir

FICTION Monterey Pulp

NONFICTION Murder &Mayhem in Tucson

NONFICTION Haunted Monterey County

He’s written three in the Images of America series too:

  1. Williams
  2. The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History
  3. Tusayan's Grand Canyon Village

Author's page on Amazon, where you can see everything including short stories in anthologies:

Sam the Thug short stories on free sites

Uranus Jokes free on Pulp Modern Flash my newest one is here:

Damn Santas free on Punk Noir here:

The Other Sam on Guilty Crime Fiction Flash free here:

Write on me, Sam free on Shotgun Honey here:

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

We Are Now Barrow, Alaska

     We liberals already knew the Fourth Reich was coming. We knew it almost from the moment Trump came down that escalator over seven years ago. Right wingers said we were just hair-on-fire alarmists. Establishment Democrats said the same thing. The media said the same thing. That's why you hardly ever see liberals on news show panels, anymore, because when bad news comes out, it tends to be about Republicans so of course they have to put them on because of course the liberals are going to be biased against Republicans and we can't trust a single thing they say.
     This, despite the fact that liberals knew what the news would be even before it would be news. The one thing we underestimated was that the hurricane winds from this scaled-down Butterfly Effect would bring the worst after we vanquished Trump and sent him packing back to Mar a Lago.
     We're seeing this on fronts both politically and judicially. Let's talk about this fascist mission creep on the judicial front.
     By now we all know that last Thursday the Supreme Court put a concealed carry firearm in the hands of theoretically every American citizen that wants one. When the SCOTUS last ruled on the Second Amendment, the late Justice Antonin Scalia even said in his majority opinion that the 2nd amendment wasn't absolute and that Americans were entitled to keep a firearm in their homes for personal defense. Last Thursday's ruling essentially held down that opinion and engorged it with steroids. So, what would've happened if the Supreme Court had been able to rule on this, say, a year and a half ago?
     Well, a year and a half ago was right before the January 6th riots. As Amanda Marcotte had warned us in an article last week, Clarence Thomas' vote to gut virtually all gun laws in all 50 states, plus Washington, DC, threatens to make the next January 6th much bloodier than the original. Let's think about why Stewart Rhodes' Oath Keepers set up "Quick Reaction Forces" in Virginia area hotels.
     Rhodes, a trained lawyer, was all too well aware that Washington had some of the strictest gun control laws in the country and warned his people not to bring guns to the Capitol (until Trump invoked the Insurrection Act). But the weapons caches and ammo dumps in those Virginia hotels, surrounding the Capitol, were kept well away from the Capitol building because of those gun laws that likely will no longer exist.
     We know this because Rhodes' text messages, acquired by federal investigators, to his own people explicitly forbade his subordinates to bring weapons to the Capitol for the simple reason that, as Marcotte points out, "They didn't bring guns because they were afraid of being arrested before they had a chance to riot." The Proud Boys and Three Percenters followed suit.
     So, a lot of guns just got put in the hands of a lot of crazy males. Now, let's look at Friday's ruling:
     That was, of course, the day the SCOTUS coat-hangered Roe v Wade. Unlike the gun control ruling, Roe v Wade's rescission doesn't involve all 50 states but saying that makes it sound less horrible than it really is. Over half our states, 26, either have now or will surely have, some antiabortion laws on the books, with a full half of them having trigger laws that will ban abortion anytime between last week and the end of July.
     Since Roe was gutted, we've been hearing some pretty alarming eliminationist rhetoric from the "pro-life" crowd that the real violence in the debate over abortion access comes from the pro-choice crowd, not them. Forget the fact that virtually all the violence and murder comes from the "pro-life" bunch that visit violence, arson, harassment and even the murder of abortion providers.
      So, the SCOTUS just put guns in the hands of "pro-life" fetishists who are now free to completely terrorize those few abortion clinics that will be open in those states that still marginally have abortion access.
     Let's also talk about another wonderful SCOTUS ruling that says, for completely inane reasons and completely insane rationales, that no one living within 100 miles of a border has Fourth Amendment protections. The Fourth Amendment, in case your Constitutional law's a little rusty, is the one that prevents the government from illegally searching and seizing your person or private effects.
     It ought to be mentioned right now this affects at least 60% of Americans, and up to two thirds, including the entire states of Florida and Hawaii.
     This means the fascist Border Patrol, which was recently seen literally whipping Haitian migrants then making a commemorative "challenge" coin so they could keep reliving that glory, which is why serial killers take trophies, by the way, CAN ARREST AND BEAT YOU WITHOUT A WARRANT.
     Ergo, about two thirds of us don't have the protection of the Fourth Amendment, any more. Say bye bye, habeas corpus.
     So, let's take stock- Women have been denied agency and control over their own body and health choices, especially if it involves their uterus. Only Midwesterners, about a third of the nation, will have protection against illegal search, arrest and seizure. And if anyone has a problem with you, they'll have a gun without a conceal carry permit on their side to settle arguments.
     And then, there's January 6th, 2025 to worry about.
     As the saying goes, history doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes. This isn't exactly the way fascism arrived in Nazi Germany 90 years ago but it's disturbingly close enough. We saw the subsumption of the media, the judiciary, of education as well as the government so that there was little else but Nazis and Nazi sympathizers.
     On the political front, thanks to Trump burying the bar that used to separate qualified from non-qualified candidates, during this primary cycle, about 100 to 120 election-deniers, Qanon high priests and priestesses and sundry and assorted right wing lunatics have won their primaries. These offices range from county clerks and elections officials to Secretary of State, state representative and senate offices and even the US House and Senate and gubernatorial races.
     And, long before this time, right wing legislatures in places like Texas, Georgia, Iowa and Missouri have passed voter restriction laws that severely curtail early voting, drive-in voting, ballot harvesting, poll availability and other measures obviously meant to keep "the wrong people" from voting. And then there's the vicious gerrymandering that Republicans were largely allowed to make after the 2020 census designed to make certain districts a lot less competitive.
     Politically and judicially, we're like Barrow, Alaska, the northernmost town in America that sees 40 days of nothing but night every winter. But then spring comes and the sun eventually gets higher and higher on the horizon.
     This political and judicial winter solstice is guaranteed to last a lot longer than 40 days. And no one can see a way out.
     But we liberals did warn you this endless night was coming.

Pottersville Digest: Expanded edition

     It couldn't have happened to a nicer traitor.

    It was never about states' rights. That was a myth. States' rights was a euphemism for the right to own slaves.

    Shorter Ron Johnson: "My chief of staff contacted Pence's people about taking the body of that dead hooker and they wouldn't take it. It's a nothing burger."

     This is the result of speaking out against guns and right wing corruption.

     Who the fuck in their right mind names their kid "Hatchet"?

     Mo Brooks sent this to CBS News. Never underestimate the power of sour grapes.

     Jamie Raskin recently had some fun with MTG.

     Tragedy in Oslo.

     Cartoon intermission.

     More right wing thuggery from the Nazis.

     Sure he was, Bobo. Then four years later, we realized our mistake and prayed him back out.

     Assault? For a tap on the back? Fuck that snowflake bullshit.

   "George Will, whose mind is decaying with hatred and envy before our very eyes." Oh, the projection of this man is on anabolic steroids.

     I guess ole JD is going to blame "liberal and worldly influences" for his alcoholism and horrible lifestyle choices.

     Like I keep saying: We are the stupidest fucking nation on the planet.

     It couldn't have happened to a nicer asshole.

     If you're like me and are both a Carol Burnett and Better Call Saul fan, then this is a match made in heaven.
     Just think: This asshole has a podcast called Common Sense.

     Why do we keep suffering these glassy-eyed lunatics and why aren't we throwing them in prison?

     One more time- I'll believe it when I see it.

     Boy, yesterday was a real red letter day for the Fourth Reich, eh? And finally...

     Yeah, the DOJ may want to revisit that decision not to charge Mark Meadows with contempt of Congress.

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