Friday, September 30, 2022

Pottersville Digest: Expanded edition

     Well, that was quick.
     Does anyone want to tell professional organ donor Martha McCallum that Puerto Rico has been a US territory for 124 years?

     "James Holkeboer is charged with falsifying records under election law... Holkeboer was an election inspector... The Republican National Committee mobilized swaths of election inspectors ahead of the August primary..."

     Shorter Ron Johnson: "Let's not talk about the white rioters on January 6th. Look at the darkies in Portland that summer..."

     Typical Trump dick move. All his life, he was allowed to sue and countersue his way out of trouble. Then he was genuinely surprised to find out that you can't do that to the federal government.

     Shut the fuck up, Alito, you arrogant twat.

     “Isn’t that sad that Democrats have to spend so much money?”
     You know what's even sadder? That Republicans across the country can't raise the money to spend.

     Elissa Slotkin tore the GOP a new asshole yesterday on the floor of the House.

     The breaking point came when Marjorie Taylor-Greene's husband could no longer beat her at arm wrestling.

     People who have first amendment rights to free speech don't need pardons, right, Roger?

     "Judge" Cannon is rapidly turning into the star of Trump's legal team.

     "Trump ultimately didn't care about winning the prize, said Glasser, as much as being able to brag about having been nominated."
     Trump's superficiality is bottomless. It reminds me of the strong arm tactics he used with Zelenskyy. He didn't care if Ukraine launched an investigation into the Bidens. He only wanted it announced on CNN, a network he professes to hate.

     To quote Rick Wilson, Everything Trump Touches Dies.

     Yeah, NOW Doug Mussolini hates Citizens United after he found out it works for Democrats, too.

    You have to wonder why this asshole judge is always on the side of the male rapists and seems unceasingly hostile toward the female victims.

      It doesn't surprise me one bit that this murderous psychopath was hired by a private prison contractor.

     Your co-Brad o' the day.

     Don't all AG's office use investigators, professional law enforcement for these types of functions? Didn't Paxton's office at least charge them with possession of a controlled substance, anything? I guess Paxton was too busy trying to overturn election results in four states OUTSIDE of Texas. And how the fuck do you lose a rape victim? And finally...

     Yeah, it would be in a Cracker Barrel.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Pottersville Digest


     Oh Christ, this ambulance-chasing psychopath again? Wasn't he the one who started screaming in the Senate at the second impeachment trial how much he hated being in DC then stole coasters at the end of the trial?
     Maybe he can try to get his $4000 back from the CEO of Gab.
     IDIOCRACY was made because of people like Herschel Walker.
     Poor little Joey. He's been a faithful Republican his whole life and this is how his party treats him. Tsk tsk.

     You can't say right wingers don't back the blue. Oh, wait. Yes you can.
     This is some serious Handmaid's Tale shit.
     Shorter Mike Erickson: "It's time to get tough on criminals like me."
     Ken Paxton really is a wet-legged little bitch, isn't he? If he was so afraid for his family's safety, then why did he run instead of calling the police?

     Is it a job requirement that every Republican office holder be a criminal or a racist douchebag?
     Cartoon intermission.

     Meanwhile in "liberal" Massachusetts... (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     Another right wing Mini Me of Trump destined for the ash heap of history.

    "They degrade our history and then call you racist if you actually value it." They wouldn't be foaming at the mouth if she wasn't black. So, yeah, you are racist asshats.

     Southern sheriffs are racist? Well, that goes that trope of them being weed-smoking, hippy dippy liberals.

     If Newsmax has to correct you when you call the Democratic Party "Marxist", then you know you've gone off the reservation.

     "Denney didn’t ultimately make it to DC for a Dec. 12 pro-Trump rally, because he got stuck in traffic in Dallas, according to court documents."
     Wouldn't it be ironic if he couldn't leave his hometown because of a right wing trucker convoy?

     We're reverting back to the days of the Low Dark Ages. And finally...

     40 days of fasting and prayer. A sure sign that Doug Mussolini is winning.

Monday, September 26, 2022

Pottersville Digest

     Yeah, there's some serious ratfuckery at play here. They didn't even mention the phone call from the WH to this idiot's cell phone at his sentencing? Home confinement for threatening three elected federal officials? (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

    The former Twitter official who'd testified before the J6 Committee has finally stepped from the shadows.
     It's stories like this that guarantee I'll remain an atheist.
     Something a totally innocent person would do.
     I lived in Gulfport over 30 years ago and I can see this happening.
     This is the sort of corrupt shit we used to see a century ago in the deep south.
     I confess I never read any of her books but I appreciated her irreverent remarks on the royal family, who always need to be taken down a peg or ten.
     Only nine Republicans voted for the Coup Prevention bill, and they're all leaving Congress this year. This means Republican scum, like Trump, want to keep violence as their Plan B the next time things don't go their way.
     I'm sure they accidentally butt-dialed a number that just happened to belong to a rioter.
     Your Brad o' the day.
     So, Paul LePage is running for governor again so rich scumbags like him don't move to Florida like him?
    Meanwhile, on the mean streets of... Cranston, Rhode Island? (A 2nd tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     Just the very fact that this woman had to reach way back into the Civil War era, when women had few rights (this was four years before Wyoming even gave women the right to vote) goes to show they have no modern-day answer as to why women should not have reproductive rights. That's how out of step right wingers are. Banning women from accessing reproductive health is being revealed more and more as a noxious artifact from past centuries that have zero relevance today.
     So, Favre knew they were welfare funds, knew his scheme was illegal yet pressured them for more money, anyway.
     This article is absolutely hilarious for its constant use of the word "bullshit". It reads like something out of The Onion. But it's a serious psychology article.
     Because, you know, slave owners were pretty awesome people, too.
     Roger Stone: Your typical craven right wing rat fuck leaving a sinking ship.

     And, speaking of that right wing profile in courage...

     Gee, what do you know? Making pregnant and post-partum women sleep on concrete prison cell floors in retrospect wasn't a good idea.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Appeasement Didn't Work Then. It Won't Work Now

     (By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari)
Much has been made of identity politics over the last several years. defines it as, "a tendency for people of a particular religion, race, social background, etc., to form exclusive political alliances, moving away from traditional broad-based party politics".
     History has taught us that, in the short term, identity politics can be efficacious for a minority segment of a population. The women's liberation, gay rights and the black power movements in the 60s through the early 70s are three classic examples.
     It also teaches us that when identity politics becomes the mainstream, as in Nazi Germany and the not-too-dissimilar MAGA movement, hideous things happen. Let's take a trip down Memory Lane.
     Starting in the mid 20s when Adolph Hitler got out of prison after a ridiculously brief sentence for his role in the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch, National Socialism, or Nazism, began to take hold. One of the underpinning principles of Nazism was that reparations forced on Germany for its role in WWI and the 1919 Treaty of Versailles were unjust and onerous. Most virulently, Hitler and his most prominent apologists claimed the Great War was lost to the Allies through the efforts of Jewish elites.
     Through an act of democracy, a free and fair election, Hitler and his Nazi Party were swept into power on January 30, 1933. Before Germans knew it, by 1938 Hitler had annexed Austria (The Anschluss) then, five months later, the annexation of the Sudetenland, which Hitler had just promised British PM Neville Chamberlain he would not do in order to forestall a world war. Then on September 1, 1939, Poland was invaded.
     Obviously, this brought about WWII.
    This was the apotheosis of identity politics taken to extremes. The difference between Nazi Germany and latter-day America is that in Germany 90 years ago, Hitler had succeeded in supplanting the classic German identity for some pettier and more rancid version of it. It was the beginning of grievance politics and the little-regarded Chancellor within months had taken over and radically transformed the merely dysfunctional Weimar Republic into the most evil empire in all of human history.
    But, through a skillful propaganda campaign, dishonesty with the German people and a brutal intolerance for dissent, the surest hallmark of a totalitarian dictatorship, it's pretty safe to say most of the German people were onboard with the avowed agenda of a man who'd conned them into making his personal grievances theirs.
    That's not how Trump started out. Right after he came down that escalator in mid-June of 2015, he told a largely mercenary crowd he was making their grievances his. Then, long before he lost the 2020 election, when the impeachments and lawsuits began to pile up, he'd effortlessly succeeded in, like Hitler before him, transferring his grievances onto his base so they subsumed their own identities to that end. Slighting Trump and his agenda slights them personally.
    Unlike Nazi Germany, which had the White Rose Society and which utilized untrained German youth, and had little else in the way of an effective resistance, America is deeply divided. The current schism in political ideology here in the US won't start a world war but it can certainly foment and precipitate a Civil War.

In the Land of the Stupid, the Half-Brained Man is King
OK, you might ask, then why are we giving these people so much house room? Why are we letting them destroy school board meetings, entire school boards, LGBTQ+ events, raiding the Capitol like a bunch of brain-damaged, overweight Vikings to derail the Electoral College vote count? What is with this, dare I say it, policy of appeasement?
    The people who call us liberals "snowflakes" are nonetheless the first ones to squeal when they imagine their First Amendment rights are being trampled on. The liberal "cancel culture" takes the form of quoting them in their own words, lawsuits, firing or evicting them for their noxious positions and letting people challenge their palsied notion of reality.
     Just the very act of challenging these childish buffoons is likely to elicit a response akin to a brown shirt of the early 30s- churlish at best, violent at worst (Are you listening, Greg Gianforte?) Microphones get ripped off shirts, interviews rudely terminated, ad hominems are flung at reporters and right wing lawmakers threaten violence against them.
     These are the people we're treading on eggshells around lest we, God forbid, anger them somehow. The problem is, as with Hitler, there is no appeasing these assholes and it doesn't matter whatsoever if they're private citizens, candidates or elected officials. They will find something to be offended over because they are the very definition of people who won't be pleased. They will persist in believing everyone's out to get them, to keep them down, to marginalize them, however they may deserve that marginalization.
     So, the aphorism in the lead image is absolutely spot on. We live in an age in which intelligence is censored and suppressed to not risk the outrage of the stupid, which is an inevitable thing. Or, to paraphrase Charles Bukowski, the intelligent are too timid while the stupid are overly confident. And, in the act of not challenging them, we're complicit in giving their hysterical and delusional assertions legitimate political value. Overton's Window moves slightly more to the right and, by 2022, it's barely if at all to the left of Nazi Germany.
     Hitler's enormous Nuremberg rallies, when shown in ultra-wide angle shots on newsreel films, gave the German public and the world a pretty compelling case for national consensus because Hitler vowed to Make Germany Great Again and they trusted and believed him. MAGA might as well stand for Make America Germany Again. But Trump's rallies are pitiful descendants of those Nazi rallies, relying on tightly-focused shots and a sprinkling of misguided black people behind him to give only the most gullible the illusion of any level of consensus and racial unity.
     A recent "Truth rally" in Washington a couple of days ago drew a couple of dozen people, even though their big draw was Mike Lindell. The trucker's convoy from this past spring and summer succeeded only in creating traffic jams, noise pollution and bolstering the sale of eggs. Looking at these isolated, unrelated stories, one could easily laugh them off but that'd be a mistake.
    These people are nonetheless part of Trump's base. One of them attacked an FBI field office in Cincinnati and had to be put down in a corn field like a rabid dog. And 1-2000 people in a nation of 330,000,000 was all it took to bring the government's business to a complete standstill. And this is how we got here. By appeasing the cruel and stupid.
     And we need to put a stop to it. Now. Before we bet and lose the farm on appeasement.

Saturday, September 24, 2022

The Third Rail

     Just the very fact that this woman had to reach way back into the Civil War era, when women had few rights (this was four years before Wyoming even gave women the right to vote) goes to show they have no modern-day answer as to why women should not have reproductive rights. Samuel Alito went back almost to the Renaissance to find case laws that supported his positions. Seriously, witch hunters?
     That's how out of step right wingers are. Banning women from accessing reproductive health is being revealed more and more as a noxious artifact from past centuries that have zero relevance today.
     Naturally, the craven, wet-legged GQP is being silent on it, save for professional big mouth Kari Lake. As I said, abortion access is the third rail of US politics, at least this year, and virtually every Republican in the land is treating it as such. It's poisoned as a hood ornament issue, perhaps forever. Thank you, Sam Alito. Your arrogant antediluvian douchebaggery is going to help Democrats retain both the House and Senate.

Friday, September 23, 2022

Nothing to See Here Fo... (glub)

    Think of Hermes' cone as Linda Lovelace and Florida as Harry Reems. It'll be like that, only not as entertaining for Florida, unless you're into that sort of thing and losing your house is worth owning the libs.
     Hurricane warnings for Canada. Canada, for fuck's sake. I've never in my life ever seen a hurricane warning for fucking Canada. Or tornado warnings in Massachusetts, which we've seen every year for several years on end.
     But, oh, no, climate change is liberal, hair-on-fire alarmism.
    Meanwhile, chunks of ice bigger than fucking Rhode Island, no exaggeration, are breaking off and floating into the drink and raising the sea level by as much as a foot or more.
      (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC.)

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Pottersville Digest

     Nations, like people, don't reveal themselves in their best moments but in their worst.
     Only a right wing scumbag would think to do something this cold-blooded.

     You wanted the special master. Now you got him.
     Your Brad o' the day: Get Off My Nonexistent Lawn edition.
     Sen. Cheesebreath makes the Freudian slip of the decade.
     Well, well, look who's getting sued for rape again.
     So, Trump paid $7,500 to Kash Patel's consulting firm a week and a half after the search at Mar a Lago. Right after that, Patel goes on TV claiming that Trump declassified "sets of documents" right in front of him. Hm... We aren't talking about witness tampering, are we?
     No, that's not an earthquake. That's the fat man going down.
     Meme intermission.

     I guess, according to Josh Hawley, there's only one gender and if anyone says otherwise, they're a Socialist, liberal propagandist
     Hey, look at my antediluvian African American!
     By next week, it'll be all Barron's doing. "Look, don't be fooled by that baby face of his. He's a lot older than people think, OK?"
     The Mississippi welfare fund scandal is resulting in guilty pleas.
     These lying pricks need to be sued into oblivion.
     Hey, hey, hey. It's Fat Leonard and he's back in custody.

     Oz's fundraising emails in a nutshell: "I'm a loser, so give me money!"
     The priorities of the 1%. And finally...

     Hitler 2.0 gets four years in prison. Can Main Kampf II be far behind?

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Today's Security Footage of Trump at Mar il Legal, Released by the FBI

      Sometimes, I really love this job.

Trump's Last 24 Hours So Far:

     1) His own Special Master, Raymond Dearie, tore Trump's lawyers a new asshole yesterday.
     2) E. Jean Carroll sued Trump in federal court for rape.
     3) NY AG Letitia James announced a raft of civil charges against Trump, his three eldest children and the Trump Organization.
     4) She's referring the evidence to the SDNY for federal criminal prosecution.
     5) Oh, did I forget the IRS? Yeah, the IRS also wants a piece of this action, too.
     6) The right wing 11th Circuit just ruled against Trump in the aforementioned documents case.
     Let's put the dear man on suicide watch. Or, let's not.

Monday, September 19, 2022

She Wasn't My Queen...

     ...and didn't reign over my country. But she was the epitome of class. She was an anomaly in that she was the first monarch in British history who presented herself and acted like a public servant. As Great Britain lays her to rest today, let us give the old girl a moment of silence and reflect on her astounding legacy.

Pottersville Digest

     So, newspaper clippings are Top Secret now, are they?
     Speaking as a novelist who'd ended his latest book at the original Hollywoodland sign and had even featured it on the cover, I think any news about the sign is interesting. And this is no exception.
     Shorter Liz Harridan: "Why isn't everyone a treasonous insurrectionist like my boss?"

     We need to stop feeding these assholes. They're no longer in the shadows and are in the light. They are the most toxic photosynthesis on record.
     Georgia slathers itself in glory.
     And AGAIN Georgia slathers itself in glory.
     And Georgia continues to slather itself in yet more glory.
     Please let mass suicide be among them.

     Something a TOTALLY innocent guy would do.
     Spoken like a true sundown townie.
     "But if he was choosing Dearie as the judge, it's unclear why he would then come back to attack him and allege something nefarious."
     Since when had Trump ever shown restraint in attacking people he'd nominated to Cabinet positions or endorsed for political office?

     Women can't control their sexual impulses? Unlike the men who get them pregnant?
     Florida Man, the world's worst superhero.
     Truth from a Republican, at last.
     Gee, guys, you wouldn't have to "tirelessly leverage every local, state, and federal resource available to bring these two to justice" if you'd simply posted a man at the back door. Morons. And finally...

     Sacheen Littlefeather is a bona fide American heroine for what she did. She and the courage she showed a half century ago will always inspire me.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

We Need to Talk About Lady G

     So there Lindsey Graham was last Tuesday, surrounded by oodles of beautiful female flesh and trying admirably to tamp down his gag reflex that never seems to be triggered while fellating Donald Trump. It came at a time when other Republicans that actually have survival instincts know enough to skirt the SCOTUS' extremely unpopular Dobbs decision that coat-hangered Roe v Wade.
     For months, Republicans have been running with the speed of Olympic sprinters at the sight of anyone who even remotely looks like a reporter, especially one who might ask them about Roe. They literally run away, whip out cell phones and instantly manufacture calls with Very Important People or refuse to answer the questions. Dr. Oz (R-Ten houses in NJ PA) refuses to answer whether he'll support a total abortion ban in Congress, prompting John Fetterman to start a countdown clock.
     Basically, Roe v Wade hasn't turned out to be the infallible hood ornament issue like the type that had served them so well in past elections. Instead, abortion had quickly turned into Coleridge's albatross out of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Voters, voters, everywhere, indeed.
     So, into the limelight minces Lady G at this exact moment in time, madly thinking, "Just think of them as twinks, just think of them as twinks" while using female human wallpaper in a pathetic attempt to manufacture consensus on his latest scheme- A nationwide abortion ban after 15 weeks and states' rights, in contravention of his previous position, can suddenly go fuck itself.
     Just as the Supreme Court had decided stare decisis, or respect for legal precedent, can also go fuck itself while dooming millions of women to having risky back alley abortions, traveling out of state, raped children to go full term or forced to endure miscarriages that could kill them.
     So after Lady G and the Hangerettes had their turn at the mic, Republicans secretly wanted to throttle Graham on the spot. It's not that they think abortion bans are wrong. They're privately on board with all this Handmaid's Tale crap. It was just an inopportune time to bring this shit up, especially as Republicans retaking the Senate and most likely the House is about as likely as Mizz Lindsey prancing out of the closet.
     But the abandonment of states' rights and stare decisis in the face of extreme political opportunism even when that opportunism doesn't exist seems to be the way of Graham and other assholes like Gym Jordan who told other Republicans to "lean into" Dobbs as if it was the most popular thing to come out of the government since Social Security (Or a gym team doctor leaning into a student in the shower).
     So all those right wing mealy-mouthed platitudes about stare decisis? Forget it. The right wing fetish for states' rights (at least when it doesn't pertain to racism and racist policies)? Pfft. Unlike the culture war hood ornament issues of the last couple of dozen election cycles, radical Republican scum like Graham and Jordan will quickly shove that baby carriage before them even as the semi bears down on them.
    But Republicans up for reelection this year have long since realized to their horror that, far from Roe's destruction being the Trojan Horse that was supposed to barrel them into Capitol Hill en masse, it's, instead, turned into the Third Rail of US politics of this election cycle. And to just graze against it means instant political death.
     This was why over 400 Republicans both past and present signed and sent to the US Senate a letter actually begging it to safeguard same sex marriage. It seemed ready to pass in the Senate until less fascist Republicans told Chuck Schumer they lacked the Republican votes to pass it, prompting Schumer to cancel the vote until after the midterms.
     But in this, too, Republicans are just trying to avoid that other potential Third Rail- Gay marriage rights, especially after Clarence Thomas idiotically tipped the right wing's hand in his concurring opinion on Dobbs that the Nazis on the SCOTUS were then going to gun for your other rights.

Friday, September 16, 2022

Pottersville Digest

     Shit just got real for Trump and his criminal cronies.

     We are so screwed as a nation.

     So, this was the asshole who was going to drain the swamp, eh?

     Mordor just got a lot happier.

     "A Redweld envelope wrapped in tape"? That's Trump's idea of security?!

     Once again, as with Her Majesty's death, Trump is making Ken Starr's death all about him, him, him.

     No words.

     I'm surprised the crook didn't offer to sell it to him.

     Oh, this is rich. This is what MAGA really stands for: Making Attorneys Get Attorneys.

     How Trump lost the second Civil War.

   This judge's reaction during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting trial is absolutely priceless.

     Isn't nice to know that Trump's not the only batshit billionaire in the world? < /sarcasm>

     Here's an idea: Why don't we send some of those rioters, er, nice, patriotic Americans who engaged in "legitimate political discourse" on January 6th to some of these red state Governor's mansions? I'm sure they'd LOVE to come in touch with like-minded people while they're awaiting trial for violent crimes. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     Uh yeah, remind me who the snowflakes are again? Oh, yeah, the neoNazis. And finally...

     This white privilege bullshit's getting out of hand. First off, it wasn't merely a plot to "kidnap the Governor". They wanted to kidnap her, behead her then set fire to the state house in Lansing while it was at full occupancy.

Monday, September 12, 2022

Pottersville Digest

     Oh, the chutzpah of these crooked motherfuckers.

    Greg Gianforte really is an egalitarian piece of shit, isn''t he? But then, what else can you expect from a guy who body-slammed a disabled reporter for asking him a question?

     Fuck you, you small town fascist. You're a throwaway character in a Robert Penn Warren novel.

    Spoken like a true sociopath. Well, yeah, nearly 2900 people died that day but it was awesome for me.

     Way to go, guys. Your brothers and sisters here in the US back you 110%.

     Sportsman, n- Someone who, every once in a while, simply has to go out and kill something.

    Those fascist assholes should be pushing against it, not pushing it. Seriously, they're the Border Patrol and they believe that bullshit that Biden eradicated the border? Then if there's no border, WTF are they guarding?

    WTF is the matter with these people? Wolves are vital to the ecosystem in more ways than we can count.

     These are the same losers who demand civility from liberals when they're in charge.

     Please tell me the days of these pedophiles and psychopaths are seriously numbered.

     Cartoon intermission.

     OK some questions:
     #1 What was Jeff fucking Bezos doing stalking this academic on her Twitter feed?
     #2 Did she tweak his nonexistent conscience by mentioning "the chief monarch of a thieving raping genocidal empire"?
     #3 Why did Twitter take down her tweet after letting Donald fucking Trump threaten nuclear war with impunity?
     #4 Carnegie-Mellon University, which was founded by two rich fuck robber barons, needs to stay in its own fucking lane. What did they think they were accomplishing? In her tweet, the professor was not representing their university and they need to respect her right to free speech. (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

    Bobo had a debate the other night. It was the proverbial show o' shit. (A 2nd tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader, CC)

     Yeah, him shtupping a porn star and a Playboy centerfold, then paying off the porn star to the tune of $130,000 then bragging about grabbing women "by the pussy" was something right out of Martin Luther's 95 edicts.

     To the increasingly fascist right wing, an educated voter is an undesirable voter. The plan is to dumb down kids and create ignorant adults who will vote for their agenda. And as for voting? Well, they're working on making that obsolete, too.

     He's not as stupid as most people think. Like a savvy mob boss, he's trying to avoid the possibility of being caught on any recording devices.

     Why am I not surprised this was said by a white man in Georgia? And finally.,..

      I think we just found the new RNC chairwoman.

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  • Bloggingheads TV, political vlogging.
  • Find, the next-best thing to Nexis.
  • Altweeklies, for the news you won't get just anywhere.
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  • Wikileaks.
  • The Peoples' Voice.
  • CIA World Fact Book.
  • IP address locator.
  • Tom Tomorrow's hilarious strip.
  • Babelfish, an instant, online translator. I love to translate Ann Coulter's site into German.
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