Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dewey, Cheatham & Howe to the Rescue!

 (By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)
As with, I imagine, tens of millions of other Americans, last night I watched the first full day (and night) of the Senate impeachment trial of "President" Donald Trump with growing horror. Finally, even a political wonk like me had to call it a night and I retired to bed after 11 PM while Sylvia Garcia was just winding up a doomed case for yet another Democratic amendment.
     By this time, Trump's 53 consiglieres had shot down every one of the first five amendments brought forth by Democrats by a 53-47 count, every one split down the middle by an ideological razor. The closest the Democrats came to victory was when Midnight Mitch McConnell tried to introduce amendments of his own (violating the promises he'd made to Pelosi) that would've further streamlined an already rushed, meatball process in the Senate. The amendments would've just made the Senate trial even more of a kangaroo court than it already is as it would've reduced arguments to 48 hours and given Senate Republicans the right to ignore any evidence brought by the House. And who and what objected to these ridiculous proposals? Well, Senate Democrats, obviously but mostly McConnell's own right wing caucus
   In their amendments, the Democratic impeachment managers tried to compel testimony from Bolton and Mulvaney, Sandy and Duffey and various documents that had been withheld by Trump. As one who's as familiar with the House Intelligence Chairman as I am, the best cases for the amendments last night tended to come from Adam Schiff, whose dry, deprecating wit has been virtually the sole source of amusement during this sad, sorry spectacle to which we've played witness since last September. In fact, Schiff was so forceful in his arguments that Republicans were reportedly looking very uncomfortable while he was at the podium.
    In the hours I'd watched the impeachment trial, I'd listened to arguments from Schiff, Garcia, Crow and Hakeem Jeffries. A lot had changed in television technology since Bill Clinton's own impeachment proceedings. Democrats were able to make use of not only poster boards but also impeccably-cued clips of House testimony from last fall with the slickness of any major TV network. It was all very damning to Trump and that accounted for the right wing "histrionics" that Chuck Schumer would later say exactly 12 hours later was like something out of Fox "News."
    However, Schumer's too kind description of White House Counsel's outright lies and conspiracy theories being mere "factual errors", what they actually said was far more damaging to the interests of a fair trial. Among them: Trump had no means to defend himself (he chose not to participate and did so on, as usual, Twitter), that the Democrats intimidated witnesses through subpoena (they had subpoena power and were forced to use it when Trump refused to allow a dozen witnesses to testify) and that Democrats wouldn't allow Republicans' witnesses to testify (In fact, 33% of the witnesses were ones summoned by the GOP but many of them weren't fact witnesses who wouldn't have added anything substantive to the discovery phase). And, as usual, the Democrats are Blue Meanies who are so unfair! (Point in fact, the rules by which Democrats had to abide were put in place by Republicans when they had control of the lower chamber in 2015).
     In fact, in their opening statements, lead WH shysters Jay Sekulow and Pat Cippolone basically looked like a law firm of personal injury lawyers on late night UHF TV begging for customers. ("If you were hit by a Democrat motorist, we can get you money! Call Dewey, Cheatham & Howe for a free consultation!") From the gitgo, the Sekulow and Cippolone assclown tag team shtick was in attacking Democrats for their processes and priorities in bringing this to the Senate in the first place, not in offering any substantive defense of Trump. Of course, you don't need to defend your client when the dominant political party refuses to enter evidence.

The Old Man on the Mountain
Meanwhile, 4203 miles away in Davos, Switzerland, a nation famed, ironically, for the neutrality that congressional Republicans refuse to adopt, sat the grand old man of the mountain, Donald Trump. In between rubbing elbows with real billionaires while contemplating cuts to Social Security, a wet dream of Republicans since it was first enacted in the 1930's, Trump weighed in with an "eruption of lies" on his own impeachment trial. And he must have been very pleased with what he was seeing on TV.
    He must have been especially pleased with the at times hysterical histrionics of his legal counsel (which count among their number Pam Bondi, who took a $25,000 bribe from Trump in 2016 to make her lawsuit against Trump University mysteriously vanish and is now on the legal team, obviously, because Trump called in a note he thought he had over her). Indeed, it was as if we were watching two parallel dimensions constantly colliding with each other, with one dimension's idea of justice consisting of documents, evidence and witness testimony and another vaguely-familiar dimension insisting none of those were necessary.
     I'll leave it to you, Constant Reader, to decide which of those dimensions has the right idea about an impeachment trial. We're essentially seeing the destruction of our democracy in real time, proving this revolution (or Mitch McConnell's and the GOP's at any rate) will be televised. Manager Crow made a compelling argument about midway through the debates that if the Republicans have their way, there would be nothing to stop a Democratic president to refuse to cooperate with his or her own impeachment while relying on their party to merely adopt the new rules that McConnell's put in place. As with Neil Gorsuch's nomination, McConnell essentially is rewriting and sledgehammering rules that were put in place over two centuries ago to ensure a smooth, lawful process.
     And in between Trump's shysters' hair-tearing and chest-beating, it was becoming more and more clear the Democrats were not playing to the GOP's better instincts and angels. Republican scum, after all, have none. Rather, knowing their every amendment was doomed to fail because of the GOP's insistence on going over the cliff with Trump to the bitter end, Democrats were playing to an audience of not 53 but to 330,000,000. It's vitally important that the Democrats continue to hammer home these points infinitum ad nauseam the true story of what happened with Trump's illegal hold on Ukraine's security assistance (illegal according to the GAO's ruling).
     And Republican intransigence and heel-digging means the Democratic impeachment managers are forced to recycle evidence from the House's investigation that was hobbled by the White House. Among these facts are Mark Sandy, a career OMB official whose job it was to oversee US disbursements to foreign nations, abruptly getting replaced by Michael Duffey, a Trump flunky who had no experience in aid disbursement when Sandy began raising questions about the legality of the hold.
     That on July 25, an hour and a half after the infamous phone call to Zelensky, Trump ordered the security aid to be frozen. That the same day, Ukrainian officials had contacted the State Department via email asking what the hold up was regarding that aid. That OMB and DoD officials alike were freaking out about the hold on the aid which even they knew was plainly illegal. That the so-called transcript of the call was a heavily-censored one at best, more like a call summary that even stated it was not a transcript.
     And if and when these wet-legged Republicans spring Donald Trump, making him in the process the first impeached "president" ever to run for re-election, it will never have the seal, the very necessary imprimatur of legitimacy that we'd seen with the ridiculous Clinton impeachment. And the stench will hound them like the opposition researchers from the deepest pits of Hell on their 34 campaign trails.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Unbearable Cuntitude of Hillary Clinton

     Hillary Clinton is a Cunt with a capital C. There. It's out. I said it and you can't do a Goddamned thing about it. Some of you may say that I don't have the right to reduce a woman to her genitalia (while being strangely OK with guys being called pricks and dicks) and ordinarily you'd have a case. But when you have a woman who acts exactly like the word colloquially connotes, especially one who embraced to the point of crushing ribs the identity of being "the first woman president", a woman who weaponized her gender, and still is, as Elizabeth Warren did eight days ago, then she's fair game for the C word. So let's dispense with your faux outrage and get to the bigger issue.
     A Hulu documentary that someone thought would be a good idea to make quoted Hillary as saying, "He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It's all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it."
     When this dropped this morning in the hours leading up to the Trump Impeachment trial in the Senate, it immediately blew up on Twitter and elsewhere. Vagina voters one thought they'd purged from their Twitter followers and Facebook friends lists had raised their hazel maggot snouts in umbrage and had been ditched. Flame wars great and small are raging like Australian brush fires all over social media. All over something a washed-up old hack said about a man who's likely to become, finally, the Democratic nominee for president.
     In the documentary. Queen Hillary had kinder words to say about about convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein than Bernie Sanders. That alone shows how Clinton's unforgiving nature regarding slights, or perceived slights, is on a par with a certain childish squatter in the White House who also holds grudges over years if not entire decades.
     Let's take stock: This is a woman who had every, and I mean every, fucking advantage a corporate Republican-lite Blue Dog Democrat could ask for: She had backing from Wall Street, the corporate mainstream media, especially CNN, the Tammany Hall 2.0 Democratic machine, the DNC, the super delegates, women voters and more than a few obviously misguided unions. And despite all those advantages, she still lost to a washed up TV reality show host and a palpable grifter and fraud. All that remains to be seen is which she'll live down first: That humiliation or the humiliation of being cheated on by her husband who got blow jobs in the Oval Office.
     So, please, Your Highness, continue giving us tips on popularity.
     Let's take stock again: Barely a year ago, a Morning Consult poll showed Bernie was voted the most popular senator (64% as opposed to Elizabeth Warren, who polled at just 51%)... for the 11th year in a row. Bernie outraised everyone else in 2019, raising $34.5 million over the last quarter alone, and from 5,000,000 unique contributors, not a single one of whom was a Wall Street billionaire.

     His rally crowds draw massive numbers and, even in the winter, have to be held outside, such as his campaign kickoff in Brooklyn last year.

     But, please, let's keep taking popularity advice and pronouncements from a woman (or, more accurately, a bloated, misshapen pantsuit full of bile) who couldn't even keep her own husband's dick out of another woman's mouth.
     Let's not forget, people, this was the same nasty, snarling cunt who called us in that documentary "Bernie Bros" (a sneering moniker coined by Atlantic hack writer Robinson Meyer) as well as "basement dwellers." And, for those of you misinformed shitheads who think that Jill Stein and other third party candidates cost Queen Hillary her coronation, let's not forget her laughable outreach to Bernie voters, basically telling them, "Fuck off, we don't need you."
     Between Hillary and Obama, another right wing hack who just can't keep his big mouth shut and is telling the well-heeled from his hidey hole in Georgetown to contribute to and vote for Warren and badmouthing Sanders, the Tammany Hall wing of the Democratic Party is even now planning on subverting democracy even if it means giving the White House back to the shambling pedophile currently posing as our president and is being impeached in the Senate even as I write this.
     Once a Goldwater Girl, always a Goldwater Girl.

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(If you think that's frightening, you should see him flare his neck wattles.)

    Oh, shut the fuck up, you sexually repressed hags. Your hero Donald Trump has publicly used words a lot worse than "damn" and you never once called him on that.

     I love this idea. More cities should do this if they don't already have humane shelters.

     Cory Booker's out and the Democratic field just got a little whiter.

     Jesus Christ, over a Dr. Pepper?

     Why couldn't it have been Meghan McCain, instead?

     An interesting historical account of why we play nine innings, for you baseball fans out there.

     For years, the Astros have been one of the AL's most successful teams but they fired their GM & manager for sign-stealing. Baseball's a game of deception. We've been stealing signs since before Bill Dickey's day. Where's this moral rectitude coming from?

     Florida Man, the world's worst superhero.

     Just our luck, this'll be the week the aliens finally reach out to us.

     The coolest bookstore in Canada.

     I adore these juxtapositions. This Ukrainian artist is a genius.

     Dogs are the best people.

     Sure, why NOT? Why wouldn't a walking septic tank like Donald Trump NOT know a Mr. Hyde?

     You have to wonder if he was thinking of Trump's wall.

     Expelled for wearing a rainbow shirt? What the fuck is the matter with Kentucky?

    Nina Turner is Bernie's Joe Biden back when HST described him as a "rabid weasel on speed." Elizabeth should've just stuck to the truce and kept her trap shut. She doesn't know what hell Nina's prepared to unleash on her.

    CA's Secretary of State, Alex Padilla, tossed 750,000 voters from the rolls in 2016. They were mostly Bernie voters. Now, according to Greg Palast, Gov. Gavin Newsom is planning to steal CA from Bernie again.

     Trump's trying to bribe the middle class goobers with another "tax cut" for them. And his base is so fucking stupid, they'll fall for it like they did in 2016.

     “It’s just so unfair that American companies aren’t allowed to pay bribes to get business overseas."

     My sons' mother was a children's book librarian. I cannot imagine her ever doing anything like this.

      I never thought we'd be seeing this antebellum bullshit all over again. Protesting Dr. King? Then again, I never saw the rise of Trump, either.

     CNN will always be the Clinton News Network to me. But what do you expect from a network founded by a billionaire?

   No doubt, Donnie Dumbo is biting his blubbery lower lip in envy that Putin got his entire government to resign immediately.

     Trump: "I don't know about these men, I don't know what they do."
     Parnas: "He lied."

     Sexually repressed rednecks strike again.

    Martha McSally just called a CNN reporter "a liberal hack" when asked if she'd consider new evidence in the impeachment trial. Keep in mind McSally is a right wing hack who lost her last election then got shoehorned in by the governor after John McCain died.

     Mr. Hyde gets a visit from the FBI.

     The impeachment oath was the best part of my birthday. I'll take it.

     Well, Trump wanted the Ukrainians to do an investigation and he got it.

     Meme intermission.

     Seems to me this Mr. Hyde isn't any more stable than his literary predecessor. "The painters and landscapers stopped working! They're trying to kill me! Agh! Vote for me in November!"

     Class. That's what I've always loved about right wingers. Their unfailing class toward women.

     Thank goodness the Australian firefighters finally got some relief.

    In case you're wondering how a right wing hack like Brian Kemp got "elected" governor of Georgia, wonder no more.

     More quid pro quo. If there's such thing as an economic terrorist, then Trump is it.

     Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr are expected to join the Trump impeachment legal team.
     They've worked together before to defend another pedophile.

     I'm thinking this TSA agent's spirit animal is a jackass.

     Yes, we're trying to impeach you, you son of a bitch.

    Here's what happens when you kidnap children- You not only traumatize them, you stunt their growth.

     As George Takei would say, "Oh my!"

     So, whose interests were the Oakland PD's SWAT team protecting? The people who'd abandoned the house two years ago?

     Over the last couple of years, Ted Lieu has become one of my favorite congressmen. He provides a trenchant, rapier-like sense of humor that Congress has been lacking since Barney Frank retired. He showed it again today by telling Nunes to take his letter & shove it.

     And yet ANOTHER right wing scumbag bites the dust!

     Essentially, Joe Biden, the whitest man alive next to Ben Shapiro, thinks black children hear fewer words because their parents are mute and can't read.
     This alone proves why this man cannot be president.

     I fear four more years of the Clintons.

     Who'd ever think Communist China would be more progressive than us over drug prices? (Tip o' the tinfoil hat to Constant Reader CC.)

     Finally, some good news. The ERA is one step closer to ratification.

    Well, THIS is depressing. One takeaway out of many from this- As with the pedophile scumbag currently squatting in the Oval Office, President Hope and Change also tried to get this case thrown out.

      I bet it took at least 100 Iraqi SWAT operators to surround him. Seriously, they had to load this fat fuck onto a flatbed truck because he couldn't fit into a police car.

     In 2006, Hillary ran for a 2nd Senate term, vowing to serve the full term then ditched her state two years later to run for president.
    In 2018, Elizabeth Warren ran for a 2nd Senate term, vowing to serve the full term then ditched her state two years later to run for president.
    But let's not be too hasty with the comparisons.

    Mayo Pete will skip an MLK event, surprising exactly no one.

    Space Force camo: To better blend in with the dense jungle of outer space.

     Remember the last time this happened, when the Trump administration got the whistle blown on it when it had withheld aid? It was 9/11 last year and the withheld aid was to Ukraine.
    This is getting to be a pattern with these assholes, in having to be shamed into doing the right thing.

    "Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past." George Orwell. Then, when they were called on their historical revisionism, the National Archives said, "Oops, we made a mistake."

     Dope and baby projected on top officers.

     Racists? At Trump's favorite propaganda channel? Say it ain't so!

     All the "president's" grifters.

     And he did this on Michelle Obama's birthday, too. Obsessed much, Donnie Dumbo?

     You have no idea how glad I am that the Nutty Professor is on Trump's legal team. Really, it's like an assclown allstar squad from the legal profession. All he needs now is Mayor 9/11 and birther conspiracy theorist Orly Taitz.

    Sure you're successful. You don't pay your authors. You can afford to hire a law firm but not pay royalties. That makes sense. And finally...

     Donnie Dumbo says, "So what if we lied?"

Thursday, January 16, 2020

I'm So Depressed I Can't Even Think of a Suitable Title

     Today’s my birthday and, as it’s typically been these past 11 years, so far it pretty much sucks. With the medical emergency of a loved one, the legal woes of another and money issues in my own household, my own kids forgetting it’s my birthday and, save for a couple of hundred fast and easy generic birthday greetings from strangers on Facebook who had to be reminded by Facebook it’s my birthday, it’s been just like any other day: Bleak.
     Right after New Year's, I’d started sending out book proposals for my new novel and am, of course, immediately getting hit with the inevitable form rejection letters from brain-dead literary agents and editors. In short, 2020 is not my year as I’d inanely hoped it’d be (Every New Year's I'm like Charlie fucking Brown with the football and say to myself, "This will be my year!" right before the Lucys of the world put me flat on my back). 
     True, Trump's Senate impeachment trial started today but that's cold comfort even to me.
     But one thing that can make my birthday a little less bleak is some book sales. Here's the link to my Amazon author page. I write thrillers, mainly historical thrillers, and every one of my books is $4.99 or less. So please help out a poor tired bastard who has nothing going for him today.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

The False Apostasy of Elizabeth Warren

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)
"I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets." Elizabeth Warren
In the interests of full disclosure, let me start by saying that Elizabeth Warren is my senior Senator. Yes, this Bay Stater proudly voted for her both times while still regretting neither time. In 2016 I'd even hoped, as had many others, that she would jump into the race at the last minute even though much of the early money had been vacuumed up. At the very least, we'd wistfully mused to each other on social media that she should give serious consideration to running for the White House in 2020.
     Then she did. And only then did all the troubling stories about her past start coming out.
    It's to be expected, one supposes. General elections are the time when opposition research companies get sleek and bloated on the campaign cash spent by presidential candidates seeking to drag down one top tier candidate or another in their years-long game of Capture the Flag. He or she who captures it (or, in this incarnation, a party's banner) goes on to the final two in the even more brutal mud wrestling for the White House.
     In this case, however, one needn't the cynical mercenary interference of an opposition research company to dig up the obligatory and inevitable dirt on Elizabeth Warren. Again, let me state that she is my senior senator and, up until the past couple of weeks, she was still marketed and sold to us as a suitable substitute in the likely event Bernie has the nomination stolen from him once again (Gavin Newsom, another fraudulent liberal, in Sacramento is doing his damnedest to make sure that happens, according to Greg Palast).
     Rather, one needn't go to such opposition research companies whose results may or not be fake news and listen, instead, to Warren's own words.during the debates, particularly the last two. She opened herself up to a lot of criticism in the next to last debate by attacking South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigeig for his wine cave fundraiser. The phrase "wine cave" became the catch phrase of the PBS debate. Warren caught Mayor Pete with his pants down and Mayor Pete put her on her back foot by reminding the voters her net worth was 100 times his.
     But while she may have gotten the South Bend Mayor in a Gotcha moment, that only made people start to pay closer attention to Elizabeth Warren, specifically to her own fundraising history. As it had turned out, Warren herself had in June 2018 held a fundraiser that handed out "souvenir bottles" of wine that we can be reasonably sure weren't Ripple to those who'd contributed a certain amount. Those who'd donated $5400 as couples or $2700 individually got VIP seating and a photo session with the senator.
     So much for not selling access to her time.
    When yours truly met Elizabeth Warren in 2012 when she first ran for office, she still bore the marks of Mitch McConnell's palm on her face as he consistently pushed her to the wayside and refused to let her have a hearing to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that she'd created. She was warm, gracious, generous with her time and it was inside and outside a breakfast place called Harvest Bagel in Hudson, Massachusetts. Before it sadly closed, it was the kind of place that serves good coffee, not expensive wine, in which access to its bill of fare, as well as to any Senate candidate making a train whistle stop, was first come, first served.
     Elizabeth Warren has changed. That's to be expected to a degree. She's been in the United States Senate for eight years now and being that close to the nerve center of the most powerful government on earth will have an effect one way or the other on you. Her impact on Capitol Hill was felt immediately. She was our Ted Cruz, a headline-grabbing freshman senator who instantly landed on page one above the fold. Except, unlike Ted Cruz, she didn't do it by shutting down the government while reading Dr. Seuss. She made sense, holding hearings on the Senate Finance Committee and making regulators and bankers sweat like whores on confession day.
     Then Monday came and the long knives came out.

Talk to the Hand
In a now infamous piece by CNN (which, coincidentally, would go on to host last night's debate in Iowa), Warren first "leaked" the disclosure that in a private conversation at a dinner late 2018, Bernie Sanders had told Warren that a woman couldn't win the presidency. Then Politico, never a bastion of actual progressivism, picked up on it and pretty soon Warren'\s unfounded allegations went viral. 
     It seemed every couple of hours, we'd be treated to another breathless story on Politico sporting headlines such as, "Warren and Sanders race to out-left each other", "Bernie campaign slams Warren as candidate of the elite" and, my personal favorite and one that will prove to be prescient, "Sanders and Warren voters have astonishingly little in common" (with the astoundingly clueless sub-headline [emphasis mine] "His backers are younger, make less money, have fewer degrees and are less engaged in politics.")
     Those among us who are proud Bernie Bros whether we're Millennials or Gen Z or those of us old enough to remember when Art Linkletter was one of the hottest stars on TV, are engaged enough in politics to know a fraud when we see one (at least eventually). In our defense, Sen. Elizabeth Warren is quite the Artful Dodger, one who has no problem calling a competitor on his wine cave fundraising while forgetting her own wine-drenched fundraiser in which only the wealthy who'd ponied up a certain amount of cash got direct access to her.
     But the not altogether successful apostasy goes back decades and that's when things started to get complicated for my senior senator. At last night's debate that ended with the non-handshake seen around the world, Warren further doubled down on her suddenly tattered liberal bona fides by boasting that she was the only person on the stage who'd defeated a Republican incumbent in the last three decades.
     A quick pre-debate Google search would've informed her or her campaign staff, as Bernie immediately had, that Sanders himself had beaten a Republican incumbent in November 1990 to get in the House. At that moment, Warren seemed to lose touch with what defined 30 years and what didn't (In fact, Bernie won his first federal election in November, 1990, making it barely over 29 years ago).
     It was a screamingly embarrassing moment for Warren, one that prompted Bernie's campaign co-chair, Nina Turner, to remind us, "I know 30 years ago, she was a Republican." In fact, Warren was. While she may have run as a Democrat and beaten political nonentity Scott Brown in 2012, she was still a registered Republican voter until 1996. There are videos on Youtube of her old paid speeches at the Federalist Society in the early 90's.
     And when starts digging that far back, that's when Warren's skeletons come dancing out.

The first tremors in her progressive credentials began rumbling when she stood by Hillary Clintion's side a little over three years ago right after she essentially mugged Sanders to get the nomination she'd nakedly said was hers by fiat. Those of us, including yours truly, were quite dismayed that Warren would tarnish her fledgling reputation as a truly liberal lawmaker by endorsing a woman who'd shamelessly vacuumed up hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars giving paid speeches to Goldman Sachs and other white shoe Wall Street firms who are openly hostile to anything remotely smelling of progressivism.
     We even shook off her shameless boasting about being part Cherokee, especially when she had the DNA test done that showed she had no more Cherokee blood in her than most any other American. An actual Native American got displaced by Warren so she could get that college berth but still we looked the other way. For once, Donald Trump, a man who by any reasonable measure can give a master class in fraud, had a good reason to taunt Warren about her Native American pretensions.
     Then the current election cycle creaked to life and the woman who'd collected $39,000,000 for her first Senate campaign in 2011-2, more than any Senate candidate that year, without one cent coming from a billionaire or Super PAC, was now attending fundraisers in Boston essentially selling access to her time.
     Five days ago, The Atlantic ran a piece about her right wing past that quoted Warren as once asking a friend in college, “Besides the Democratic Party, what other subversive organizations are you a member of?” It wasn't a hit piece. Far from it. Instead, the author, Russell Berman, openly asks if Warren should embrace her Republican past to appeal to right wing voters who may be disgusted by Donald Trump.
     So, it shouldn't be surprising that the "liberal" who's now running for the supposedly progressive party's banner calls herself to this day "a capitalist." It's understandable, as Berman writes, that she's reluctant to talk about her conservative past. Certainly, it's not because of any rightful shame of making the wrong ideological choices in her salad days as much as it is a chronic political omission. However, the person who once opposed the very idea of government regulation of anything would go to head up, before Trump's and Mulvaney's sledgehammering of it, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.
     That's why it's laughable to read headlines such as Politico's that claims Warren and Sanders are trying to "out-left each other". Unlike Bernie, who was getting arrested for protesting housing discrimination in Chicago, Warren was just cobbling together her high school conservative belief system in the early 60's and cannot claim the unique decades-long progressive activism that Bernie brings to the table. Bernie doesn't have to "out-left" anyone because he's been doing it since before he first tasted Vermont syrup. It's Warren who's trying to "out-left" Bernie.
     Warren didn't do herself any favors among true progressive voters by backing away from Medicare For All when she was asked tough questions about how she would pay for the multi-trillion dollar program. Warren, who still stands by the term "capitalist", wants to work within an already corrupt existing system that automatically demands, at best, compromises such as the ACA with which we were saddled in 2010. Sanders wants to destroy the existing system and rebuild it from the ground up. And to see an example of this, listen to Bernie's ideas of infrastructure overhaul regarding the Green New Deal.
     There is no mistaking and no confusing Elizabeth Warren for anyone on The Squad (75% of which endorsing Sanders) and there should certainly be no confusing Warren for Sanders because she'd so shamelessly and easily co-opted the progressive label to which Sanders could and should lay sole claim. It's horrifying to those of us who thought she was one of us would weaponize her own gender, and disingenuously, to attack a man who to this day still honors the non-aggression pact to which he and Warren had agreed on the outset.
     In other words, we finally got rid of Hillary but she was quickly replaced by her one-time surrogate.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Going Not So Gently Into That Good Night

     Trump had just spent a weekend in complete isolation from the outside world. From 9:30 AM Saturday, a "lid" had been placed on him. Not even a single round of golf was played.
     He's doing the same thing with our nation. He's dragging our country into this dyfunctional man cave of his. What used to be American exceptionalism and dominance has been replaced by some hollow America First bluster and bravado that is belied at every turn without exception.
     The jobs aren't there. We're losing them by the tens of thousands because of his idiotic trade wars. The wall hasn't been built, not that we needed it since emigration from Mexico is at alltime lows. The once powerful economy he'd inherited from Obama is now coming down to earth and is gradually flatlining.
     Every promise he ever made on the campaign trail was broken. Every promise he ever made to our allies, broken. Now we're running the very real risk of losing our valued and longtime alliance with Great Britain because of his sociopathic retreat from every worthwhile alliance, membership and treaty. He has traded that in for hollow, bad faith deals, these fair weather friendships that he thinks he's cultivating, without exception, with every tinpot dictator the world has to offer. Putin, Kim Jong Un, Erdogan and our REAL allies are openly mocking and laughing at him.
     We can no longer afford this reclusive country club "presidency." We need to get rid of him before he permanently destroys our most valuable alliances.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Good Times at Gotham City

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(Love is blind and is addicted to Adderall.)

   Wait a minute. Repo Men for prosthetic limbs is actually a thing? What the fuck is this, SEINFELD?

     This may be a gross oversimplification but this is basically what Trump is facing:
     2017: "Fuck you, NATO."
     2018: "Fuck you, NATO."
     2019: "Fuck you, NATO."
     2020: "NATO, help!"
     2020: "Fuck you, Trump."

    "I can't show it to you." At this point, Trump & Pence sound like Joseph Smith and his golden Bible.

     This is exactly how this slippery corporate scumbag escaped justice in Japan.

     "There's weak and then there's Trump weak."

     No, sweetcheeks, DINOs need to leave the Democratic Party and you need to leave journalism.

     “(T)here were a series of imminent attacks, we don’t know when, we don’t know where."
     Shorter Pompous Maximus: "We nuthin'. We just like to kill people."

     "How did it become acceptable to assassinate one of the top military officers of a country with whom we are not formally at war during a public visit to a third country that had no opposition to his presence?"
      Good question. Let's ask Pence and Pompeo. Oh wait...

     Way to go, kid.

     Fredo's greatest moment on TV.

     I really hope Pelosi didn't cave to the Republicans like she always does.

     I don't know what's worse at this point- Having a US government of competent assassins or one of incompetent ones.

     I'm sure that Trump's on top of the earthquakes in Puerto Rico and isn't obsessed at all about his impeachment trial.

     Fucking clown. I wouldn't be surprised if he took credit for ending the Second Ice Age.

     I love this.

    Republicans loath life and nature and love money and power. There's no other way to describe them.

     Of course we'd never follow their example. Unless possibly if Bernie gets in in a year.

     I love this gal. I want her to be #Bernie's VP then President.

     I'm sorry, Fox, but there's no way in hell you can plausibly say Tom Steyer is ahead of #Bernie in ANY state, on any planet, in any alternate reality in any parallel dimension. You're just trolling for laughs at this point, aren't you?

    The fact the Iranians haven't killed anyone yet isn't because they're missing. They're missing on purpose.

     Whether you guys know, both parties run a protection racket. Here's how it goes:
     Every person who gets elected to the House or Senate has to meet certain fundraising goals for the party so they can fund THEIR choices for public office. The DCCC and the RCCC each give marching orders to those in their caucus to meet this fundraising goal or we will ensure you don't win reelection. We will not support you. We will not endorse you, We'll blacklist organizations that DO help you. And we'll run candidates against you who WILL play ball with us. They're basically dooming their legislators to the cocktail circuit when they should be on Capitol Hill doing their jobs,.
     This is how a protection racket works. Pay us tribute or lose your state or district. It boils down to, "Nice district you got here.Be a shame if... if someone from the other party got it."
     How this isn't enforced under the RICO statutes is beyond me. We need more more people like AOC to rebel against this corrupt racketeering scheme.

     Not bad for a 100 year-old fart.

     Who thought Trump voters would be so interesting? And finally...

     "Because I don't think I have enough of Kim's footprints on my jiggling back."

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