Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Too Much Sleaze, Too Little Time

(By American Zen's Mike Flannigan, on loan from Ari.)
"It's important to have a very large hiring pool (such as Chicago or NYC) from which to choose enthusiastic, smart and low paid permanent employees." - Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, the 100th richest man on earth, to John Podesta
To paraphrase John Lennon, And so, it is almost Election Day. And what have we learned?
     It's virtually impossible to even imagine one single human mind that can retain and dispense all the countless instances of corruption, collusion and republican dirty tricks that have been exposed by the continuing stream of Podesta email leaks (We're now on #26) that have been faithfully provided to us by Wikileaks and whomever hacked them.
     Yet, try we must even if it involves taking endless hot showers until our water heaters are dry. Yet, if the 40,000+ emails thus far leaked to the world indicate anything it's this- That even John Podesta's not immune to spam and plain old silliness and that the merry band at Camp Clinton is not above mirth once in a while. In other words, John Podesta's inbox looks like most of ours... with the exception of the underlying tone of subverting democracy and the entire American electoral process at all costs.
     What follows is a necessarily not all-inclusive list of the bombshells that have come out in the month since Wikileaks began making these available. So take this as a disclaimer that only a shut in who never goes anywhere and is completely obsessed by political minutia could invest the time and energy involved in keeping track of every drop of slime that has emerged from under the main flap of the Big Blue Tent of Hillary Clinton and Tammany Hall 2.0 over the last four weeks.

     We know that Peter Kadzik, the DOJ bigwig who was supposed to be heading up the Clinton email investigation that we now know got spiked, was feeding heads ups to John Podesta about the status of his own investigation... which Podesta then light heartedly says is, "Additional chances for mischief."
     We know this because Podesta had "multiple dinners" with Kadzik (his classmate at Georgetown Law School), who was also spearheading the effort to get nominated as AG Loretta Lynch, who would spike not one, not two but three "investigations" into Hillary Clinton.
     We know that Kadzik begged Camp Clinton for a job over eight years ago because it had been his life's dream to work on a presidential campaign. Podesta said Kadzik "kept me out of jail." His son begged for a job, too.
     We know NBC's John Harwood, an aspiring journalist, showed his belly to John Podesta and asked for his blessing before coming out with a story.
     We know the collusion between the Clinton campaign and David Brock's shady money-laundering Bonner Group goes all the way back to Hillary's first presidential campaign over eight years ago.
     We know Hillary Clinton's lonely, valiant, Quixotic one woman battle against Wall Street begins with a cozy phone call demanded of John Podesta by a Wall Street bankster.
     We know that Google Chairman Eric Schmidt, he who loves smart, enthusiastic poor people, colluded with Kamp Klinton to fix search results on his search engine, something we've known for months. Which is something straight out of Season Four of House of Cards.
     We know Schmidt did some "strategic planning" for Clinton and factored in a budget of a billion and a half dollars (out of which her interns didn't get a penny.)
     We know Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook tells Clinton directly, as if she needed to know this, that the Democratic National Committee was firmly in the tank for her. He ends with, "I asked that he make sure she has meetings scheduled with other potential candidates (for a general election planner), so they can credibly say they're meeting with everyone."
     We know Kamp Klinton was sending talking points on the sly to CNN.
     We know how nice it was that the exchange was reciprocal when Donna Brazile was concerned.
     We know the reciprocity continued, which is why CNN is now known as the "Clinton Narrative Network."
     We know Robby Mook and other Clinton staffers colluded with Super delegates months before the first caucus or primary.
     We know Neera Tanden warned Podesta of him illegally colluding with David Brock's Super PAC by saying, "skirting if not violating law doesn't help her INMHO."
     We know Eric Schmidt suggested huge companies like Comcast should link to the campaign's data base.
     We know Citigroup essentially picked Obama's Cabinet.
     We know Eric Holder was one of them.
     We know from Robby Mook they colluded with Bob Creamer, husband of Rep. Jan Schakowsky then lied about it. 
     We know they colluded with Diane Feinstein, who'd already ensured nothing incriminating would be found by the Senate Intelligence Committee that she chaired and who later asked to be "a surrogate on Benghazi" for Hillary.
     We know the WaPo is comprised of mere stenographers that lets Clinton craft her own narrative.
     We know the long-suffering Brent Budowsky saw Clinton for what she was, said nothing, defenestrated his journalistic integrity and did it all for access to bullshit.
     We know a major Cabinet-level department like the State Department colluded with the Clintons by leaking info to them about the ongoing email investigation even three years after her leaving Foggy Bottom.
     We know Podesta colluded with Politico.
     We know Neera Tanden's Center for American Progress stovepiped advice to Hillary about a $12 hour minimum wage in violation of FEC rules of Super PACs and political campaigns colluding.

Uh, We Got Nothin' So Attack the Old Socialist Jew and Others Who Don't Follow Orders
     We know when all else fails, attack Bernie Sanders for being right. But make sure you use paid trolls.
     We know they also wanted Sanders "ground to a pulp."
     We know months before the first caucus or primary, they predicted Bernie would lose. By hook or crook. And we now know which tack they took.
     We know Joel Benenson thought, "(W)e have to make examples now of people who have violated the trust of HRC
     We know Clinton stooge Wendy Bronfein thought Millennials "pay attention to crap."
     We know Neera Tanden "(D)efinitely recommend(s) having her beat up a punching bag (or a staffer but that is unpleasant) before she goes on. She really needs to exorcise the injustice of it all." Which I'm sure isn't the first time Hillary's name has been used in the same sentence as "exorcise."
     We know, while we're still on the subject of CAP President Neera Tanden, that she flailed wildly trying to find the villain who twisted poor Hillary's arm into using a private, unencrypted server and wanted him "drawn and quartered."
     We know, despite the Clintonistas smearing Bernie supporters as unrealistic dreamers and basement dwellers, staffer Elan Kriegel admits they're more pragmatic about the caucus processa than they.
Let's Email Each Other About Those Damned Emails
     We know Jen Palmieri breathed a huge of relief that the dim-witted Trey Gowdy wasn't seeing the Big Picture and not keeping his focus on the real email scandal.
     We know the Clinton staff knew she had a private server but lied about it.
     We know a Clinton insider actually suggested to John Podesta to "Get a state dept career lawyer to go through all the emails and pull the official ones. I know all the reasons not to do it but it's going to happen so we should do it." Note he knew it was the wrong thing to do.
     We know that not having an ounce of prescience or irony qualifies as a special form of stupid, which is vividly delineated in the sentence, "They are looking at HER email, not ours. They don't know what next step we took."
     We know that Neera Tanden seriously thought Hillary Clinton blocking the release of public records was "a smart move."
     We know they knew their "technology was comprised" during a visit to China then continued using their servers and clients, anyway, thinking they left the bugs behind in China, which is another special kind of stupid.
     We know that, despite their public pronouncements, Clintonistas knew all along there was classified info on Hillary's private, unencrypted server.
     We know that, as if they didn't have enough electronic communication problems of their own, they were tracking Anthony Weiner's sexting since 2011 when he was in Congress... and did nothing about it.


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