Monday, October 7, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Where we vow to never swallow even if you pinch our noses and rub our throats.)

    I have no great love for Governor Goodhair but Jesus Christ, Trump would throw the rotting corpses of his parents under the bus if he thought it would help him escape impeachment. I'd call him a piece of shit but at least shit has agricultural uses.

     Please don't let Geraldo get involved with this.
    "OK, we're live now and they're about to open the coffin of Dillinger... Oh, shit, it's empty! I didn't expect THAT..."

     $400,000,000 Raytheon gift card. Oh, my God.

     My God, Monty Python debuted a half century ago on the 5th and I almost failed to mention it.

    He never had anyone say No to him before or ever had to face comeuppance. Hence the baffled fury.

      Yes, Trickle Down Economics literally is a joke.

      Slashing the IRS's budget so they couldn't go after the 1% was the whole idea, after all.

      St. Peter, a word of advice: Beware Mr. Baker.

      Yes, another whistleblower. Pretty soon, we'll have an entire orchestra of them.

      Susan Collins clucks her tongue and waggles her finger like she always does just before running with the right wing herd.


      Welcome to Chinatown, USA.

      It looks as if there's a good chance this latest mass shooting, this time in Kansas City, was racially motivated. All four of the deceased were Hispanic males.
     Last night I came back from watching the Patriots/Redskins game at a local bar/restaurant. We never. EVER have to worry about anything remotely like this from happening. You want to know why? Because we have strict gun control laws here in Massachusetts. No open carry, no stand your ground, no Castle Doctrine, none of that murderous, right wing bullshit. We have sensible gun control laws and there's no way anyone can convince me that doesn't make a big difference.

      Virtually everyone Trump dragged into the government from that unique Hell from which he originates is a feckless cunt and that even includes their dependents and spouses. Take Anne Sacoolas, wife of a diplomat who killed a teenage boy in the UK last August, then invoked diplomatic immunity before skipping the country. That's pretty fucking feckless. She drove on the wrong side of the street like some dumb American tourist, killed an innocent kid, told the cops she wouldn't leave the country then left, anyway. Which is something a coward and/or a sociopath would do.
      Diplomatic immunity is rarely waived and, if this needless death produces anything positive, it should be used as a legal precedent of why the diplomatic laws ought to be changed so certain crimes such as vehicular homicide are exempted.

     Meme intermission.

    "Every child is a sacred gift from God"?! You mean like the kids you put in cages, forcibly separate from their parents and try to deport while denying them life-saving medical treatment?

      This is incredibly fucked up. I'm not prone to conspiracy theories but the timing of this makes it look really suspicious.

     Chuck Toddler finds his inner journalist and yet another right wing nut bag seeks refuge in conspiracy theories. In other words, just another Sunday in Mr. Trump's Amerikkka.

    When contacted, every Republican Senator was silent on Trump openly inviting China to investigate the Bidens. Real profiles in courage, eh?

     Another feckless move by our government against the Kurds. Pappy Bush also abandoned the Kurds of northern Iraq during the first Gulf War of 1991.

      " my great and unmatched wisdom"? Who the fuck does this idiot think he is, the Wizard of Oz?

      A court just ruled that President Al Capone's accounting firm must turn over eight years of his taxes.

     Giuliani was just bagged trying to score some cash from a Ukrainian gas company... the same thing he's accusing the Bidens of doing.

     Giuliani honestly doesn't know the difference between an affidavit and a right wing conspiracy theory blog post. This government is a Thomas Nast cartoon come to life. Even his own former aides say he's going off the deep end.

      The only time laws mean anything to right wingers is when they try to charge Democrats with breaking them. It's always, "For thee not for me." Betsy DeVos is a prime example of this mindset. She's essentially turned the Education Department into a massive debt collection agency even when the courts are telling her to knock it off.

      "I’ve actually met conservatives that say they couldn’t care less about what economic policies either party supports, because those two issues mattered to them most. Basically, they would rather live impoverished by economic policies which hurt them than see a gay couple get married or a woman have control over her own body."

       Yeah, Marcia Blackburn WOULD do this.

       They did this in Mississippi and the results were more or less the same. You give poor people a leg up and they WILL spend it on bills. It raises the tide and everyone's boat.

       The rail lines were the first thing I noticed in this picture as well as the lack of car traffic. This means Zurich has prioritized their streets to accommodate mass transit rather than for noisy, polluting and congested car traffic as in our country.

      Here's what a National Security Council official told Newsweek: "President* Trump was definitely out-negotiated and only endorsed the troop withdraw to make it look like we are getting something—but we are not getting something. The U.S. national security has entered a state of increased danger for decades to come because the president* has no spine and that's the bottom line."
       In other words, it's like North Korea all over again. This deluded right wing King Solomon makes a "deal", pretends he saved the world and in reality got nothing in return. Kim Jong Un, Erdogan, Putin and every tyrant who ever put their footprints on Trump's jiggling back are all laughing at him. Trump wants to be unto them but all he is is a useful idiot.

       Again, I give you Alfred the Butler: "Some men just want to watch the world burn."

       Looks like MiniTru is up and running early today.

     Another lawyer named Cohen threatens to take down Trump. This one, Marcus Cohen, blew $100,000 on an influence scheme so Ukraine could pressure tRump for a deal. Cohen laughably said he did this out of the goodness his heart but was really agling for a job in the Ukrainian government. Zelensky says he doesn't recall meeting him but the filings show otherwise.

      Oh dear, Trump has lost Mizz Lindsey again. In all seriousness, I can easily see Graham's bill passing with very broad bipartisan support.

       Dear Oaf Keepers:
      We accept your challenge and look forward to the day when we can answer your small arms fire with missiles, tanks, stealth aircraft and, if necessary, our entire nuclear arsenal.
       The DoD

       Like I just told a friend of mine today, Trump's appeal to certain people isn't a political fan base, it's a cult. Look no further than our military that has zero logical reasons to keep supporting this self-interested fascist.And finally...

     These are the lengths Democrats have to go to to keep the whistle-blower safe from the leg-breakers of the GOP.


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