Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Quick Study in Contrasts

     I'm not going to have much time for blogging since I have to take Mrs. JP to the hospital for a checkup and I probably won't be able to even use my cell phone in the building. But I just wanted to give you a study in contrast brought about by King Hairod and his fascist policy at the border.
     At last count, 2342 children have been ripped from their parents' arms in the six weeks since Zero Tolerance took effect.
     First, watch what happened to Rachel Maddow last night when she tried to read an AP bulletin on her show about the "tender age" shelters we're putting up. She came perilously close to breaking down live on national TV and had to hand off the story to Lawrence O'Donnell.

     Secondly, also last night, Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, made an appearance on Fox (of course) and when Democratic strategist Zac Petkanas informed us that a 10 year-old with Down Syndrome was abducted from her mother, Lewandowski idiotically chimed in with "Womp womp."

     I don't know what Lewandowski thought he was accomplishing aside from channeling Trump when he mocked a disabled reporter on the campaign trail but please keep in mind two things:
     Firstly, the news is now so incredibly horrible that our nation's anchors can't read it without crying. This is a new low and you have go back to November 22, 1963 when Walter Cronkite broke down on CBS reporting on President Kennedy's assassination.
     Secondly, within the space of a couple of hours, we were presented with a study in contrast between Maddow, the choked voice of compassion, and Lewandowsk, the sneering voice of fascism. What was too horrible for Maddow to report is fun fodder for Lewandowski. What is horrible for progressives is funny to Nazis like Lewandowski. Megyn Kelly, of all people, denounced Lewandowsk.
     This humanitarian circus that is orchestrated by Trump is already costing Republicans in two different ways. First, they're receiving backlash from their constituents at home and the Senate is trying to draft a bill to put an immediate end to Zero Tolerance. Obviously, they're just doing this because they're keeping one jaundiced, cynical eye on the midterms (which is why Ted Cruz from Texas, who's up for reelection this year, is involved in it). But whatever it takes to put this abomination to an end.
     It's also costing the Republican Party Republicans. Today, GOP strategist Steve Schmidt announced on Twitter that he's quitting the Republican Party effective immediately (I guess being played by Woody Harrelson will do that).
     And Trump's losing the support of Republican governors. First it was just a few states. Then it was five. By this morning, 11 states, some with Republican Governors (including my state of Massachusetts, one of the first three to lead the charge), announced they were pulling their National Guard troops from the southern border in protest of us kidnapping children.
     I'd say that's consensus. Now all that remains to be seen is how long it takes for the UN's Human Rights Council from which we'd just separated ourselves begins to investigate and act on the humanitarian crisis at our southern border.


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