Monday, June 22, 2020

Gotham City Digest

(At this point, I'm surprised Trump didn't tear down the parts that Obama built.)

     In case you were getting tired of eating, here's Trump zooming in on a teenage girl...

     Oh, this is a bad-looking headline that has hair and warts all over it.

     Who else is secretly glad the RNC convention was moved to Florida this August?

     I'm getting the impression that the Army's circling the wagons on this one.

     Talk to some of my friends, Amanda. They may change your mind in a big hurry.

     On Juneteenth, Mike Pence couldn't bring himself to say, "Black Lives Matter."

    For you lawyers & legal wonks out there, here's what former U.S. Attorney and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman has to say about Barr's bungled attempt to fire Berman, Trump's own guy. Read the entire thread.

     So here's what they did in Georgia: The GA DOH presented COVID-19 cases out of chronological order to give the appearance of declining numbers when in fact the opposite was true. One more time: When you elect Republicans, people needlessly die.

     Republicans taking money from racists? Say it ain't so, Jim Crow!

    If Trump God forbid, gets re-elected, look for the silver lining- Democrats will still control the House, it looks as if they're taking the Senate and Trump's second term will be very brief and, like his first term, consumed with impeachment.

     Yeah, Trump's use of Nazi symbology just got worse.

     This will end well. Anyone have any final words for Tulsa before it disappears off the map?

     "If I lived in Vietnam and my name in your language sounded like Eat a D---, I would change it to avoid embarrassment." Speaking of eating a dick, Professor...

      Meme intermission.

     My son made the local paper.

     Bill Barr: "I have asked the president to remove you and he has done so."
     Trump: "No I didn't. I dunno know nuttin'!"

     Our nation's youth, as usual, gives me hope for the future.

    Meanwhile, this is what happens if you protest Trump and talk to the press even if you're there legally.

     "I got better hair." I can't believe that comb-overed evolutionary dropout went there.

     I was all but certain this asshole killed those two Florida women but the details were more horrific than I bargained for.

    This just endlessly disgusting. If you put a grifter in the WH, this shit WILL happen.

    Speaking of the pirates of the pandemic...

    "Oh, you want to go to a black neighborhood? We'll have to charge you more."

     Mercedes Schlapp. More like Ford Pinto.

     In other words, we've moved on to newer and better clowns and sideshows.

     That's why the PD closed down the road for them so they paint on it. Because they're not supposed to paint on the road.

     I didn't. I always knew it was Stone. I didn't need the partially unredacted Mueller report to tell me that.

    “Ah…if it did slow down, frankly I think we’re way ahead of ourselves.” WTF does that even mean?

     The Lincoln Project strikes again. Oh, this is gonna be one fugly summer.

     At the rate Trump's going, before the convention, he'll be doing night clubs and birthday parties.

     Woman not elected to anything writes book attacking man for not getting elected to anything who worked for a man also not elected to anything.

     A fascinating article about Fiona Hill and her work in the WH.

    Trump's ramp rant was nearly 1800 words of verbal diarrhea. Lincoln's Gettysburg Address was 272 words.

     RIP, Joel. I loved your movies so much.

    Louisville has one polling place. Yes, you read that correctly Louisville, which is having its Democratic primary tomorrow, a place where there are over 600,000 registered voters, has just one polling place. ONE. In a state where there used to be 3000 polling places, there are now just 200. This is typical, racist Republican black voter suppression, This is the new Jim Crow.

     Good idea. Too bad it'll fail in the right wing Senate.

     Trump's Walk of Shame to some brilliant musical accompaniment. And finally...

     Listening to this Ari Melber interview with Christine Whitman made me realize something: The people who cluster around Trump really have the same mentality as storm chasers. They know the storm could turn on them and kill them at any moment but they're willing to risk that just to see the eye of the hurricane or the opening of the tornado's funnel.


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