Thursday, June 28, 2018

Gotham City Digest

     Because, like diapers, politicians are... oh, you've already heard that one.

     God only knows why this isn't Milo Yiannopoulos' mug shot by now. Yesterday, when texting a reporter (You know, the kind of writer Milo pretended to be at Breitbart), Milo said, "“I can’t wait for the vigilante squads to start gunning journalists down on sight.” When asked for clarification (Like, "Are you fucking serious?!"), Milo texted back that was his standard response. That was bad enough.
     24 hours later, a gunman broke into the office of the Capital Gazette, a venerable institution that has been around since 1727, and killed five people and injuring many others. We don't know who the gunman is, what his motivations are or anything. But one fact is clear- Yiannopoulos yesterday (and not for the first time) called for journalists to be murdered by vigilantes, something even Trump hasn't (yet) called for and today a gunman killed five employees at a newspaper. Their blood is on his hands. Period.
     And, in keeping with the right wing mindset, Milo wasted no time poo-poohing the idea that he was in any way, shape or form responsible for five people getting killed.
     Again, Simon & Schuster, well played by offering that psychopath a contract. "Dangerous faggot", indeed.

     And, oh, no, let's not dare blame Trump cheerleader Milo Yiannopoulos, the white English right wing nut job who yesterday called for journalists to be killed by gunmen, not when we still have some black people to blame, as Sean Handjob couldn't wait to do on his radio show. It was so scummy, even fellow right wing nut bag Joe Walsh called him out on Twitter.

     We've been calling for a Blue Wave this November but, as usual, the Tammany Hall 2.0 Machine Democrats are building a seawall to prevent that horrible event from happening. Witness the usual suspects, Pelosi and Chuck Schumer (D-Wall Street). While Donnie Dumbo was screaming his usual bullshit and verbally battering everyone under the sun, while Milo was calling for journalists to be gunned down by vigilantes, the Democratic "leaders" were calling for civility in the wake of Sarah Sanders getting her fat ass kicked out of the Red Hen.
     And less than two days after they tried to put oil on the waters preceding that Blue Wave, a gunman killed five people at a Maryland newspaper. Fuck you, Chuck and Nancy. The rules of civility no longer apply in a fascist regime such as ours.

     In case you need any further proof that we're living in a nation that reads like a dystopian sci fi novel, check out this headline from Homeland Security's own website. "Secure the border and build the wall"? Is that Nazi bunker boilerplate enough for you? It's been up for over four months.

    As always with tRump, the reality was actually much worse than what was reported. This was something else that happened at the shit show of the G7 summit. Trump is actually seriously entertaining the idea of dropping out of NATO. Gee, I wonder what his boss Putin would think about that. Oh, wait...

     People of the cloth are now getting arrested at protests over the government kidnapping immigrant children and putting them in concentration camps. This is how much Trump thinks of faith. They're good as long as they sign on to his fascist agenda.

     Recently, Jeff Sessions, the KKK's pet leprechaun, thought that kids getting ripped from their mothers' arms was so humorous, he made a joke out of it at a right wing shindig. He reportedly got lots of laughs from those who are demanding civility from liberals.

     Trump plans to meet Putin in Helsinki on July 16th for his employee performance review.

     Oh, remember that little nonbinding agreement that Donnie Dumbo signed with the second most insane psychopath world leader, something about North Korea's nuclear disarmament? Yeah, uh... Forget it.

     Chickenshit Sean Hannity lookalike civilly flings himself at Red Hen Restaurant.

     Pretty soon, if Trudeau extends his offer to Americans seeking refuge from our national dumpster fire, there will be nothing left but Trump deadenders panhandling on K Street and Starbucks baristas. If you decide to go to the Great White North, here's a handy guide of what you'll need to know.

     (Courtesy of Mock Paper Scissors) Sarah Sanders is getting a Secret Service detail of her own. Yes, you read that right. Sarah "Elvira Gantry" Sanders is getting a Secret Service detail because the poor snowflake couldn't handle being treated like a gay couple at a right wing bakery. So my friend Tengrain is wondering what you think her Secret Service codename should be. My contribution: Alternative Fats.

     In case you're running out of reasons to hate Jeff fucking Bezos... Oh, in case you missed this, speaking of Foxconn, this came out today. Trump couldn't wait to get to Wisconsin to join his cross-eyed bro Scott Walker to break ground on a new plant they're building. The good news is they're planning on creating up to 13,000 jobs. The bad news? Foxconn wanted no part of Wisconsin until they got a fat $4,000,000,000 break on their taxes.
     That comes out to $307,692.30 per job. Which I'm sure minimum wage-earning laborers in a right to work state like Wisconsin will make up in NO time! America! What a country! And finally...

     Only a Republican who failed to file taxes for 15 consecutive years would be surprised when he's finally arrested for tax evasion.


At June 28, 2018 at 8:41 PM, Blogger Harry Hamid said...

I really hope that the shooting isn't related to Milo's statement or Trump's constant statements about the media being enemy #1 of the nation. That would be a very bad step in whatever is happening here.


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