Friday, July 6, 2018

Gotham City Digest

     Living under the heel of Liberty for 242 years.

     Seriously, no one with the most contrived, well-staged photo could have possibly have come up with a more iconic, more representative photograph of the current state of America than this picture of a black woman being put in a chokehold by a white cop under the heel of the Statue of Liberty... on Liberty Island... on a day we celebrate our independence... from oppression. This was a Congolese woman who'd attempted to scale the State of Liberty on July 4th to protest Trump separating children from their families. You think a white man charged with trespassing would've had a chokehold put on him and remanded into federal custody with the US Marshals? Not in the Glorious Age of Trump. Why do you think they shot down King Kong after he'd scaled the Empire State Building? Because he was from Africa.

     Also on July 4th, aspiring actor James Woods got dropped by his agent Ken Kaplan in an email when he wrote his former client, "It's July 4th and I feel like doing something patriotic." Naturally, Woods was all butthurt over it, sneering about his "liberal" ex agent on Twitter, of all places, thereby making himself an even bigger buffoon than he ordinarily is.
     If given the choice between which was the worst thing to ever come out of Rhode Island (the Patriarca crime family or James Woods), I'd have to pick Woods. This is just the latest in justified backlash against right wing nut jobs who don't add to the national discourse. And if they can boycott Kuerig, Bob's Sporting Goods and now Walmart, we can boycott and refuse service to people like Woods. They really need to learn that comeuppance is not just for liberals. Fuck you, Woods. Freedom of speech is a great power but, as they say in Spider Man, "with great power comes great responsibility." But, knowing our inexplicable forgiveness toward right wing nut jobs, I'm sure we won't be able to keep a good man like James Woods down for long.

     So, how did Republicans spend their 4th of July yesterday? In Moscow secretly canoodling with Russian officials and wearing Russian Federation flag lapel pins, I'll bet. One of them was Fort Worth's representative, Pam Granger, who scuttled off to Moscow so secretly she didn't even have the guts to put it on her schedule. Obviously, they're serving as the advance team for Trump and his July 16th meeting with Putin so he can get his performance review. And, just as with the Republican delegation, there will be no reporters, no aides, no nothing between trump and Putin.

     With E.P.A. Chief Scott Pruitt's "resignation," everyone in America can breathe more easily. Both literally and figuratively. Of course, Pruitt didn't resign. He had absolutely no intention of leaving an agency where he got to act like the Aga Khan. Instead, when his corruption got in the way of completely buttfucking the environment, Trump shitcanned him by proxy. Which was a typical typical Trump dick move- Make someone else do the dirty work then lie about the whole thing.
      This is one of the legacies Pruitt will leave behind: The poisoning of the water of no less than 126 US military installations that federal officials like Pruitt kept from the American public and even from the service members and their families. As the New York Times said today, we'll be paying for Pruitt's legacy for a long, long time.

     Oh, this is nice. "Thanks for your service to our country. Now get the fuck out of it."

     I swear to Christ, if it wasn't for Fox, the fucking Trump males wouldn't know whether to shit in their gold toilets or wind their platinum Rolex watches. In the ultimate in smarm and arrogance, Fredo Trump and Fox talking head Kimberly Guilfoyle made their adulterous relationship official with matching Instagram messages during a fly fishing retreat in Montana. Only a right wing douche like Guilfoyle would be happy to be the Other Woman knowing she and Don Jr were instrumental in breaking up a family of seven. Because it's not as if a hot prick like Don Jr would ever cheat on someone with whom he has no marriage bonds or children, right?

     Meanwhile, while Fredo and his older talking head squeeze were canoodling in Montana, Daddy Warbucks was across the state on this schoolyard rant/Two Minutes Hate against my senior Senator Elizabeth Warren, Rep. Maxine Waters, Sen. Jon Tester, and two dying old men (John McCain and HW Bush). He, did, however, defend sexual perverts Bill Shine and Jim Jordan because, you know, birds of a feather. I'd call this creep a piece of shit but shit actually has some use in the world.

     Get this: Snowflake Jim Jordan's called the cops on former Ohio State wrestlers alleging he turned a blind eye on sexual assault that he witnessed & covered up at OSU. Snowflake says he's being “bullied”. So, naturally Snowflake Zero defended him on Air Force One on the way to Montana. I'll tell you, between Jordan and Dennis Hastert, we've really made a hell of a case for electing Midwest wrestling officials into Congress, haven't we?

     OK, so we know this racist douchebag threw to the ground and pummeled a black man at the Charlottesville riot last year, was captured on video doing so, has been identified as Michael Miselis, that he's a PhD student at UCLA, works for Northrop Grumman and has a security clearance. So why doesn't anyone do something about him? Two words: #whiteprivilege

     When is this sick, silly, racist shit with white women calling cops on black people going to end? A local Oregon official was walking around a neighborhood doing some campaigning and this happened. Fortunately, the cop thought it was enough of a joke to take a selfie with the state representative.

     Why should Douchebag Dershowitz care who represents the Democratic Party? It's not as if this DINO actually champions any Democratic principles. And I don't give a flying fuck that he's registered to vote as a Democrat. Strom Thurmond, Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman also called themselves Democrats. This Ocasio-Cortez girl has got them all running scared, which why I like her so goddamn much. I'm glad that right wing asshole is getting shunned by hjis fellow elites on Martha's Vineyard. If I want political advice from a collusive crook like Dershowitz, I'll talk to the Trumps.

     Oh, good. Now we're pushing around Canadian fishermen and boarding their vessels even in international waters. I guarantee you Trump is secretly ordering this crackdown on the northern border, too, just to be a petty prick to Trudeau.

     I've never read a single one of her books but I still dearly love JK Rowling as a person, especially when she trolls Trump as only she can.

     House: Trump did not collude with Russia.
     Senate: Uh, yes he did.
     Trump: The Senate's made up of 100 liberal Democrats and fake news. They're stupid heads and they smell funny.
     Moe, Larry, cheese! Woo woo woo woo woo!

     "Battle-tested" to the Israeli military means when hi tech weaponry meets Palestinian children with rocks and harsh words. They're using the Palestinians they've killed and maimed as guinea pigs and commercial fodder. I swear, along with our Republicans, Israelis are the most craven, avaricious cunts on the planet.

     You want to know how fascist the Michigan GOP is? They've succeeded in striking the word democratic on the grounds it's "too partisan." That's right, in the Glorious Age of Trump, they think we're we're no longer living in a democratic republic. And maybe we're not.

     Get this. Only conservative women are under fire and Michelle Malkin suggests maybe her fellow right wing nut bags should get violent with liberals. I think Gabby Giffords would have a thing or two to say about that. Word to the unwise: Shut the fuck up and stop trying to incite violence, you feckless cunt. Go back to hustling drinks at that Filipino dive bar where Jesse found you.

     This is what happens when judges care more about gun rights than the lives of human beings. Now four people are dead because of one judge.

     Meet Snowflake Zero, who recently told his countless critics, "Dey bettah take it easy, capish? (sniff)" Fuck you, you thug. And finally...

     These corrupt assclowns aren't even trying any more. The Trump Organization essentially said its corruption goes back so far and that there's so much evidence of it, it's "no longer practical" to comply with the US Constitution.


At July 7, 2018 at 8:20 PM, Anonymous CC said...

I've always wondered why Woods would agree to co-star in White House Down, which features extremist right wingers, including his character, as the bad guys.

At July 10, 2018 at 12:26 PM, Blogger jurassicpork said...

When I told Woods on Twitter that he was still playing the character that wanted to kill a black president, he blocked me. They really are the true snowflakes. One of my finest moments.


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