Monday, October 3, 2016

Revolutions Don't Have Pause or Rewind Buttons

(Tip o' the tinfoil hat to faithful reader CC)
     The reader who sent this to me included the subject header, "Quit while you're ahead, Bernie." Truer words were never spoken. It's not as if he'll have any meaningful role or be seriously listened to again whether or not the Democrats will take the Senate (they won't). And this is because he dared oppose the Anointed One, the Lord Queen of Haiti and all round Queen of Cuntitude, Hillary Clinton.
     Anyone who's read this blog even on a cursory basis knows how much I loathe that bitch and her giant penis of a husband we used to call "The Clenis." These are the closeted right wing asshats who made neoliberalism cool and hip and even sexy, with Hillary's hair bands and bright red lipstick and Slick Willie's redneck chic feathered 'do sans part (courtesy of LAX). Countless hundreds of thousands of incarcerated African Americans stuck in for-profit prisons and people thrown off public assistance or forced to sell their cars to get on it, a small surplus and additional earned income tax credit that got a couple of million more folks off welfare goes a long way. And, to this day, these two hillbilly grifters who've been raking in billions from corporations and third world dictators in exchange for arms deals and trade agreements are still held up as the gold standard for the bastardized brand of conservatism that to this day actually, ludicrously, even risibly passes for actual liberalism: Neoliberalism, which can be defined as neoconservatism with a sneaky, sideways smile.
     This much I've been able to assimilate. As surely as the Boston Red Sox literally staggered into the playoffs, the Clintons will stagger their way back into the White House so The Slick One will slip back into his old habits as The first First Gentleman while Hillary's back is turned as she begins the fifth consecutive Bush term.
     But this bullshit from Bernie Sanders is what we don't need:
     "If anyone plans to vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson or the Green Party’s Jill Stein because of what they see as Clinton’s shortcomings, it is a vote for Donald Trump," Sanders said.
     Oh, really, now?
     The first thoughts that leaped to mind were this:
     Bernie Sanders spent well over a year convincing us that Hillary Clinton is a crook and that we should not trust her, that we should not be seduced by her siren calls of bipartisanship that got Barack Obama absolutely nowhere with lightning speed. Now that he's just settling into genteel obsolescence, he's honestly mystified we've stopped listening to him and he's just as perplexed by the hatred of Hillary Clinton that still radiates from millennials and other Green voters like that of a thousand super nova'd suns.
     Bernie still has yet to learn that revolutions such as the one he'd started don''t have pause or rewind buttons. There's no editing, no do-overs. Unlike right wing nut cases, with Millennials and the last of the true liberals, we don't, won't and can't unsee corruption, collusion and the certainty of more of the same. And Bernie can't understand or pretends not to understand that which makes me cynically wonder if he understands his base as much as he pretended to. It makes me wonder just out of touch is Bernie Sanders himself.
     In a way, the DNC corruption and collusion with Camp Clinton notwithstanding, Bernie had no one to blame but himself. If he was able to get out more Millennials and undecided voters, if he wasn't as harsh as a bottle of old Listerine and spoke to people instead of rattling off the same old numbers over and over again like Willie Stark at the beginning of All the President's Men, his margins of victory would've dwarfed that of Clinton and, corrupt super delegates or no, there's no way he would've lost the nomination. Bernie Sanders was your Dutch Uncle- He didn't promise a surfeit of love, however right he was about the world in general. Voters need that.
     And he proved how out of touch he was by actually defending Clinton's astoundingly out of touch and nasty generalization that all Sanders supporters were basement dwellers still living with Mommy and Daddy (It's a wonder why, at that posh fundraiser, she didn't make references to pajamas and Cheetos). It honestly never occurred to Queen Hillary that some Sanders supporters could be living independently or have jobs or health care or even be middle-aged, that perhaps cynicism at her bloodthirsty reign as Secretary of State and knowledge of her pay-to-play arms deals through her crooked Foundation and Initiative is not a market cornered by the young. And he's almost doing as much as Clinton to alienate those Green voters by throwing under the bus the one person who offered to stand aside and let him take over the A side of the Green Party ticket: Jill Stein.
     And Sanders, that dirty old bastard, revealed what a sellout he was by rousing the bloodlust of millions of people who were honestly vastly more interested in real hope and change than maintaining the status quo only to abandon us when he had everything to gain and nothing to lose by not resorting to the politics of fear. Instead, we heard, in so many words, "If you're not going to vote for our Goldwater Girl, then use your vote to vote against Donald Trump!"
     Which is a position, again, for the umpteenth fucking time, the so-called "Democrats" put us every. Four. Fucking. Years. "We got nuthin'. But the other guy has even less."
     In summation, I have to end this with the words of Aaron Sorkin, who in The Newsroom, gave us the most honest three and a half minutes of television. Pay particular attention to :40 seconds in when Will McAvoy asks, "If liberals are so fucking smart, how come they lose so Goddamn always?"
     Because we're not allowed to be in charge thanks to the faux limousine liberals led by the nose by the corrupt cunts of the Clinton campaign, aka Tammany motherfucking Hall Two Point Oh. We're not losing to the conservatives. We're losing to them.


At October 3, 2016 at 6:52 PM, Anonymous CC said...

I saw a sanitized version of Daniels' reply to the student's loaded question a few years back.

I wonder if that's what Daniels really thinks about the U.S. in real life. Would the following clip shed some light:

I, too, don't think there's a greatest country in the world.

Greatness (or a lack thereof) lies more in one's deed than in one's word.

Most people who talk about making their country great again or that it was always great haven't been doing much to back up their words.

At October 4, 2016 at 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anton said...

My ABSOLUTE favorite scene from that series, which had a plethora or great scenes and dialogue.

Indeed, "...if liberals are so goddam smart..."!


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