Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Gotham City Digest

Where, if the corruption doesn't kill you, the Trump-branded asbestos will.

     You thought I was kidding you, didn't you? Sadly, no, I am not. A Washington Post article revealed today that Trump-branded asbestos, which you would think would've been long since banned in the US, is making its way to our open shores. Here's the best part, in case Trump's jiggling puss on the Cyrillic-lettered stamp didn't make it obvious by now: It's from Russia. That's right, Uralasbest, which counts Vlad Putin and Donald Trump among its allies ("Donald is on our side!" crows the company in their Facebook post), is importing the world's most beloved carcinogen to the country that Donald Trump is making great again one case of mesothelioma at a time. And guess who paved the way for this remarkable import? Who do think? Scott fucking Pruitt, a man who never met a polluting industrialist whose cock he didn't suck. Now you know why Pruitt made his aides drive all over the place looking for fancy hand lotion.

     Oh, speaking of Russia...
     You'll never guess who the Senate just confirmed to head up the DOJ's Criminal Division: Brian Bencz... Brian Benzc... the fat fuck sitting next to Sessions.
     So who's Brian? Well, not only is, like Stephen Miller, an old employee of Sessions but Brian used to work for a bank long ago linked to (c'mon, take a wild guess) Vladimir Putin! Not only has Benczkowski barely set foot in a courtroom, he's never even prosecuted a single case in his life. More troubling than that, Benczkowski had once taken on the Putin-linked Alfa Bank as a client.
     So what are the ramifications involved of Benczkowski getting tapped to head the Criminal Division? Well, if Trump decides to fire Rosenstein, who's currently overseeing the Mueller Russia probe, Benczkowski could then neatly step in as a Senate-confirmed DOJ official and "oversee" the investigation if not delay or even spike it. He'd also be empowered to share any sensitive details about the Russia probe with his recused ex boss and now boss again as well as Trump's shysters.
     This is a conspiracy unfolding in real time in broad daylight, folks. What are you gonna do about it?

     Comrade Trump goes to NATO, says the headline at my friend Tengrain's place. And, as expected, Trump wasted no time in his Traveling Tourette Shit Show. And, really, Europe, what did you expect after he painted every wall in Canada with his own feces during the G7 last month? First, Trump wasted no time in taking a swipe at Germany (The Fatherland, fancy that) by saying in a marvelous fit of projection that they were owned by Russia. Yes, Trump accused an ally nation of being owned by Russia. Then he repeated his old obsession from the last NATO meeting in Brussels with NATO members not kicking 2% of their GDP.
     Yes, this is true. Yes, few member nations have honored that commitment. What John Bolton doesn't seem to have told Trump is that these member nations have until 2024 to make that commitment and that they certainly don't owe the United States a penny. But Trump's essentially acting like Tony Soprano in Belgium and is not only calling in a note he doesn't own, he's demanding they kick in 4% of their GDP.
     Considering we don't have any major enemies (and no, the rump terrorist organization the Taliban doesn't count), it's questionable against whom we're defending ourselves from with all this defense money.

     Maybe it's Antifa! At least, that's that's the impression I got when I saw this remarkable piece of legislation that was proposed in the House. And by "remarkable", I mean nakedly fascistic.
     Yes, in the proposed bill, the federal government would make it illegal to protest even fascist rallies such as Charlottesville if the face is covered. You know, like by a hood, for instance...

     such as these worn by these proud, patriotic sons of the soil. Oh, but the law would apply equally to all citizens, would it not? Uh, not necessarily. The official name of the bill is, after all, H.R.6054 - Unmasking Antifa Act of 2018.

     One of my FB friends decided to share this post by legal professor and longtime political analyst Seth Abramson. It's a long read but ultimately worth the trip and destination and the last line will knock your socks off (No, don't cheat to the end. That's like reading the end of the novel without reading all the other chapters before it.). But it gives the real lowdown on why Anthony Kennedy retired from the Supreme Court and it involves his son who was Trump's primary lender at Deutsche Bank, which was slapped down hard recently for laundering money for Russia. It also involves the Federalist Society who gave Trump a very short list of five names to choose from (he didn't). Finally, it details why Brett Kavanaugh was pushed into the limelight.

     It appears as if the Parkland students have attracted their own, uh, following (the more uncharitable of us would call them "stalkers.") in the Utah Gun Exchange. It appears as if Utah is a breeding ground for stalker types, as this other classic example shows.

      Quote of the day: "House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said: 'It appears that Lisa Page has something to hide...'"
      Well, Bobbo, now you know why Trump still hasn't spoken to Mueller or released his tax returns.

     I've already posted about this sick piece of shit but it bears repeating. This is just one of an alarmingly large number of racists, antisemites, sexual perverts and jailbirds who are running for Congress this year under one conservative banner or another.

     Fucking North Carolina Republicans sure miss Jim Crow, don't they? And finally...

     Trump was able to set aside his obsession with dead black boxers to pardon these assholes: serial arsonists and child abusers the Hammondses. Remember them from the second Bundy standoff when they tried to steal federal land only to get off scot free? No doubt, this will make the neo-confederacy want to shoot their AR15s in the sky and break out their gourmet pork rinds. Just read this redneck cock-gobbling that came out of Sarah Sanders' office.
      Meanwhile, Democrats, the media, Maxine Waters, Robert Mueller, the Kahns, Elizabeth Warren, John McCain, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the FBI, CIA and anyone whose name isn't Donald Trump are enemies of the United States.


At July 11, 2018 at 9:16 PM, Blogger Harry Hamid said...

This is really depressing.


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