Monday, July 9, 2018

Gotham City Digest

     Spanning the flat earth, giving you a wide variety of fascism.

     Oh yeah. I can perfectly see this guy standing outside a middle school playground wearing just a raincoat and black shoes.In case you're wondering who "this guy" is, he's another pervert Republican office seeker who says it's perfectly fine for old white guys like him to be sexually attracted to 12 year-old girls because... Bible.

     Boris Johnson beats a hasty getaway from the Foreign Office and Brexit to spend more time with his comb and brush.
     Here's Boris in happier times coddling Eric Trump. It's a shame Trump won't get to meet him and share combover tips.

     This wouldn't be funny even if it was a dystopian novel. But it's not a dystopian novel, this is real life. An immigration judge recently was embarrassed when he had to deport a one year-old baby who was screaming uncontrollably. Early last April, John Oliver had the unenviable task of both bringing light to and making light of toddlers being forced to act as their own immigration attorneys. But things have only gotten worse since April 2nd. Here are some takeaways from this article:
On Friday, a year-old baby boy in federal custody was brought to an immigration court without his parents in Phoenix, leaving the judge felling “embarrassed” as he had no choice to proceed with the case.
One boy held up five fingers when the judge asked him his age, according to the AP.
Judge John Richardson said he was “embarrassed to ask” if Johan understood the proceedings, said AP. “I don’t know who you would explain it to, unless you think that a 1-year-old could learn immigration law,” he told Johan’s attorney.
There are no physical accommodations for children, many of whom can’t even see over defense tables without booster seats. “There are no booster seats … no teddy bears. It’s a cold immigration court, and these kids are sitting in chairs that are too big for them; their feet don’t even touch the floor,” immigration attorney Lindsay Toczlowski explained last month on CNN.
     Yes, folks, we're voluntarily" deporting children who are still in diapers. So, when does this "zero tolerance" policy kick in for Melania and Trump's immigrant laborers at Mar-a-Lago?

     Wow. Stephen Miller threw out $80 worth of sushi when he had some harsh words thrown at him. That owned me. I really learned my lesson not to even slightly oppress the oppressors. How about you, fellow libs? Are you properly owned? < /snark >

     Breaking: Chickens serenade Col. Sanders until the moment their heads are chopped off. Dear God, Trump voters are the stupidest fucking carbon-based life forms in the galaxy. This is the ongoing story of the biggest nail manufacturer in the US that had just killed 60 jobs and will surely axe another 200 all because of Trump's tariffs. So the LA Times interviewed one of these morons who works there and voted for Trump. And he said he still supports Trump "no matter what." because, you know, getting thrown out of your house and your utilities shut off is way better than having a nigger for a president, right?

     Oh, and speaking of Trump and the working class... He cares so much about the American worker, he failed to pay his driver for 3300 overtime hours, then stole his health insurance when he gave him a bump in pay, just the third in 25 years, in 2010. Now the driver's suing him for $200,000 for lost wages and damages.

     And while we're still on the subject of Trump's insane tariff war, guess whose sweatshop products from China are exempt from the tariffs Trump imposed on them? You guess it: Ivanka's. Wow, what a shock. I never saw THAT coming. Thank goodness I was sitting down and don't have a weak heart.

     Wait a minute... Less than half of us think this Orange Klansman is racist? Seriously? What'll it take, burning a fucking cross on the South Lawn, serving watermelon and Fried Chicken at the White House during Black History Month, dropping a bunch of N bombs during one of his redneck hate rallies? Is there even a fucking tipping point with these mouth breathing Trumpers?

     Compassionate conservatism, they call it. This GOP office seeker told a father who'd lost his 14 year-old daughter at Parkland to stop exploiting her death. Because God knows the GOP would never exploit the deaths of others (cough Willie Horton Matthew Pearl cough).

     For the love of God, let's keep Rudy Giuliani on TV by an Act of Congress. The news is so horrible and so ludicrous these days, either Rachel Maddow is crying or Joy Reid is laughing on air.

     Another lying, white skinheaded asshole shoots and kills an unarmed black kid. Then claims self defense. Just like Zimmerman. And finally...

     Now, we're retroactively "denaturalizing" US citizens and deporting them after stripping them of their citizenship. I'd like to see how the anti-immigrant crowd squares this fascist bullshit with their mantra of needing to be here legally. These are the darkest, most frightening times I have ever seen this country live through.
     I don't see them doing this with people of Norwegian, Canadian or German ancestry, are you? The law should apply to everyone, not just brown people. And no laws were broken except by this fascist government who's now retroactively deciding, nakedly using racial profiling, who gets to be a citizen and who doesn't. That's one of the dozen or so ways fascism starts- By deciding who's "good" enough to be a citizen. And this racism is all of a much larger piece- Knowing their ideas suck and are unpopular, they're trying to realize Karl Rove's wet dream of a "permanent Republican majority". First. they caged votes through Crosscheck. Now they're getting rid of Hispanics who are present or future Democratic voters. 
     This may sound like a leftist fever dream but I'm not making any of this up. Millions were purged from state voting rolls through Kris fucking Kobach (the former head of Trump's Voter Integrity Commission) and his Crosscheck list. One Republican official down South even let it slip a couple of years ago that if blacks and Latinos voted Republican, this wouldn't be happening to them. We saw the massive raft of Voter ID laws (again, all over the South) pop up within nanoseconds of the Supreme Court gutting Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act (the part that said Jim Crow states had to check with Uncle Sam before fiddle fucking with their electoral laws). 
     We've heard that in red states, registries being closed down just before elections so people of color would find it virtually impossible to comply with the new Jim Crow laws. We know about right wing gerrymandering that fractures and dilutes heavily minority districts. We've heard of Republican "challengers" trying to intimidate voters of color at the polls. God knows we've heard about optiscanners and electronic voting machines getting hacked, resulting in wild differentials between vote totals and exit polls, which are hardly conducted, any more. We've heard of long lines in heavily black districts because all but one voting machine had been taken away while white districts had a surfeit of them and no lines. Again, this is all of a piece. Now we're stealing peoples' citizenship on dodgy reasons so they can't vote in the midterms. It's. All. Of. A. Piece, people.


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