Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Where we never, ever hijack conversations between heads of state.)

     Note many of these migrant detainees are wearing surgical masks. Many of them have been there well over a month even though legally the Flores Rule forbids us from holding them for more than 72 hours. Can you guess why they're handed surgical masks?

     While we're on the subject, let's talk about the turn of events in Espionage Nation. While Trump was perfectly re-enacting The Manchurian Candidate for Kim Jong Un in North Korea and Vlad Putin in Japan, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus visited two detention facilities concentration camps at the southern border in Texas. First, they had their electronic devices confiscated before they were allowed inside. Anticipating this, Congressman Joaquin Castro, brother of presidential candidate Julian Castro, snuck in a second device then recorded then showed the world why CBP didn't want recording devices on the premises.
     The results on Congressman Castro's Twitter feed was nothing short of abominable. And what's equally deplorable is that Members of Congress had to violate CBP policy like secret agents and smuggle out their intelligence as if it was Soviet samizdat.

     Good. All primary and caucus states ought to do this. If they did, it would cancel out the whole rationale of the shockingly and astoundingly corrupt superdelegate system.

     ICE didn't have to set up a fake school for their sting operation. They could've just enrolled them in Trump University.

     Meanwhile, as Mike Pence acts borderline presidential, Trump is busy getting into one-sided flame wars with soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe, giving away tickets to top GOP donors for his co-opted July 4th celebration and handing out half a million dollar invoices to individual immigrants.

     Hm. Interesting that Putin AND Pence both canceled events at the same time. What's notable is that in every account I've read about these cancellations, Trump's name is never once mentioned. I guess the West Wing missed having someone there who was vaguely presidential.

     So, this is what passes for progressivism in the Democratic Party, huh?

     After looking at this from both sides, I've come to the conclusion that these people are utter wankers. In our neverending search for historical people of unimpeachable purity, we will always doom ourselves to failure in trying to find those whose views, actions and behavior is always aligned with whatever passing cultural fad is prevalent. This is especially laughable at a point in our species' history in which racism, sexual degeneracy, corruption and sheer, wanton savagery are at cartoonish levels. Yeah, Dewey was the Joe Biden of his time yet the medal wasn't and isn't about him. Honoring people for librarianship isn't and shouldn't be twisted as an endorsement of his past misdeeds.

     Sweden's Book Boat is one of the coolest ideas of all time.

     Meet Zelig Trump. Maybe she thought IMF chief Christine Lagarde was the head of the Impossible Mission Force.

     I love these Jewish protesters & what they're doing.

     Aw. Nike kicked its Betsy Ross kicks because of Kaep and Laura Ingraham's having a sad. How do you say, "Shut the fuck up, you irrelevant Nazi cunt," in German?

     What the fuck was Harvard thinking in hiring Rick Snyder?!

     I'm sure the guards at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Bergen-Belsen also made merry amongst themselves at the expense of their charges.

     The little boy's demanding his toy tanks again. Sure, we'll just take it out of the wall funding that you stole from the military for pay and other non-essential items.

     So what if Ocasio-Cortez was a bartender? Tom DeLay killed bugs for a living. What qualified him to be House Majority Leader?

     Fredo: I don't think Kamala Harris is black. Top that, sis.
     Ivanka: Hold my Evian...

     Looks as if our ICE isn't the only ice Mexico has to worry about. Here's a picture of a woman walking her dog last weekend... in Guadalajara, Mexico.

     Meanwhile, as Mexico is buried in ice, the Arctic Ocean was seeing 84 degree temps. Climate change? What's climate change?

     Now we're talking about "climate apartheid." Nine years ago, I first read an article by Mark Ames, Matt Taibbi's old running buddy, about how these 1% scumbags were actually commissioning the building of billion dollar private ocean liners so they could serenely float off into the sunset while the rest of the world turns to a flaming bag of dog shit.

     Days ago, a federal judge issued a permanent injunction on Trump's vanity wall. I don't know why this story didn't get more play in the MSM.

     Another "Democrat" moron heard from.

     When our planet turns into Waterworld, I hope Trump is stuck on a life raft with no one for company but Roseanne Barr.

     Yeah, this WILL happen. Look what happened to Hulu. Then Netflix got greedy and split their streaming service from their DVD rental arm while jacking up the price of both (I count getting Netflix out of my life nine years ago as one of the best decisions I ever made). Anything halfway worthwhile will get shunted behind a paywall and that velvet rope is about to get very expensive. You're much better off just downloading the shows and movies you want on Frostwire and just watching them for free.

     Making America great again*

     *1% at a time.

     Seriously? In 2019, we're still seeing this racist shit?! You'd think Rosa Parks hashed this out back in the 50's but you'd be very wrong.

     When will we finally get some sense and flush this turd into the Baltic Sea?

     I could get behind this. We've been using paper ballots here in Massachusetts forever but I noticed in the last election last year, they'd combined them with electronic scanners to "verify" them, which I fear is a creep toward a hackable system.

     It's hardly surprising that Trump would hire a stooge like Mauldin who uses propaganda straight out of Russia's playbook.

     As I always say, never trust a corporation. They always talk out of both sides of their mouths. Here are nine such cases. And finally...

     Only in America, can the largest corporations on the planet earth poison you and make you pay for the privilege. As if that wasn't enough, here's the money shot: "The Food and Drug Administration has not yet recalled either brand." Making America Great, one fatality at a time.


At July 3, 2019 at 4:40 PM, Anonymous CC said...

"Halt die Klappe, du irrelevante Nazifotze!"


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