Sunday, December 1, 2019

Gotham City Digest

(Real lawsuit, fake cow.)

     I've read a lot of damning articles about Amazon over the years and anyone who's known me for five seconds knows how much I loathe and despise those corporate cunts in Seattle. And while every one of those articles pissed me off to no end, none of them quite had the impact on me as this article by Among the atrocities and human rights abuses in Bezos's sweatshops:
     A man who was crushed to death by a forklift in Indiana and the safety inspector's own people and the entire state of Indiana conspired with Amazon to suppress his report. They eventually blamed the worker for his own death because Pence's successor Eric Holcomb desperately wanted that HQ2 in Indianapolis (which they never got).
     Another facility in Eastvale in which workers were forced to continue picking and packing orders despite a gas leak that made workers vomit. In that same facility, women developed urinary tract infections because they were discouraged from going to the bathroom. This is why I refuse to buy anything between Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well as Prime Day. I will not make some picker's or packer's job harder than it already is.
     Seriously,. if you still insist on engorging Amazon and Bezos more than they already are after reading this report, then you don't have a fucking pulse.

      Someone please explain to me why any of us should give a flying fuck what this alcoholic, racist, misogynistic hasbeen hillbilly has to say about anything?

      This goes back to June last year but I seriously doubt that anything's changed since then.

      Another old male right wing asshole heard from.

      Can we all agree that right wing world leaders like the evil Carl Sagan are batshit insane lunatics and glorified conspiracy theorists?

       You'd think that a corporation that raked in $10 billion in pure profit last year could afford to give its drones forced to work on Thanksgiving time and a half instead of a shitty 10% discount good for just 48 hours but then again, we live in the Second Gilded Age, people.

       The negatives were found in a block of ice and developed over 100 years later. Six years-old but still interesting.

      Apparently, Trump adores those who commit war crimes, another reason why he needs to be expelled from office.

       Looks like border collies aren't as smart as we thought.

       I don't know if this is real or not but I still feel the old sodder's pain. I'm positive every single one of my writer friends have identical sentiments.

       Orangutan vs bulldozer. This is considered "progress."

       Swedish girls are going to save the universe, no shit.

       At 18 months-old and 7' 6", this English dog's already taller than any NBA center.

      A year and a half ago, we'd already kidnapped and thrown in cages 10,000 migrant children. Imagine how high the number is now.

       Yeah, right. Listen, Fuckabee, the only thing your pedophile Russian superhero reads are tweets that laud him. He hasn't got the attention span for more than 280 characters.

        Meme intermission.

        Apparently, one of the heroes of the London bridge stabbing on Friday was an immigrant using a five foot-long narwhal tusk.

     Imagine if The Thing migrated from the Arctic and subsumed Old Glory. This would be the result.

       I'm sure this is what you meant by more civil discourse, right, Mitch? RIGHT, MITCH?! This is a Facebook rant by Danielle Stella, who was just kicked off Twitter forever by demanding that her opponent, Ilhan Omar, be hanged for treason.
        I guess getting booted from Twitter triggered her, dare I say it?

       With the Trump crime tsunami, there's always fresh Hell to unearth.

      Perhaps a tad inevitable if early. Give this shitshow administration another year and we'll be seeing Steven Miller lighting it with a grill lighter.

      One fact about meteors: Whether they're meteors, meteorites or meteoroids, they travel in perfectly straight lines, not arcs. Since they're not under intelligent control, they cannot change direction. No meteors were observed in the area. No planes were traveling in this area. The only way this wasn't a UFO is that it wasn't flying but falling. Otherwise, it's definitely an unidentified object. Obviously, the Air Force is keeping a tight lid on this and we'll hear no more of this event.
        One personal aside: Does it irritate anyone else that when incidents like this are reported on the so-called news, the hosts start to nervously laugh and make UFO jokes? I wish those people would just go away and pursue some other profession like pumping gas or waiting on tables.

        Kudos to these girls but jeers to the school district for contracting out to a for-profit company for substitute teachers who are apparently never vetted and essentially need little to no qualifications to be a teacher in Utah. That just allows bigoted right wing nut jobs like this sub to come into contact with small children.

       This was inevitable, I suppose, but why this woman still thinks Harris is the best candidate for the presidency is beyond me. If Harris can't run her own campaign, how the fuck can she effectively run the country?

          "What do you think happened, Detective?"
         "Well, look at his fucking eye, Sergeant. It's obvious the victim was impaled through the head by one of these seed bombs. Damn shame, too. It's the first time our government actually tried to do something nice."

         Someone please explain to me how this isn't part and parcel to fascism? Hitler also kept his own concentration camps out of public awareness.

         I could've lived for another 10 or 20 lifetimes without hearing Joe Biden say this again.

         A heart-breaking but ultimately uplifting story about a baby koala and its injured mother.

        Perhaps this isn't the time for finger-pointing but perhaps it is. These things just don't happen. Someone is always responsible in the wake of tragedies like this so let's start with this:
        This guy had served time in prison for being involved in an al Qaeda plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange. He served half a 16 year sentence and was paroled last December. There doesn't appear to have been a deradicalization plan in place to prepare this guy for life on the outside.
        His solicitor asked Boris Johnson about this years ago and was told there was no magic money tree to fund anything like that. They had money to waste on Brexit and expensive elections but not for mental health for terrorist prisoners.
        So maybe it IS time to waggle the finger of blame and point it at the Tory scumbags who cut or denied funding for a program that would've saved three lives.

        Apparently "poppycock", "bilge" and "bullfeathers" were already grabbed by Sanders, Gravel and Bloomberg.

         Wow, Theresa May honored a fascist and antisemite. Thank goodness I was sitting down when I read this. < /snark>

        Have I mentioned how much I hate Jesse fucking Watters?

        So, Chuck Toddler had Huey Long 1.1 on his flea circus show today. It didn't go well for Bayou Boy.

        Remember when Don the Con tried to pressure Kemp to name Doug Collins to the Senate? This is why.

        This is exactly, PRECISELY the kind of bullshit you'd expect from Fox. And when the host has to correct his own network in real time, that means things are breaking down. Warren has always called herself a capitalist.

         I should've known that Mark Penn, the ultimate political whore, would wade into Trump's swamp eventually.

         This is an actual clip from the Libertarian presidential debate. They're saying you shouldn't need a license to drive a car. Gary Johnson said, "I'd like to see some competency before they drive." He was roundly booed. (Bonus: Check out jug-eared Alabaman Darryl Perry, exactly the type of person who inspired IDIOCRACY.)

         Meanwhile, this happened near the Texas border. And finally...

      Alan Douchewitz: Impeachment is "quasi-criminal." No it's not. Article Two of the US Constitution invests Congress with the powers to enforce federal law, including but not limited to, impeaching the president. "Congress is not above the law." No, it is not. The Democrat-led House is using the rules established and ratified by Republicans. "The constitution provides specific criteria for impeachment." No, it doesn't. Again,. I give you Section 4 of Article Two of the Constitution, which states Congress can remove a president for being found guilty of "Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors." That's hardly "specific criteria." My God, Douchewitz, I'm not even a Harvard law professor and even I know that off the top of my head.


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